Movie Record: 2019 Edition!!
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    Gonna record ALLLLLL the movies I watch here this year but with a tiny twist, only one sentence max of 12 word reviews and a score out of 10. That’s it. No idea how many movies I watch a year and somehow manage to forget which ones I have watched. Don’t have to be newly watched or anything, gonna record everything aside from if I’ve already watched them within this calendar year, may just edit the existing review with a x2 indicator or something.

    I think this might be fun, happy to keep a record too in future years!
  • MINES! Really sad to say I’ve not watched any so far as binging on X-Files since the beginning and Heroes!

    1. Halloween 1978- Still tense, if aged but still enjoyable! Myers is also still terrifying. 7/10
    2. In order of Disappearance - Black comedy, good but not great, would recommend though. But foreign, unfortunately. 7/10
    3. Some Like It Hot - And some like it old, obvious, badly acted, but jolly good fun. 6/10
    4. Prometheus - Does exactly what I want everytime. Sends me to sleep on nights. 4/10
    5. The Running Man - Just never gets old, I wish this world was real. I’d play!!! 8/10
    6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Not really a Queen fan, but...made for a great movie. 7/10
    7. Gangs of New York - Odd casting, should’ve been a musical, aged badly, yet still, decent watch. 7/10
    8. Predator - Just unbeatable, simply the best, almost too good, too perfect, every time. 10/10
    9. Die Hard - Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect. 10/10
    10. Avengers: Infinity War - May be girly, but even cried on the plane watching this. Awesome. 10/10
    11. Deadpool 2 - Still prefer this sequel, awesome with perfect comedy timing and aces characters. 9/10
    12. The Predator - Fun again, no idea why they over complicated it. But fun. 6/10
    13. Beetleguise - Keaton at his best with a great cast and aces movie. ACES! 9/10
    14. Venom - Always enjoyable, but Marvel would of made it 10 times better. 7/10
    15. Solo - Love this as well as Rogue One, SW at its best for me. 9/10
    16. Avengers Assemble - Has aged but STILL, what-a ride. Marvel at some of its best. 9/10
    17. Aquaman - Oh that was bad, like bad bad. Story? Casting? CGI? Alllllll baddddddd. 5/10
    18. Avengers Age of Ultron - Hasn't aged. Just awesome, could have a Marvel day and be happy. 9/10
    19. Night at the Museum - Couldn’t be less like the real Museum but super duper silly fun. 6/10
    20. Night at the Museum 2 - More silly fun but dudes life escalated quick! Amy Adams too...mmmm. 6/10
    21. Night at the Museum 3 - MOAR silly fun but even more with some added totes emosh. 6/10
    22. Happy DeathDay! - Silly Groundhog Day alike with a good dose of crappy fun, enjoyable!
    23. Creed 2 - Loved Creed, bigger shinier sequel proved an aces emotional rollercoaster for me! 7/10
    24. Can you ever forgive me? - Great little film, great performances and interesting if irritable watching. 7/10
    25. Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse - Am I mad? Thinking this is one of the best movies ever? 10/10
    26. The Equaliser 2 - Good film, not great, but good. Felt more like a third film. 6.5/10
    27. The Game - Still amazing, always with a sense of intrigue, excitement and wonder. 8.5/10
    28. The Mist - Number of lists suggested this was good. They lied. It was bad. 5/10
    29. Captain Marvel - Top Tier Marvel. Sci-Fi aceness that got better and better. Awesome stuff. 8.5/10
    30. National Treasure - Watchable but not necessarily very enjoyable. Good Sunday fun movie. 6/10
    31. National Treasure 2 - Watchable, slightly less enjoyable than the first. Half decent Sunday sleepy movie. 5.5/10
    32. Happy Death Day 2 - Awesome AWESOME B-Movie sequel with brilliant script and writing. Hugely enjoyable. 7.9/10
    33. The Fugitive - As good as the first time. Simple but timeless. Ace film. 8.5/10
    34. Enders Game - Fun film the Mrs enjoys watching, I always think it’s ok. Ok. 6/10
    35. Star Trek 09 - Still love this film, first scene to last, just a great movie. 8.5/10
    36. It follows - Wife hadn’t seen it before, still feels like a slow soundtrack with film attached. 6/10
    37. Cabin in the Woods - Still just a fun and enjoyably silly turn on an old theme. 6/10
    38. 7 Psychopaths - Everytime I watch this I think it gets better and better. Clear 10/10
    39. Prometheus- Another set of nights. Another 19 times started. Perfect sleep soundtrack.
    40. Avengers Endgame - Pretty much a perfect ending to a 10+ year story arc. 11/10
    41. Rogue One - Favourite SW film, and that’s coming from a massive fan. 9/10
    42. Bumblebee - Actually, this was quite charming and fun. Not the Transformers of old but enjoyable. 6/10
    43. Cap America - Not my favourite Marvel movie but love Cap and Red Skull. 7/10
    44. Winter Soldier - Absolutely awesome action movie everytime, one of the best Marvels. 9/10
  • Great idea. In.

