Movie Record 2021 Edition
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  • poprock wrote:
    I actually ended up using Vere’s thread all through 2019, so let’s do it again.
    Verecocha wrote:
    Hvm3lL.gif Gonna record ALLLLLL the movies I watch here this year …
    I liked the short reviews/comments last year. Vere’s rule was a dozen words or less, but I broke that quite often. Some people like to leave scores, some don’t. It’s all good. You do you. What did really work was making a new post every time you watch a movie, then copy/pasting that into your master list at the start of the thread. I’m gonna do that again. Reading the list back at the end of the year was a nice thing.

    Here we are again. I enjoyed doing this last year as it helped me remember all of the things I had watched and what I liked.
    I still can't quite believe some of the stuff I watched was actually at the start of this year.

    Anyway, we all know the drill by now.

    Here's to watching all those releases that were supposed to come out last year!
  • 1. Soul
    I watched this in a bit of a mood which is a shame because I enjoyed it in spite of that so would have loved it if I was fully there for it. Their rendering and lens tech is off the chain right now. Stunning.

    2. Monster Hunter
    If only Paul WS Anderson was good at making movies because the Monster Hunter stuff that was in this was very well realised and matched the games but it was wrapped in a very poorly put together package. It really didn't need the real world element and should have just gone full MoHan.

    3. Wolf Walkers
    Very pretty Irish animation that maybe leans a little too much into the melodrama at times but the high points are very high.

    4. Wonder Woman 84
    Ooft. Come on DC, time to do better. I was so confused about what and why and more why throughout. All score points are for Chris Pine being charming and funny

    5. Host
    A fun Paranormal Activity style Zoom horror that doesn't outstay its welcome and has some effective moments that make good use of the setting.
  • b0r1s
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    1. Shawshank Redemption been watching it since 11:30pm in 2020. Wanted something easy to watch that I’ve seen far too many times. Can still quote loads of dialogue. Wonderful story, cast and film.

    2. John Carter massive guilty pleasure. It failed at the box office and wasn’t particularly well received, but I just really enjoy the setting. The Victorian sci-fi thing has always appealed. I’m guessing it was growing up watching films like Journey to The Centre of The Earth and The Time Machine. This is a modern take on those films with an enjoyably nonsensical plot.

    3. Tenet Nolan doing Nolan again. Enjoyable stuff, good cast, just don’t try to make sense of it and go with it. Smatterings of Red Dwarf Backwards episode throughout. The usual physical set pieces that impress and the usual terribly balanced score and dialogue track. I think at this point he is just mocking the audience with it all. The best part of the film was the first half where he basically made a black Bond film to possibly irritate the gammons, while the world was arguing about Idris he just did. Enjoyable action, nonsense plot.

    4. Zodiac - have started this a couple of times and was always out off by the scene at the lake. It’s a completely plausible and uncomfortable scene to watch. Yet what follows is a brilliant investigative story with a top notch cast.

    5. Blade - great Marvel action with limited and generally considered use of CGI. This is still a great movie and the second DVD I bought. Just don’t bother with the sequels.

    6. The Equalizer - Denzel on top action man form. That first fight scene in the restaurant is great stuff and yes it’s your typical action plot.

    7. The Imitation Game - Benedict on top form as Alan Turing, with some solid supporting actors. Certain there was dramatic liberty, but the truth of a hero not being recognised for decades because of his sexual orientation is another British embarrassment.

    8. Cloud Atlas - flawed attempt at an epic. There is something about it that I still enjoy having watched it a few times. Broadbent’s caper being the highlight. But I want to like it more than I actually do.

    9. 1917 - the war film I didn’t know I wanted to watch. Spent the first 30 minutes concentrating on spotting the clever edits before letting that wash away and watch a genuinely surprising film with no idea about where it would go, enjoying the story and main characters throughout. Glad I missed the hype.

    10. Tron Legacy - hated this at the cinema. A kid fan of the original it really felt groundbreaking. I guess I was hoping for the impossible with the sequel. Having watched it again it’s not as bad as I first thought. Visually it’s stunning, but would love to see a 4K/HDR version. Soundtrack is fantastic too.
  • Shawshank is a long ass film.

    It feels like you’re doing forty with dufresne.
  • In!

