• AKA Free/cheap indie things, which may or may not be games, available to download on or elsewhere.

    I've become a bit disillusioned with much of modern game design recently, and I've started to favour more loose and free feeling concepts, and despite the flaws and incompleteness that tends to come along with this sort of experimental stuff I find them more compelling somehow. I've enjoyed the excellent Priceless Play section on RPS for a while now, there's been no end of things that I've seen on there that I've wanted to check out but never got around to.

    So I've started actually checking out the various things that interest me, there's some real gems hidden around. seems very much like the game equivalent of Bandcamp, which is a big plus IMO. I still have yet to get a PS4 to be able to play Dreams, but playing some of these little vignettes and tech demo type things it reminds me of that homebrew spirit a fair bit.

    I definitely recommend a perusal, you don't even need an account to download stuff. Here's a few things that I've liked -

    Neo-Brutalism Of Tomorrow -


    Short art gallery thing, resets after a short while so you run to one exhibit at a time and repeat. Neat.

    Birthplace of Ossian -


    Very chilled walkabout across a vast mountainscape filled with mist and some intriguing monuments.

    New Zealand Recreation -


    Chilled little walkabout through a pretty forest.

    Evolution -


    I bloody love this. Build a basic assembleage of joints, bones and muscles, then set a bunch of them off to run, jump or climb. Creatures that perform best get selected and the genes passed to the next set with some mutations. Uses neural networks and genetic algorithms to make a shuffling mess into something recognisably lifelike. This is how robots and locomotive systems will be designed in the future, I think this sort of thing has been done for while actually. Super cool. The above gif is a few things I've made, I like the bipedal thing, you can do very abstract stuff though. Still can't crack the climbing mode though. This is so much fun to mess around with, as long as I can spare the CPU cycles I think I will be running this in the background for a while to come.

    I also just want to rep Darwin Pond (and also Gene Pool though it was never my fave) by Jeffrey Ventrella, he's got all sorts of neat widgets and things on there, check it out. I got into artificial life simulation things and cellular automata when I was back in school, used to love all that stuff. You could start off a big primordial mess in Darwin pond, set the ecology parameters and just leave life to find a way.. Great fun, I would leave it running all day to come back to it and see what had evolved. Seems like it might be a little broken on modern PCs though.. probably needs a little tweaking.

    Worlds (a world history simulator) -


    This is neat to look at, but very limited atm. When I fired it up I was expecting to see civilisations rise and fall, and for flashes of nuclear death and such to occur eventually with a repeating cycle. Sadly currently it just has basic tribes that pretty much stay in stasis. But the potential for this kind of thing is pretty big I think, and the roadmap has plenty of cool features.

    Pyramid Builder -


    This is lovely, beautiful ASCII graphics with a gorgeous day/night cycle. Really simple little game, as the title suggests you build a pyramid, I think you can get it done quicker if you build fields and houses for the little workers optimally. Chirpy 8 bit tune too.

    Take a wander, if you spot owt good chuck it in here.
  • Nice. I think I've tried something off itchio in the last year. And certainly asked about something else in the pc thread.

    That evolution game looks so much like sodamaker.
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • It's great for free VR stuff.
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    Interesting thread. I remember Trippy put something up there (check the 'Games Wot We Made' thread), but what's the concept behind

    Are there any multi-team indies on there? Proven devs bypassing Steam to launch on there instead?

    Do they take everything?

    It's been a while since I last went on an indie binge. When I have time to kill, I like going through Ludnum Dare competition finalists. Entering one of those is on my bucketlist.
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  • Yeah I've passed by it occasionally with games that seemed interesting, but never really looked into it properly before. So far it seems very much like a Good Thing. The lack of DRM, or email sign requirement (for free stuff at least), the user customised pages that put the developer and game in the forefront with's branding taking a backseat, and the flexible pay what you want payment model, all seem to be how this sort of thing should be done.

    Here's an old interview with the creator -
    "The original idea for the site wasn’t a store at all, it was just a way to quickly create a customized game homepage. I had a handful of Ludum Dare games I had created and I wanted a quick way to make nice pages for them. I wasn’t too thrilled about some of the existing game hosts because the pages they provide for your game are filled with distracting content that has nothing to do with your game. Things like ads, other people’s games, promotion for their own site, etc."