    1. The Martian
    Bog standard but decent enough, end rescue attempt the only stand out.
  • Layer Cake
    Hadn't seen before. After a shaky start it turned into a decent crime caper. ***

    Brilliantly shot. Interesting themes. Needed more time to develop the plot and characters. ****

    Bohemian Rhapsody
    The direction is a bit flat, but the source material makes it a good watch. ***

    The Girl in the Spider's Web
    Absurdly far-fetched, but still a tight and watchable action thriller. ***

    Boy Erased
    Christian fundamentalist gay correction drama. A solid take on an interesting subject. ***

    The Favourite
    Yeah, that was great. Grim, funny, critical. And brilliantly acted and directed. *****

    Green Book
    Ticks all the Oscar bait boxes, but it's very well made and entertaining. ****

    I enjoyed that. A very well executed zombie Nazi action flick. ****

    Brilliantly written, directed and acted, but there's no room for subtlety. ****

    Triple Frontier
    Sufficiently interesting/exciting, but a bit meandering, criminal capers with sad ex-army men. ***

    The Bourne Identity
    Haven't seen it in years. Still a solid action thriller. ***

    Another excellent horror satire from Jordan Peele. Original, well directed and very smart. *****

    The Bourne Supremacy
    Might as well do them all now. Similarly solid action thriller. ***

    The Bourne Ultimatum
    Marginally better action than the previous one, and slightly more daft with it. ***

    The Silence
    It's a low rent version of A Quiet Place and it's not very good. *

    The Highwaymen
    Costner and Harrleson hunt Bonnie and Clyde. Decent entertainment with a questionable message. **

    Action smuggling with Mark Wahlberg. Passable entertainment but not memorable.**

    Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile
    Ted Bundy drama looks the part but doesn't have anything interesting to say.**

    Cold Pursuit
    A Liam Neeson revenge thriller, except it's quirky and quite funny in places. Enjoyable. ***

    An interesting enough idea, but it really drags and the ending is real bad.**

    American Psycho
    First time in years. Still a classic. *****

    I Am Mother
    A decent enough idea but it's not fully explored. Average, generic sci-fi. **

    Clear and Present Danger
    A decently plotted spy thriller, but it drags and all the patriotism crap is tiresome. ***

    Pet Sematary
    The new one. Had no expectations going in. Was a big pile of shite. *

    In Bruges
    Yeah, it was a good one. ****

    Shlocky alligator horror thing. By the High Tension guy so actually pretty good. ***

    Murder Mystery
    Tired, lazy Netflix choice. Tired, lazy film. Got what we deserved. *

    The Poison Rose
    It's official - Morgan Freeman has fallen as far as John Travolta. *

    Hotel Mumbai
    Brutal, tense and relatively nuanced dramatisation of real terror attacks in India. ****

    Hobbs & Shaw
    Wonderfully daft action and some amusing lines, but fades before the end. ***

    John Wick 3
    Some decent action, but mostly feels boring and pointless at this stage. **

    The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)
    Spanish murder mystery drama on Netflix. Far-fetched but dense, clever and twisty. ****

    Avengers Endgame
    A very good one of these and a real achievement. Now I never want to see another again. ****

    Roxanne Roxanne
    Story of 80s rapper Roxanne Shante. Not bad, but seems rushed and needs more music. **

    Escape from Alcatraz
    I've probably seen this before. Not really a classic, but a solid prison bust drama. ***

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    Over indulgent period fetishism with a nasty streak. Stylish, empty and forgettable. **
  • JonB wrote:
    Yes. Maybe. Not sure I should admit some of the crap I watch.

    DO IT! We’re not here to judge...but we will...
  • 1. Hackers

    2. Left Behind.

    This film is spectacularly, impressively bad. I mean it's a Nic Cage film about the rapture, but however bad you think that means it will be it's worse. Nothing happens. Any time you suggest something the film could do it's far more interesting than what actually transpires. The writing is awful, and the acting is worse. This film does not do subtle at all.