    1. Double Date
    Semi-effective Brit comedy horror lite. Two friends, Alex and Jim, one a virgin, date two sisters, Kitty and Lulu, one an apeshit occult bothering fruit loop. 6.5

    2. Bad Santa 2
    Billy Bob is still bad in this lesser sequel that still manages to raise a few ho ho hos. 7

    3. JoJo Rabbit
    Witty Nazi baiting satire. It got more Reich than wrong but just not funny or biting enough to sustain my interest. 7

    4. My Bloody Valentine
    Apeshit pick axe wielding coal munching miner type party poops small town's Valentine's in this cult 1981 slasher. 7

    5. Fear
    Marky Mark sulks, smoulders and seduces his way into Reese Witherspoon's affections, but dad William Peterson doesn't fall for his good vibrations in this steamy 90s thriller. 6.5

    6. Fifty Dead Men Walking
    Taut and tense thriller telling the dramatised true story of Martin McGartland, an Irish hustler who rose up the ranks of the IRA whilst also informing for British Intelligence. 8

    7. The Night Eats The World
    Dude falls asleep at a party in Paris, wakes up in the zombie apocalypse. Interesting French zombie film dealing with themes of isolation, loneliness and social distancing. 7.5

    8. Deceived
    Formulaic early 90s run of the mill devious husband wronged woman thriller with Goldie Hawn and John 'Kevin' Home Alone' McAllister's dad' Heard. 5

    9. Nightmare Beach
    Apeshit leatherclad helmet biker nutjob bothers springbreakers in this entertainingly bad late 80s Italian American slasher cheesefest. 6

    10. Jagged Edge
    Glenn Close's lawyer defends Jeff Bridges, accused of murdering his wife, in this 'did he didn't he' legal thriller. This came repped but I found it to be a predictable, uninspired, unthrilling snoozefest. 5

    11. National Lampoon's Vacation
    First in the NL Vacations series sees the Griswolds making a cross country trip to Walley World in this zany cult comedy. 7

    12. Short Term 12
    Brie Larson's foster unit supervisor juggles her own troubles whilst caring for equally troubled kids in this powerful and emotional drama. 8.5
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  • b0r1s
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    @Crayon just over 2hrs. Easiest time I’ve ever done.
  • Gonna put the effort in this year I think.
  • Shawshank is a long ass film.

    It feels like you’re doing forty with dufresne.

    It'd feel long if it you weren't engaged with it seeing as how slow and measured the pace is. But I can't help but get sucked into it every time I watch it
  • Yeah, I always forget what I've watched. This'll be handy

    1. Forrest Gump
    I'm conflicted about this one. On the one hand it's a good story well told with an iconic performance by Hanks and some great moments. On the other hand it's right wing reactionary wet dream about the karmic punishment you can expect if you don't conform to the American ideal and the system that has (and continues to) suppress the majority of its people under. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. 6

    2. Batman: The Killing Joke
    Despite the presence of Hamill and Conroy, this animated adaptation was very disappointing. 5

    3. Interstellar
    Seen this 4 times now and its still as stunning as it was the first time. 10.

    4. The Great Outdoors
    Not as funny as I remember it being, but still a classic bit of John Candy and the kids loved it. 7

    5. Baskin
    Turkish horror movie in which 5 cops in a transit van somehow end up in the middle of a black mass and then actual hell. It's as extraordinarily unpleasant, freakish and horrific as a trip to hell should be. I'm not sure I enjoyed it, but it's quite a striking and extremely unsettling watch. 7

    6. David Bowie: 5 Years
    Doco covering 5 key years in his career, using unseen footage and interviews with him and his closest friends and colleagues. Great stuff. 8

    7. David Bowie: The Last 5 Years
    Companion piece to the above, using the same format. Touching and lovely portrayal of a legend. 8

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  • Looked on with envy last year so I'm in.
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  • 74 movies in 2020. Let’s see how 2021 pans out...

    1. Soul - 2 Jan
    That Pixar goodness. Fun to watch, funny, and good messages.

    2. Mirai - 4 Jan
    Average anime about a toddler/young boy who is jealous of his new baby sister but learns to love his family.  

    3. Destroy All Monsters - 13 Jan
    You can see the extra budget thrown at this and the additional production values that bought. But it still ended up being a simple alien invasion monster movie aso hear the additional themes Honda wanted to explore had to be cut due to budget reasons. But it was an enjoyable romp with a great all out battle at the end with Godzilla & Co. vs. Ghidora.

    4. All Monsters Attack - 16 Jan
    A different kind of film and mostly light-hearted. Little boy being bullied uses dreams of monsters to spur himself and grow in confidence etc. Misses the mark though.
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  • acemuzzy
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    Acemuzzy (aka murray200)
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    I use the game thread for movies too cos I can't cope with all different places and don't watch enough movies so yeah there boo and hiss
  • I’ll take this slot. Top marks to Vere for starting this idea and props to Shabby for taking the reins this year.

    Notting Hill
    Smug romcom that I’ve somehow never seen until now. Hugh Grant before he learned to act, and Julia Roberts after she stopped bothering to.

    The Wife
    Jonathan Pryce plays a fêted novelist but his wife, played by Glenn Close, was the actual author of his books. He wins the Nobel Prize and she can’t take it any more. Strong stuff, made to feel like a stage play by not using any musical soundtrack.

