Darkest Dungeon: It CAN be felled, it CAN be beaten!
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    Here's a thread for Darkest Dungeon chat as it's now on every platform ever, hurrah!

    It's a very good game where you heartlessly send resources heroes of into meatgrinders dungeons for loot and heirlooms to help restore your ancestor's town to its former glory. Maybe he uncovered something and beyond comprehension dark below, maybe it's just a fat pile of treasure, who's to know?

    Characters are affected not only by health damage but also sanity damage. Battles are inelegant messy affairs of blood are terror. I'll expand the OP later (as I didn't realise tea was about to be finished) but I urge every to at least boomark the Wiki because the Curio page is the most useful thing in the world. https://darkestdungeon.gamepedia.com/Darkest_Dungeon_Wiki
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  • Thanks for the link in the OP @Tempy will definitely come in handy.
  • I HATE this game and uninstalled it from my ipad in fury.

    I will have another run through in the summer.

    Seriously though would a proper tutorial hurt that much?
  • I think it’s meant to give you as much psychological torture as the characters in the game.
  • I've got a roster of 16 heroes at present, all at level 1 and 35,000 gold. I've been doing Ruins runs with the newbies off the stagecoach.

    Should I spend the gold on weapons or at the guild? Or somewhere else?
  • Ahh reading that I can see what I've been doing wrong. I've never used the touch controls.
  • I've gotten used to the controls now. One thing I learnt the hard way was disarming traps, use the touch screen. Doh.

    I love this game. I have 3 squads on rotation at the moment. Also newbies picked up from stagecoach in a "test" squad. Basically cannon fodder to go test out new lineups and get as far through a dungeon as possible. If I can get out with the loot then great.

    Upgrading the stagecoach, guild and blacksmith. Got blueprint now as well, but it's very expensive.

    Need to take team alpha in to do the boss battle...i don't want them to die. Maybe holdoff till they get more experience
  • My beta team got mauled. Only one survivor in a retreat. Forgot to equip talismans and enable the new moves the team had learnt.

    Bumped into a
  • God damn it, one of my guy has the crimson curse and it's contagious. Arrgghh.
  • I'm gonna hate this, aaaaargh.  Genuinely gonna to give it a good go though.
    You have minecraft?
  • Woo hoo! Alpha team kicked arse. My first medium campaign run, killed the boss and all the team came home. Great result.
  • Just got my second team wiped out. Over a stupid mistake. The map was off screen and I took the wrong turn. Ended up losing too much health starving as I’d wasted a load of food heading my crusader. My Jester was kicking ass too. By the time I got my team to the final group of baddies my crusader had died of a heart attack and my team of three didn’t really stand a chance. Oh well there are fresh recruits at the stagecoach.
  • b0r1s, my A team is crusader, highwayman, vestal and arbelest.

    I always take 10 food, 2 shovels, 8 torches on quests. A healer on the team is a must.

    The other characters are good, but I struggle with occultist, antiquarian and fallegant. 17 characters is alot of choice and experimentation.
  • I took 10 food but wasted it. Forgot about hunger tbf. And shovels I realise are a good call. I still prefer playing it on the big screen though.
  • Been playing will recovering from a cold in bed. The day has flow by.

    Apparently using characters who can mark the opposition can cause double the damage. Something else to try.
  • Well, lesson learnt. Finished a mission. It was abit easy so though, what the hell got a few more rooms to explore. The very next corridor appear a monster I've never seen before, decimated my party, luckily everyone survived. Once that was over, I thought better of hanging around and ended the mission. That could have gone very very badly wrong.
  • Right. I’m going back in.
  • I found this game could be broken pretty effectively with teams featuring two Jesters. Dunno how true that still is.
  • Fully getting into this now. Making tentative forays into new areas. Finally understanding the nuances of placement and abilities crossover. Had a cracking first run in the Cove until my team nearly got decimated by the bullshit which is revenge. Had to make a swift retreat. Now I’m low on cash with my strong healer meditating at the abbey I think I’ll just squander some new recruits on the next mission.
  • Iirc I pumped the whole show with two Jesters, a Man-at-Arms, a Nun. Well, several of each, but that party. That one.

    Honestly the rate of humanchurn reminded me a lot of Cannon Fodder, which is about right.
  • Alpha team strikes again, boss no.2 down. Only lost my vestel. Other three made it back. Two of those team are my original starting two characters. They are going well.
  • Fine work tempy creating a thread
    I got very deep into this last year on iPad, got it for switch but was sidetracked by Bayonetta 2 which I just completed this morning.
    Thinking of getting back into it but fuck it’s such a horrible game and completely compulsive at the same time. Can’t think of any other gaming experience like it
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  • Beta team takes down boss no.3 with one team member RIP. Not too shabby, doing OK, though these are the green coloured runs.
  • What line ups are you using?
    3ds: 2878-9640-1728

    PSN: derekg
  • I have three teams:

    Alpha: vestal, arbelest, highwayman, crusader
    Beta: Occultist, jester, abomination, shieldbraker
    Charlie: vestal, plague doctor, bounty hunter, Hellion

    ** Just fucked up epically. On the way to do a boss with Charlie team. In a corridor came across a red ball, stupidly lit it. It pulled me into a void again a monster I can barely damage. Managed to run away. Then to make matters worse, I clicked on the wrong direction when in the room and went back into the fight. No escape this time. All of Charlie team desimated. KIA. I could have salvaged that, if I didn't click in wrong direction. Idiot, idiot, idiot.
  • Don't touch Eldritch Junk
  • Yeh, I learnt that the hard way!

    Revenge is sweet though. My beta team went in to the same mission got revenge for Charlie tram. Took out boss no.4 and all returned home. HuuRaay.

    Edit: boss no.5 is down. Full team return home. One of them was put in a cooking pot. Lol.
  • It's worth noting that in the Gameplay Options there are some things you can do to tweak stuff if there are certain things that are not to your liking.
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