    3. Captain Marvel.

    Absolutely brilliant. Brie Larson, who I've only ever seen in Scott Pilgrim is absolutely incredible. Sam Jackson is really good, and rather funny. I barely noticed the de-aging tech. A much more personal, character focused movie than most MCU films. I look forward to seeing more.

    4. Avengers: Endgame.

    I'll not say much, because spoilers. But they did it, they really, really did it. I don't think I could be happier.

    Hocus Pocus

    Still top tier Halloween. Bette Midler absolutely bosses this film. Still enjoy as much over 25 years later.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Spectacular film. If you love Spider-Man, Sony/Marvel have really made a film for you. Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic as Mysterio. It rewards re-watching as well, noticed a fair few things second time round. WIll be interested to see where they go next. I'm hoping we bring in Matt Murdock.
  • Aye sure.

    I won't do orders cos I can't remember, but so far I know I've watched at least these: 
    I score out of 5 (sorry) and I'll maybe add reviews later.

    Ghost Stories - ***
    Supernatural anthology with a venomous sting. Has one too many twists for its own good.  

    Bird Box -**
    Underwhelming post-apoc film that tediously focuses on post rather than the apoc.

    CAM - ****
    Lynchian dive into an abyss of sex work and identity. One for the iPhone generation. 

    Nocturnal Animals - ***
    Sleazy thriller that's up to no good. Falls short of a gut punch.

    Shin Godzilla - ***
    Bureaucrat and the legacy of Fukushima collide in a Kaiju love letter - replete with silly SFX.

    Gone Girl - ****
    David Fincher prooves he's the don of the last 20 years with this unctuous thriller.

    Being John Malkovich - ****
    Kaufman takes on the notorious creeps puppeteers, second only to Mimes as the worst artists alive.

    You Were Never Really here - *****
    Lynne Ramsay is the greatest.

    First Reformed - ****
    Paul Schrader's film about a priest losing faith is as brutal as it is beautiful.

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul - ****
    German melodrama. Romance blossoms between an old widower and a young immigrant, but people's prejudices can't help but get in the way.

    Terrified (Aterrados) - ***
    Argentinian horror film that cuts to the chase and is a real fun haunted time.

    Mandy - **
    Another admirable swing and a miss from Cosmatos for me.
  • Cam
    Nice concept, forgot the fundamentals. Gets a point for accuracy  and production.

    Tom Hardy can't save this fun but flawed my-first action horror.

    The Old Man and the Gun
    Warm, gentle film despite subject. A fitting send off to Robert Redford.

    T2: Trainspotting
    Not a great story but happy to spending time with brilliant characters.

    Ant Man and The Wasp
    Playful use of powers in CG. Evangeline Lilly. Evangeline Lilly. Evangeline Lilly.

    Wall Street
    It's got a 2 inch screen. We're entering a new world Bud.

    A Few Good Men
    Cruise versus Nicholson, goosebumps, one of the best scenes in Hollywood history.

    Halloween (2018)
    Early promise of fresh slasher sequel sadly ends up treadin old ground.

    Ill Manors
    Excellent musical, poetic narration ties together interweaving story in London underbelly. Dark!

    Weird as fuck journey through the land of white trash. Eminem stars?

    The money, the work, the endeavour wasted on this movie.
  • I don’t think there’s any way I’ll keep this up through the year, but you never know …

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    Godawful charisma-free and unnecessary continuation of the franchise.

    Pitch Perfect 3
    They really should have stopped after the first (great) fun movie – the second was too daft and this is ridiculous.

    Ant-Man and The Wasp
    Bog-average superhero fare with a few laughs but no real substance – best bit was the post-credits tie-in with Avengers.

    The Post
    Slow to start, but grows into a powerhouse of a ‘true story’ thriller.

    The Holiday
    Probably my favourite Christmas movie, it’s a fluffy cosy blanket of a flick.

    La La Land
    Still glorious, but not as magical as the first time you watch it.

    Mary Poppins Returns
    Unexpectedly good sequel/rehash that actually stands up to the original.

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
    Was this a movie? Promising attempt at interactive fiction which squandered its potential on hokey endings.

    Graphic Means
    Documentary on the transition from pre- to post-digital graphic design – taught me nothing new but was fun to watch.

    Brexit:The Uncivil War
    Using caricatures to explain the tactics behind Vote Leave’s Brexit campaign. Futile but interesting.

    The Commuter
    Serviceable daft action thriller. Liam Neeson on a train. Better than expected.

