Hob (PC and Ps4)

  • So this is just lovely. 

    Having a little trouble with stuttering on pretty high settings on PC, but I think I've sussed it now. Not willing to rule out me being a dick on that, so don't want to shoot it down for that.

    Art style is great. Animations are great, but it's all the other stuff that they've done which is impressive so far.
    When you're known for torchlight, so diablo styles, which has numerous gameplay elements you just don't have to worry about, what they've done here is great. 

    Hit detection/hefty combat, platforming, falling off edges, general traversal, these are all rudimentary and basically ignored or taken out of torchlight. 

    It's like Runic have gone, lets challenge ourselves, because they've gone and had a crack at all of the above. And done well.

    Zelda/Alundra comparisons are bang on.

     Highlight so far is how minimal the hand holding and tutorial is. You start in a room (cell?), A robot lets you out, you're in control from then, and he sort of leads you for a couple of sections, maybe 3 interactions. No dialogue that's understandable, and a couple of general pointing. That's it. 

    You're balls deep working stuff out and exploring and fighting within 20 minutes. 

    Well worth the $20.
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • Looks cool. I'll add it to the list.
  • That does look rather grand.
    Come with g if you want to live...
  • Not seeing anything special from the trailer, but it's the kind of thing I could like and reviews are decent.

    It can go on the list.
  • Trailer starts off meh and then gets real good. But I have too many games to play as it is. Reviews are good but not great.
    "But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!"
  • I'll probably buy it then stick it on the back burner for a while.
    You have minecraft?
  • You'll probably end up selling it to me at some point.
    "But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!"
  • Looks great on the TV. Runs smoothly there too. Not perfect, but smoothish.

    It doesn't do anything too new, but it also realises this, so there's still just no hand holding or over explaining. It's great.
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • Ok, so as per pc thread, finally got the settings right.

    Gameplay has continued to improve.

    Can recommend for ps4 for sure, as it'll be stabilised by then and there's no faffing with gpus.

    Very cleverly put together.

    Combat is solid, upgrades are fun.

    Definitely wouldn't advise stopping and starting too much though. Very easy to be lost.
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • Looks like I'm just around half way through, if the numbers on my items make sense. Really starting to come good. Settings sorted. There's a couple of very minor rough edges around combat and sometimes camera with jumping, but they've also made it fairly forgiving and have a very robust catch ledge when you slip mechanic, so it's no bother.

    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • stormyskiesahead
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    Picked this up on PC last week but haven't started it yet, it does look lovely though and as a Runic/Torchlight fan I'm sure we'll get on just fine.

    Heard about their Chinese publisher, Perfect World, closing Runic down earlier today. Their excuse for shutting down a team of 17 people making highly regarded titles and punching well above their weight? A desire to focus on online games as a service. Funny, as they also gutted Motiga and left them as a skeleton crew to maintain their tragically underrated, under advertised, and under supported by their publisher, online action MOBA, Gigantic, until that inevitably disappears.

    Anyhoo, I'll start Hob this week and good luck to all at Runic and Motiga both in whatever their next incarnations leads them to.
  • What? That's fucked.

    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • And done. Very good. Unlocked nearly everything.

    Good clean fun.
    I'm still great and you still love it.

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