Fantasy Football: The B&B Drafthouse OPENS for business 6pm 11/09
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    As a sideline/alternative to our usual yearly Fantasy Football charade, not at all being suggested because I always lose focus after a couple of weeks an inevitably finish close to bottom of the table, I wondered if anyone might be interested in taking part in an all-new, all-American style draft league? Given it's now an option on the official Fantasy Football site.

    How does it work?

    Similar to your standard FPL, Fantasy managers also pick a 15-man squad in Draft. But there is one big difference. Each player can be owned by only one manager in each mini-league. So only one manager in your mini-league can have Mohamed Salah, only one can select Kevin De Bruyne. Only Cinty will pick any players from Southampton, etc. 

    There's no budget limit, meaning you aren't going to be stuck deciding how to spend your last 0.5m when you need both a decent CB and a powerhouse striker. You have to hope that your pick isn't also on someone else's radar before you can nab them.

    No falling behind on the table cos a rival remembered to triple-captain Salah that week while you forgot, no comedy as everyone rushes to sub out an inevitably-injured Pogba before the next gamesweek deadline. One player, one team, one glory (possibly). 


    You can trade players with other, er, players if you can reach an agreement. It's a bit like trading Pokemon cards, but instead of scamming a shiny Charizard for your counterfeit Magikarp, you're stuck trying to persuade Gonz that he should definitely give up his crummy old Dele Alli for your delightful Jesse Lingard. 

    There's also some thing about 'waivers' and swapping for free agents that's too boring to go into here, but you can read about in the handy rules bit of the site. 

    I'm interested, what's the catch?

    Ideally, we all have to sit and do the actual draft at the same time, which means setting aside an hour or whatever where we're all at our respective computers as we wind through selecting 15 players each. Pain in the arse, but for a community of people who regularly schedule things like FNF hopefully it'll come naturally to us. 

    But fear not: before the draft takes place you can create a priority watchlist of players. This list can help quickly identify potential picks during the draft, and will also be used to automatically draft a player if you aren't available to participate in the draft itself. Piece of piss.

    There's more info and a helpful short video on the actual site here. 


    I've gone to the trouble of tentatively starting a league: The glorious B&B Drafthouse, which you can join with league code: rsoipd

    Obviously the more people involved (up to a max of 16) the better this will be, otherwise it's just me and Dino squabbling over Harry Kane for several months. An ugly sight. 

    If anyone is actually keen then join the league and we can maybe set a time for a draft. Since I had to include a time in order to actually make the league I set it as 8pm this coming Friday, but can easily change it. Might be short notice ahead of the actual matches starting this weekend, but people can let me know what they think.

    Boy this was a good way to kill 30 mins I should have spent working.
  • I'll give it a go, friday evening draw before the weekend deadline at 8pm? 6pm wouldnt be a bad start time.

    Makes it more tense its like the final hours of transfer window deadline day.

    Just watched the video sounds great. Maybe we should dump the classic FF this year and go with this? It says upto 16 players but 8 is recommended. Classic scoring would be good.

    We would need to draw the snake list out of a hat. Maybe use zoom or someother vid conferencing tool so we can talk this through?

  • I think the order of the snake list is randomly done when it comes to the start of the actual draft, according to the site, which should save us the hassle of having to work it out ourselves. Always a turn-off.
  • Yeh i just read that.
  • Bump come on people
  • Kazuo wrote:
    Obviously the more people involved (up to a max of 16) the better this will be, otherwise it's just me and Dino squabbling over Harry Kane for several months. An ugly sight.

    Say it won't be so.
  • Well, looking a whole lot like 4 teams is as good as we're going to do with this. 

    So, anyone want to pitch in with when this draft should be? Dino suggested 6-ish tonight, which might feel a bit short notice, but a fair starting point.
  • Yeah I can do that.
  • Well sirs, in a mere THREE HOURS we'll open our doors and see who comes out on top in the race to grab Jamie Vardy. Everything else will just be a footnote.

    If you're around, just make sure you're logged in to in time for 6pm and I guess we'll see how this all works.

    Edit: And I suppose with such a small number of us then if anyone wants to, uh, draft in a pal who might want to join to make it more interesting then feel free to share.
  • Less than 10 mins to go and we are suddenly up to six players! Exciting times.
  • Five mins feels like so far away!
  • Panicking and drafting Chong instead of Son.
  • Not sure why my brother joined this only to seemingly throw it. First drafts... Fabianski and McBurnie. Go figure.
  • How is greenwood a midfielder!?
  • I said the same about Aubameyang, bizarre.
  • Yes. Hopefully it doesn’t fall apart elsewhere.
  • Anyway, I'll take this. Wish I'd done a wee bit better with forwards but feel that midfield is alright. Onwards.

  • I wasn't sure what to do there, i take it you dont do that every game week?

    Coz i have no city or united players so might have buggered it up already
  • Boolitt wrote:
    I wasn't sure what to do there, i take it you dont do that every game week?

    Coz i have no city or united players so might have buggered it up already

    No you don't have to do that every week. You can get city or utd players into your squad. You can change players or make them available for swaping out. Have a look at the video on the site that explains it all. I missed the draw but got an auto draft, will post later.
  • Just signed Wan Bissaka and Callum Wilson for my draft team. There are some good players still available unsigned. I'll drop some names: van der beek, traore, chiwell, ziyach....
  • Rashford is a midfielder too?! What a joke!
  • Boolit I'll swap you rashford for havertz?
  • Sterling is a good one.
  • Bit of a powerhouse team there Dino, well done.

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