    Our Kind of Traitor
    Serviceable John le Carre thriller. McGregor is wooden but Skarsgård puts in a good turn.

    King of Thieves
    Proper little heist movie where Jim Broadbent is surprisingly nasty. Good, not great.

    Crazy Rich Asians
    Basically a higher budget, slicker, better written Hallmark romance. Trashy fun.

    A Star is Born
    Gaga’s voice + Matty Libatique’s cinematography gave me goosebumps again, just like in the cinema.

    Captain Marvel
    Fast-paced ’90s nostalgia-fest that feels more sci-fi than superhero. Simple fun.

    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Not fit to shine Freddie’s shoes. Embarrassingly squeaky clean entertainment for Mums everywhere.

    Ghost in the Shell
    Weak remake. Waste of Scarlett Johansson. Also, too dark – like, literally muddy and hard to see.

    The Girl in the Spider’s Web
    Lots of tactical athleisure wear. Precious little plot. Not a patch on the original trilogy.

    John Wick 2
    Even worse than the first one. I do not get why so many people like these movies.

    A fairly satisfying close to the long-running story. Not as fun as Infinity War.

    The Last Watch
    Documentary on making Game of Thrones’ final season. Should be fascinating. Isn’t. Dull dull dull.

    Do the Right Thing
    A classic, but it’s dated poorly. Dialogue feels staged throughout. Not worth revisiting.

    The Great Hack
    Primer documentary on how social media is the new political propaganda battleground. Start here then go read more.

    Atomic Blonde
    Hyper-stylised Cold War knockabout thriller. Much better than John Wick. Gratuitous lesbian scene is gratuitous though.

    Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
    Big dumb fun with the spin-off boys. Cheesy as hell, and all the better for it.

    Dick Cheney biopic airing corruption in the US leadership. Terrifying to but entertaining in equal measure.

    Wonder Woman
    Better than I expected superhero cheesefest. Saved by the megawatt star power of Gal Gadot.

    Alita: Battle Angel
    Silly but fun sci-fi that felt like an extended Saturday morning kids cartoon.

    Absolute shit tier made-for-Netflix ‘comedy’ about three Mums trying to get to know their adult sons. Only good thing about it is Angela Bassett.

    Kong: Skull Island
    Failed attempt to make a modern big budget take on vintage VHS schlock. John C Reilly puts in a good effort trying to save it.

    Charlie Wilson’s War
    Smartly built ‘true story’ political and espionage thriller that displays a rare sense of humour throughout.

    Murder Mystery
    Shitty Z-list Netflix-produced Adam Sandler vehicle with an inexplicably stellar supporting cast. What a waste of Gemma Arterton.

    The Imitation Game
    Alan Turing biopic. Cumberbatch has almost every scene stolen from him by Keira Knightley, which is oddly satisfying.

    John Wick 3: Parabellum
    A hollow shell of a movie. No plot, just fight scenes. Felt like a video game trailer.

    Billy Connolly: The Sex Life of Bandages
    Some touching interview footage followed by his final stand-up show. Bittersweet. He’s still funny, he’s still the Big Yin, but Parkinson’s has taken a toll.

    In the Shadow of the Moon
    Crappy straight-to-Netflix time travel caper. Really, really shit. Avoid.

    The Fifth Element
    Luc Besson’s primary-coloured cartoon riposte to Blade Runner stands up quite well, largely thanks to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s brilliant costumes.

    National Treasure: Book of Secrets
    Cage is miscast as an Indiana Jones type and what the hell is Helen Mirren doing in such a terrible film?

    Kinky Boots
    This was on when I got home from the pub last night. It’s visually dated, but still a belter.

    The Laundromat
    The story behind the Panama Papers. Wants to be The Big Short. Isn’t. Falls flat.

    The Sweetest Christmas
    Ever wondered what happened to the girl who played Gretchen Weiner in Mean Girls? Here you go.

    6 Underground
    Michael Bay gonna Michael Bay. Plotless action, with the most product placement I’ve ever seen.

    Spider-Man: Far from Home
    Not as much fun as the first one. Almost Michael Bay-esque in its plot to CGI action ratio.

    Rogue One
    Still the best of the modern Star Wars films.

    I’m sure it’s just the Christmas effect, but this wasn’t as bad as I expected. Tolerable with a couple of actual laughs.

    Jurassic Park
    The endless shitty sequels had made me forget how good the original was. A proper blockbuster.

    National Treasure
    Pure honking rancid cheese. Fun though, if only for Sean Bean’s bemused face throughout.

