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    Love this shit.
  • Can anyone recommend a pre-amp that has phantom power to support an xlr mic?

    Or at least I think a pre-amp is what I need, am setting up to record acoustic stuff - guitars, drums, other bits n bobs. At the moment I have a mic and intend to make do with cheap or free daw software.

    Any advice? I have very little idea what I'm doing tbh.
  • Mackie's Onyx Blackjack is stupid, stupid good for the money. It was fucked for drivers for a while but they pulled their finger out eventually. Only thing it lacks is option to use the pots for MIDI control.

    For the desktop studio spod trying to keep their inventory slim I doubt there's a superior choice.

    Mine is mostly being a really fucking solid DAC at the mo, but.
  • Cheers, that seems to be what I need.
  • My vinyl decks were sounding a bit muffled.
    I just spent an hour tarting around with the weights etc and they sound better.
    Any advice anyone can give to help improve sound?
    Should I consider a pre-amp?

    Needles are Concorde Pro S and near new.
    Decks are Gemini 2400 (essentially Technics without the price tag)
    Mixer is a bit old KAM GMX 800
    I have that running direct into a pair of Rockit 5s.

    All cables are good condition, slip mats are ok but need replacing soonsh.

    Speakers and cables sound good when switched onto CDjs with a Numark mixer.
  • Had a go on Roland's new 808/909 reissue thing today.

    It's not terribly intuitive which is a big stumble at first gate for a drum machine. Granted, it ultimately does more things than the OGs but it could do them easier.

    Not seeing obvious advantage over, say, an EMX.
  • Track i wrote. Always good to hear feedback
  • beano
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    all the way home.

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    Dirty, in a good way.
    "Better than a tech demo. But mostly a tech demo for now. Exactly what we expected, crashes less and less. No multiplayer."
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  • It sounds like porno music. I'm sorry.
  • Kein probleme. Not even sure how much i like it myself. We tend to be more forgiving of our own creations. It's certainly not the type of music i wanted to make. Rather, iit's the sort my equipment is best suited to.
  • Corporate video / shampoo ad for me. Also sorry.
    Fringe BBQ sauce salesman
  • Hey guys. I went away. And have returned.

    And I have a new instrument called a Merlin - a cross between a duclimer and a guitar. It looks and sounds like this:

  • Goddamn I want a Sony PCM-M10...
  • cockbeard
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    Really? No xlr input though, not in the market for a field recorder but the Roland r26 makes me a little moist. It's definitely what Darth Vader would use
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • Ha, I went into proper gear obsession mode last night.

    I have a Zoom H1 which is alright, but the noise-floor is just too high for making really quiet ambient recordings and recording very small sounds, which is I what I'm doing most of the time.

    I've done a ton of research on various recorders, and the M10 seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Really low noise, crazy long battery life, small size so it can fit in my pocket nicely (which is important), and just general all-round quality. It doesn't have XLRs, no, but it does have mic-in (PIP) and line-in jack sockets. The R26/Zoom H4 and H6 and others seem more suited for session recordings with multiple mics all over the place. They're a fair bit more expensive too, the M10 is £160 or so, which really aint bad.

    Most importantly it sounds very very nice from the stuff I've heard on, with internal mics or external.

    Me want soo bad...
  • Hey guys. Shameless promotion but feel free to check out Juno downloads DJ charts. My housemate (Cloaka) is sitting in 2nd place in the chart.
  • cockbeard
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    Didn't know the price disparity was so high, just remembered seeing the Roland and thinking it looked badass. But yeah looks < sounds for these items. Just can't wait to get my studio back up and running in new house, I never unpacked it at old house,
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • Can anyone recommend a dj package (2 decks, mixer, headphones, all the cables n shit) maybe with a few nice effects or something, I miss making mixes, and I'd like to save mixes as mp3s so I'm guessing it'd have to be hooked up to my laptop? My budget is probably like £400-£600. Not interested in mixing cds or mp3s it's all about the vinyl!
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  • A pair of Technics 1210s will be £400 second hand, I went for a second hand pair of Gemini 2400s for £250 iirc. They have near identical running gear as they wholesale ripped off Technics once their patent expired.

    If you want Technics you will likely have to go second hand, they don't make them anymore so new ones are getting pricey.

    What ever you do don't get belt driven decks.

    You kinda need monitor speakers and headphones. I have Rockit 5s which are affordable and excellent. Plus a pair of Sehneisser hd25 II, generally the best you can get without going up in price a lot.

    Buying a mixer is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman buying a graphics card. It can be cheap or expensive and you could end up spending a lot of money on something you don't need.

    So check list
    2x decks £250 to £500 total
    2x Monitor speakers £250 total
    1x Mixer £50 minimum
    1x Headphones £130

    What cables you need will depend what comes with your speakers, I needed a phono cable, phono adaptor and a kettle lead for each speaker.
    The cables for the decks should come with the decks.
    Stylus/needles. If you buy second hand then they may need replacing, new may not come with them at all. I use Ortofon Concord Pro s.

    My advice would be to spend what you can on the decks, a cheap mixer, standard speakers you may already have, half decent headphones. That will get you started but it ain't cheap.
    Look for someone selling a setup on eBay etc.
  • If you've already got a separates amp and speakers you can get by with them - especially if your speakers are half decent and you know their sound inside out. As liv said, decent direct-drive decks then headphones are 1 and 2 priority, then mixer. AFAIK, mixers with effects get expensive fast - cheaper mixers will probably still have bog standard eqs/kills. If you're set on hardware you can keep an eye out for cheap second hand fx unit, or look at your laptop software options for fx.
  • You will also need at least two records.
  • I remember saving up for ages working a part time Halfords job during school so I could afford *any* decks, ended up getting the cheapest bog-standard belt drives I could + shitty mixer. Loved it. Went to uni a few years later and some gap yah rah in halls had a full technics + CDJ's setup. He was shit though, had no skills.

    The lesson - you can enjoy and get good on any equipment if your desire is there. Having said all that, I'm not recommending belt drives at all, just that I wouldn't discount them as being not fit for purpose, just need to get used to the pick up on the speed.
  • No doubt.
    You did have 6th form level free time mind, what I would give to have that time again.
  • Yeah I sold all my shit to my brother when I moved to London, I was playing much more guitar by then anyway and couldn't really lug everything down on the train. Really want to get a basic setup back in action though, not least 'cause I've still got lots of great vinyl. No room for it atm though.
  • I love mine now I have stopped pressurising myself to get good enough to perform I enjoy it way more.
  • hi fellas

    I know its a bit rich to vanish without so much as a 'by your leave' and then return to self promote. Definitely the actions of a world class badger.

    Oh yeah by the way my new EP is out if anyone is interested

  • At least pop into the Welcome thread so that revelthedog can welcome you.
  • I have already spoken with Revel. The first thing i did was speak to Revel. Me and him are secret lovers.
  • Ah shit!

    Well there goes another secret.

    If i was Laura Palmer i'd only be half filled with secrets.

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