    Seems like they take a 10% cut by default, but you can opt to give them what you like. -

    I'm not sure about big teams making use of it, but there's bound to be some. I guess the other big platforms are typically more attractive, but I don't think there's anything stopping a massive game getting a release on, unless I've missed something.
    "Valve’s mercurial and opaque nature is a large part of why, despite Corcoran’s protests, Itchio is so often mentioned in the same breath as Steam. People can’t help but compare Itchio, a platform defined by its compassion to users and developers, to Steam’s seemingly uncaring nature. In an age of platforms that are too enormous to be controlled, supervised, or to extend empathy to all users, Itchio is the rare tech creation that puts humans, rather than products, at its forefront. The mandate isn’t to become as huge or as profitable as possible, but to genuinely provide something different.

    While games make up the bulk of Itchio’s content, creators can also upload things like books, music, and comics. It’s also where people go to raise money for causes like Ferguson, or for life-saving surgeries. It is where people upload intimate games they’re scared to show to the world, or to feel heard. Developers speak of Itch with reverence and delight, and almost everyone has a story about how Corcoran personally went above and beyond to help them achieve their vision for release."

    There's a lot of game jam stuff on there, short little things about poking bananas or growing succulents :)
  • If you mean this is another Indie Fancies thread, then yeah that was sort of the idea ;) The intention was for this to be about the really indie stuff, if that makes sense. Things whose existence is fairly tenuous.
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    Should probably merge the threads, tbh. But appreciate the deets behind itchio. :]
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  • Some interesting looking games, Gurt. As dynamite mentions, my game 'fancy trousers' is also on there. I'd be delighted if you tried it, you might even be delighted too.

    The formatting on this page is weird, I cannae do links properly.
  • fancy trousers -


    A cute little teddy bear attempts to defend itself against zombies, spider, ghosts, and other things in a psychedelic hellscape while also dodging toxic clouds. This is one of the scarier top-downs I've played in a while, a confusing LSD adrenaline rush. Great work Trippy :) I think I saw it a while back in the GWWW thread but didn't get around to it.



    In which a black friday flashmob descends on a store with the aim of snatching the best deals without accruing crippling debt. Highly amusing and oddly satisfying.
  • trippy wrote:
    The formatting on this page is weird, I cannae do links properly.

    Yeah the forum is having a reaction to the images and gifs I think. I've tried to minimise file sizes but if anyone has issues loading let me know.
  • Many thanks for the review, it's the perfect description!

    Mirror Drop is no longer free, but is utterly worth the money, really loved it.

  • Looks cool, will probably get it at some point.

    mirror lake -




    Watch zen-like as ghostly spires, mountain ranges, and marshes emerge out of a celestial bowl. Runs in your browser or download the html and run it like that. Will generate and reset constantly like a cool screensaver. Gorgeous stuff.
  • Itchio is good. I don't use it enough.
  • The Good Time Garden -


    A fleshy, dripping, squishy little handrawn adventure. The voices will make you uncomfortable.
  • Haven't had time to check itchio myself, but there's a good thread on twitter here with lots of people chiming in with things from itchio
  • Orchids to Dusk -


    "A short networked wandering experience about an astronaut stranded on an alien planet, with only a few minutes left to live."

    A stunning concept, really quite affecting. Wander across a vast landscape, finding footprints and remnants of the others who have perished, and contemplate the inevitable. Peaceful and sad and wonderful. The world needs more of this kind of thing.
  • Project Wingman -


    I have yet to get Ace Combat 7 but it's very much on my list, this is a free demo of something that is arguably very similar, and very impressive it is too. Like a proper modern AC experience, gorgeous and smooth. I think it has VR support too...
  • Fushimi Inari -




    An incredible recreation of the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto, one of these magical looking places I would love to visit one day. A totally beautiful walk along the surprisingly extensive paths, with the crunch of gravel, cicadas, and wind through the leaves and trees. Perfect choice of chilled music too. The camera is lovely, and this is also in VR for those with the kit. What a treat.
  • Brume

    It's £10 but I'm tempted...
  • Bunch of neat things have become free or discounted on atm -

    Nuclear Throne looks like a neat top-down roguelike. And the walking sim collection is great - At least one of them reminds me a lot of Proteus which is really cool.
  • Sinking Simulator -


    Not on, but Steam and it's free and brilliant. Make holes and cause floods in massive ships and other structures, and watch the compartments slowly flood causing the craft to tip and eventually crack in two in a satisfying display of physics. Oddly fascinating, easy to spend hours watching the destruction.

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