    The Mummy: Rise of the Dragon Emperor
    How many of these films did they make? Utter trash.

    Angel Has Fallen
    Lots of shooting in the dark, which is a decent metaphor for the plot.

    The Spy Who Dumped Me
    Hang on, Mila Kunis is in this? And Sam Whatsisface from Outlander? Hold up, Gillian Anderson? This cheap knockabout comedy had a weird casting director.

    Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
    Thought this might be due a reappraisal. It isn’t. Still the black sheep of the original trilogy.

    Mortal Engines
    A new contender for ‘worst movie I’ve ever seen’, potentially knocking GI Joe off the top spot. How did this mess happen? Felt like a rejected low budget kids BBC sci-fi show. I know it cost $100m, so where did that all go?

    True story with Kevin Spacey abusing talented young students (to win at cards in Vegas). Joking aside, I love this movie. Enjoyed rewatching it.

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    I blame George Lucas. Fucking aliens. Fucking gerbils. Fucking monkeys. Fucking Shia LaBeouf.

    I wasn’t expecting a musical, but I enjoyed it anyway. A nicely done period hagiography.

    Matt Damon signs up for being miniaturised to save the planet. Starts well, goes nowhere. A shame.
  • Good idea but I use Letterboxd for this.
    Let's go exploring....
  • Good idea.

    I have a few-

    SkyScraper- it’s Die Hard with The Rock. Loved it. [8]

    Ant Man & The Wasp - it’s fun, silly and Paul Rudd is his always likeable self. Enjoyed. [8]

    The Predator - I had fun with this, not brilliant but a perfectly fine way to waste an afternoon. [7]

    Alien Covenant - Liked it. Better than Alien 3 but worse than Aliens and better than Prometheus (although I liked that) [6]

    The Meg - it’s Jason Statham fighting a massive shark. Loved it! [8]

    Mission Impossible Fallout - I love the MI series and this is the best one by far. Incredible action scenes and Tom Cruise doing Maximum Cruise (to borrow a Gman phrase) [10]
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  • regmcfly
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    Spider man into the spider verse - 4 stars
    The favourite - 5 stars
    Bandersnatch - 1 1/2 stars
  • regmcfly wrote:
    Spider man into the spider verse - 4 stars
    The favourite - 5 stars
    Bandersnatch - 1 1/2 stars

    So The Favourite is your favourite on this list?
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    Acemuzzy (aka murray200)
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    I'ma gonna stick with what i've done in previous years and shove it in the 52 games thread cos I can't cope with multiple threads
  • cockbeard
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    The Predator - Tribute, parody or serious movie, misses every mark, straddles wrong divides [5]
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • 5/10? I’d still watch a 5.
    I quite enjoyed it, wasn’t great but had fun with it
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  • cockbeard
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    True, as a mindless Cameron/Bay type film it was fine, but it kept trying to be earnest, then dropping the ball. Maybe it's my love of hammer, giallo, and b-movies in general but if you're gonna be bad be proper bad
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • Yea I didn’t take it as anything more than a silly over the top action movie, a throwback to what a loved about the 80’s and early 90’s.
    It failed of course but at least it had some fun doing it
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  • Ended up browsing on Prime tonight and decided to watch Layer Cake, as we hadn't seen it before. So that, surprisingly, is my first film of the year.
  • Good movie is Layer Cake.
  • Good enough, yeah. The beginning felt very dated and I wasn't expecting much, but it was fine once it got going.
  • I'll try this. Tend to watch stuff on and off without really recording it. Just need to remember what I've watched since the turn of the year.

    1. Ready Player One
    Didn't enjoy as much as I hoped I would, entertaining though. 7

    2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    Brilliant from start to finish, so many stand out performances. 9.5

    3. Icarus
    Netflix doping doc, gripping, amazing and revelatory. 9

    4. Split
    Fairly good thriller. James McAvoy superb, all 24 of him. 7.5

    5. Source Code
    Nifty, pacy and enjoyable Gyllenhaal groundhog techno thriller. 8

    6. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened
    Festival fuck up doc. From frying pan to the fyre. 8

    7. Good Time
    R-Patz doesn't suck in stylish bro crime caper. 8

    8. Seven Psychopaths
    Entertaining star studded pooch flavoured black comedy caper. 7.5

    9. Caddyshack
    Chase and Dangerfield tee off in tittersome 80s golfing comedy. 6

    10. A Perfect Day
    Aid worker Del Toro leads in good Balkan War tale. 7.5

    11. John Wick
    Keanu kicks ass in stylish, dog/car/wife revenge thriller. 8

    12. The Shape of Water
    Quirky, touching, Guillermo del Toro creature feature. 7.5

    13. John Wick 2
    Keanu kicks more ass in stylish, delayed retirement thriller. 8

    14. Nocturnal Animals
    Engaging and stylish, novel within a film, noir thriller. 8

    15. Ride Along
    Rubbish, if mildly diverting, Cube and Hart buddy cop movie. 5.5

    16. A Quiet Place
    Gripping, tense, nervy thriller. The silence is deafening. Brilliant. 9

    17. Boyz N The Hood
    Highly charged, classic LA hood movie. Still got it. 8.5

    18. American Made
    Enjoyable adventure, Cruise entertains as a drugs/gun running pilot. 7.5

    19. Triple Frontier
    Ghost Recon: Wildlands meets The Million Pound Drop. Not bad. 7

    20. Marauders
    Bang average heist thriller. Inoffensive but unenthralling. 6

    21. Deadpool 2
    Fourth wall breaking super hero fun. Reynolds good, story weak. 7.5

    22. American Psycho
    Yuppie nutjob Bale excels in dark, witty, novel adaptation. 8

    23. Prisoners
    Outstanding abduction thriller. Gyllenhaal and Jackman on top form. 9

    24. Shot Caller
    Prison and gangs crime thriller. Film ok, mustaches bad. 6.5

    25. Ingrid Goes West
    Insta stalking nutcase hounds narcissist in darkly comic indie tale. 8

    26. The Impossible
    Gritty, dramatic and touching 2004 tsunami based disaster flick. 7.5

    27. Sicario: Day of the Soldado
    Benicio and Brolin boss it in top cartel thriller. 9

    28. The Gambler
    Self loathing Marky Mark busts out in humdrum gambling drama. 6

    29. Happy Death Day
    Groundhog Day slasher lite flick, fun if not memorable. 6.5

    30. Road House
    Broody, philosophical Swayze cleans up lawless town. Cheesy, bloody fun. 7

    31. Super Troopers 2
    Boys are back. Silly, fun sequel to cult cop comedy. 7

    32. The Big Short
    Slightly bewildering but utterly engrossing, all star financial crisis drama. 8.5

    33. Office Christmas Party
    Chaotic, Jason Bateman led comedy. Some laughs but not a cracker. 6

    34. The World's End
    Chaos fuelled Cornetto trilogy finale. Fun but weakest of the three. 7.5

    35. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile
    Efron is effective as Bundy in below par melodramatic retelling. 6

    36. Lakeview Terrace
    Samuel L. Jackson's cop plays good neighbours in racially themed thriller. 6.5

    37. The Town
    Affleck directs and stars in this taut and excellent, Boston heist thriller. 8.5

    38. Centurion
    Fassbender and Brit regulars play Romans on the run in bloody adventure. 6.5

    39. It Comes At Night
    Effective and tense survival thriller. Just missing a little something extra. 7.5

    40. The Meg
    Big shark bites off more than it can chew with the Stath. 6.5

    41. Bad Day For The Cut
    Farmer seeks revenge but finds dark family secrets in decent Irish thriller. 7

    42. Scream
    Still great after all these years. Playable, fun, cliche bashing horror. 8.5

    43. Scream 2
    Less impactful than the first but still good, watchable fun. 7.5

    44. 21 Jump Street
    Hill and Tatum chemistry and humour highlights this zany update. 7.5

    45. Scream 3
    Dropping off hard now. Fun and humour is thin, poor trilogy finale. 5.5

    46. The Raid
    Heart pumping, high rise actioner. Never a flat note. 8.5

    47. The Domestics
    Thematically hit and miss, but very watchable, post apocalyptic survival thriller. 7.5

    48. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
    Potty mouthed, unsubtle, politically incorrect and violent... what's not to like? 7.5

    49. The Invitation
    Slow burning ensemble thriller that just pays off in the final third. 7

    50. BlacKkKlansman
    Spike Lee blends comedy and drama in this interesting, thought provoking film. 8.5

    51. War Dogs
    An entertaining tale on the highs and lows of being arms dealers. 7.5

    52. A Simple Favour
    Kendrick shines in this decent darkly comic thriller from Bridesmaids Paul Feig. 8

    53. Scream 4
    Stretching the plot/killer far now. Quality somewhere between 2 and 3. 6.5

    54. Blindspotting
    Enthralling tale of friends and the clash of Oakland old and new. 9

    55. Lifechanger
    Nifty horror lite tale of a murderous, lovelorn shapeshifter. 7.5

    56. Charlie Wilson's War
    Hanks and Hoffman on form in Soviet-Afghan era biographical comedy drama. 8

    57. American Gangster
    Strong Ridley Scott bio of gangster Frank Lucas. Denzel and Crowe solid. 8

    58. Safety Not Guaranteed
    Kooky and touching sci-fi rom-com, love Aubrey Plaza. 8.5

    59. Between Two Ferns: The Movie
    Lightweight but amusing Zach Galifianakis web show spin off. 7.5

    60. Avengement
    Gritty Scott Adkins Lahndan gangster revenge beat 'em up. Actually not bad. 7

    61. Hotel Mumbai
    Unflinching, tense and dramatic account of 2008 Mumbai attacks. 8

    62. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
    Strong individual performances and a well crafted film that didn't overly enthrall. 7

    63. Halloween (2018)
    Decent reboot of sorts, short on scares and the OG's creepiness however. 7

    64. Creep
    Intriguing indie flick following a videographer and the titular 'creep'. 7

    65. Anaconda
    Mindlessly entertaining big snake on a boat creature feature from the 90s. 6.5

    66. Friday the 13th
    Back to Camp Blood we go, iconic old skool slasher fun. 7.5

    67. Friday the 13th Part 2
    Sackcloth Jason's turn to cull the councillors, mother would be proud. 6.5

    68. Friday the 13th Part 3
    Jason finds his mask and a film of contrived 3D scene shots. 5.5

    69. You Were Never Really Here
    Phoenix battles his demons and sex traffickers in this compelling thriller. 8

    70. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    Jason's terror reign continues in this improved sequel, featuring a young Feldman. 6.5

    71. Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning
    Nosedive in quality as 'Jason' inflicts terror on a halfway house. 5

    72. The Game Changers
    Interesting documentary on the benefits of a plant based diet. 7

    73. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives
    A rebooted, resurrected Jason fails to inject life into this limp showing.5

    74. Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood
    A telekinetically resurrected Jason slays by numbers in another weak sequel. 5.5

    75. Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
    Takes Manhattan? He takes a cruise and has a tear up at the docks. The end. 5.5

    76. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
    Perfectly cast meta popcorn romp, great fun. 8

    77. Don Jon
    Serial wanker Gordon-Levitt prefers porn over Scarlett Johansson. Ok then. Decent flick. 7.5

    78. Mac & Devin Go To High School
    Snoop and Wiz graduate high and invent 'green' energy... a propaganja film. 6.5

    79. Support The Girls
    Film focusing on the female manager and girls of a sports bar/breastaurant. 7.5

    80. The Perfection
    A virtuoso, dark and twisty, classical music themed horror thriller. Bravo. 8.5

    81. Black Swan
    Portland's Oscar winning pirouette as an unravelling ballerina in Swan Lake lead. 8.5

    82. The Debt Collector
    Scott Adkin’s newbie debt collector bites off more than he can kick. 7

    83. Destroyer
    Nicole Kidman's ageing detective is very effective in this revenge thriller. 8

    84. Den of Thieves
    Vastly inferior yet still entertaining Heat inspired heist caper with Gerard Butler. 7

    85. Head Count
    Not terrible alien urban legend body snatching horror lite. 6.5

    86. Halloween (1978)
    The OG. John Carpenter's lesson in creepiness still chills. 8

    87. Casino Royale
    Bland Bond is a watch but I never gelled with Craig. 6.5

    88. Quantum of Solace
    Writer's strike afflicted follow on to Casino is similarly bland. 6

    89. Halloween II
    Picking up straight from H1, this sequel is a lesser chiller. 6

    90. Die Hard
    My favourite festive film and one of the best films full stop. 9

    91. Skyfall
    Mendes assured quality increase, Craig era highpoint. 7.5

    92. Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    Strangely compelling if bonkers Myers less sequel. A cult classic. 7

    93. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    Michael returns to carve up his niece but forgets to bring scares. 6

    94. '71
    Gripping Troubles tale of soldier abandoned by unit in 70s Belfast. 8

    95. Turner & Hooch
    Classic 80s Hanks yarn. The viewing of many a wet school lunchtime. 7

    96. Spectre
    Weak follow up to Skyfall, even with Mendes at the helm. 6.5
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X
  • I like the 12 word limit so I'm in.

    Bird Box - Enjoyable twist on zombie thrillers, where no-one sees any zombies. 7
    Joustus is served.
  • jdanielp
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    Luxury! I've been reviewing three films at a time on Twitter for a few years now which generally leaves between two to four words per review. Admittedly, I could have gone longer after Twitter increased the character limit, but I decided to use it to add IMDb links and star ratings to make the Tweets more visual.
  • Nice idea.

    I, Tonya: The best film about a U.S figure skating rivalry since Blades of Glory. 7/10

    The Favourite: Darkly funny and slightly unsettling historical oddity, skewering the grotesque machinations of the upper classes in 18th Century England. 8/10

    Shin Godzilla: Godzilla is a big nuclear lizard and an even bigger political allegory for post-Fukushima Japan, but dodgy VFX and the fact that most of the action takes place in identical boardrooms leave him looking disappointingly bloated. 5/10

    The Post: A fine, if schmalzy, ode to the importance of a free press, that also serves as a workable prequel to All The Presidents' Men. Features some cool shots of printing presses in action. 7/10

    Mary, Queen of Scots: Opulent and theatrical period piece that is so boring it ends up feeling about twice as long as it actually is. 5/10 

    Jumanji (1995): Even after two bottles of wine, it's safe to say I preferred this when I was seven. 4/10
  • cockbeard
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    Yardie - In it's time, good fun, too much tell not enough show [7]
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • I'm already struggling to remember what stuff was definitely this year, but so far...

    The Favourite - Dark, funny, gloriously sweary and anachronistic.  Worth it for the leads alone. (9)

    Happy Death Day - Deeply stupid horror version of Groundhog Day. Manages a few good moments. (5)
  • Venom
    Tom Hardy can't save this fun but flawed my-first action horror.
  • 1. How to Train Your Dragon 3 - 3/2/19 - [3]
    2. Alien - 9/3/19 - [10]
    3. Aliens - 9/3/19 - [8]
    4. Captain Marvel - 10/3/19 - [6]
    5. Creed II - 9/4/19 - [6]
    6. Bumblebee -10/4/19 - [7]
    7. Patriot Games - 12/4/19 - [5]
    8. Avengers: Endgame - 27/4/19 - [8]
    9. Spiderman Homecoming - 4/5/19 - [6]
    10. Godzilla: King of the Monsters - 5/6/19 - [5]
    11. Ivan’s Childhood - 9/6/19 - [8]
    12. Spiderman Far From Home - 6/7/19 - [6]
    13. Silence of the Lambs - 19/7/19 - [9]
    14. Get Out - 20/7/19 - [7]
    15. Yi Yi - 21/7/19 - [8]
    16. Snowpiercer - 21/7/19 - [7]
    17. Foxcatcher - 21/7/19 - [8]
    18. The Running Man - 26/7/19 - [5]
    19. Manchester By The Sea - 27/7/19 - [8]
    20. Kong: Skull Island - 27/7/19 - [3]
    21. You Were Never Really Here - 27/7/19 - [8]
    22. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw - 12/8/19 - [5.5]
    23. Apocalypse Now: Final Cut - 13/8/19 - [10]
    24. Inception - 16/8/19 - [6]
    25. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 17/8/19 - [7]
    26. Blade Runner 2049 - 30/8/19 - [9]
    27. L’Avventura - 8/9/19 - [8]
    28. Night of the Living Dead - 8/9/19 - [7]
    29. Ready Or Not - 28/9/19 - [6]
    30. Ad Astra - 2/10/19 - [7]
    31. The Farewell - 3/10/19 - [8]
    32. Joker - 5/10/19 - [6.5]
    33. X-Men: Days of Future Past - 12/10/19 - [7]
    34. El Camino - 18/10/19 - [3]
    35. The Magnificent Ambersons - 19/10/19 - [8]
    36. The Irishman - 10/11/19 - [8]
    37. Frozen 2 - 1/12/19 - [3]
    38. Godzilla (1954) - 1/12/19 - [8]
    39. Godzilla Raids Again - 14/12/19 - [5]
    40. The Rise of Skywalker - 21/12/19 - [6]
    41. The Force Awakens - 24/12/19 - [7]
    42. The Last Jedi - 26/12/19 - [7]
    "But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!"
  • Dark Soldier
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    Hackers - Jolie fuck yes JL-Miller cumface 4/5

    Tremors - The best, around 6/5

    The Favourite -  Cunt cunt filth cunt ACTING 5/5

    Predator - Homoerotic fabulousness 5/5

    Aterrados - Foreign paranormal okayness 3/5

    Contact - Arrival before arrival 4/5

    The General - Brendan Gleeson sepia shitshow 2/5
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