    The Rock does Die Hard, but lacks charm. Hey, this has Neve Campbell in it! Even she can’t save it from its own po-faced unoriginality.

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    Understated, melancholy drama that’s also funny as hell. Manages to make a lack of resolution entirely satisfying.

    Widows of criminal husbands band together to pull off a heist. Subtle performances, restrained cinematography, and an unnecessary twist at the end. Solid stuff, nonetheless.
  • I've neglected films since I started smashing the games. Will put a placeholder here just in case I stick to the plan this year (which is 'watch more films'). Tbh I watched more in 2020 than in the three or possibly four previous years combined, but it was mostly fluff selected for the spicific purposes of a synced group viewing with whatsapp texts. In 2020 I doubled my Van Damme count for example, having now seen four things with him in.
  • Watched Room on Netflix. Good film with a dark haired captain marvel
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  • Also watched Guy Ritchies The Gentleman. Thats enjoyable bunkem too. Not at the level of Snatch of even Rocknrolla but still worth a punt if only for hugh grant
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  • Placeholder

    (Does anyone actually go back and look at placeholders the following year?)
  • I've got some corkers lined up to start the year. I probably won't watch any of them.

    1. The Apartment (1960). Jack Lemmon lets company bosses use his apartment for extra-marital frolics. Complications ensue. Solid classic. [8]

    2. Tenet. Second viewing. I think Nolan just didn't have enough story here to justify a full movie, it feels like the sort of thing that would've made a cool short story. Still, there's some cool set pieces and it looks and sounds great. It's very Nolan though isn't it? I probably though of this as an [8] on first viewing, now it feels more like [7].

    3. Beastie Boys Story. Lots of interesting stuff here that I wasn't aware of. A cool ride through the Beastie's history. [8]

    4. Memories of Murder (Salinui chueok). Beautifully shot and carefully constructed serial killer thriller. [9]

    5. Calm with Horses. Fucking tense with horses more like. Solid enough gritty Irish gangster affair. [6.5]

    6. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. Feels greater than the sum of its parts. I thought Jarmusch had shit the bed with the tone of this, but the quirkiness grew on me over the course of the film and I ended up really enjoying it. [7.5]
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  • Soul

    Well I loved this. Really really great concept and brilliant script. Shame the kids didn't engage with it.
    Not everything is The Best or Shit. Theres many levels between that, lets just enjoy stuff.
  • 1. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    Its terrible but I absolutely love this movie. The vast majority of points belong to Rickman's panto performance. A point for Sean Connery's Richard Lionheart just rocking up at the end.
  • I might watch a film this year.
  • I'll see if I can keep up with it this year.

    1. Bad Boys - Haven't seen this since the 90s, when I might have enjoyed it. But it really is absolute shite. None of it makes any sense, the banter is tedious and the main feature of the big action scenes is a load of exploding barrels. *

    2. Inside Man
    Hadn't watched it since it originally came out. It's pretty great really - expertly plotted, paced and performed. Just don't think about it too much. ****

    3. Ravenous
    Zombies in Canada. It's got some nice camera work and a does decent line in long quiet bits followed by sudden bursts of noise/violence. But underneath it's still your basic zombie film with all the usual stuff. ***

    4. Outside the Wire
    One of the Netflix films that's competently made but just feels sort of like a mush of things you're supposed to like. Bit of action, sci-fi, some themes to chew over. Then it ends and on you go. Story by Yescombe, pedalling the same old Hazy ideas.**

    5. Us
    Just as wonderful as it was the first time. Playful, clever and confident. *****

    6. Intouchables
    It's a bit of a cliché set up, but it's beautifully written and performed, funny in parts and never overly sentimental. ****
  • Paul the sparky
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    JonB woke up with a Power Ranger up his ass
  • Bad Boys was bad on release. I’m shocked you even probably enjoyed it in the 90s.
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • JonB woke up with a Power Ranger up his ass
    Probably the best line in the film TBH.
  • LivDiv wrote:
    1. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    Its terrible but I absolutely love this movie. The vast majority of points belong to Rickman's panto performance. A point for Sean Connery's Richard Lionheart just rocking up at the end.

    Probably my favourite film ever. Did a 'best film ever' thing at uni with a bunch of mates and nobody had rhpot as the best but everyone had it in their top few so much that it won. Best film ever imo.
  • Dark Soldier
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    Yeah lets do it, just downloaded 8 obscure foreign films that have been submitted for this year's Oscars.
  • nick_md wrote:
    LivDiv wrote:
    1. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    Its terrible but I absolutely love this movie. The vast majority of points belong to Rickman's panto performance. A point for Sean Connery's Richard Lionheart just rocking up at the end.

    Probably my favourite film ever. Did a 'best film ever' thing at uni with a bunch of mates and nobody had rhpot as the best but everyone had it in their top few so much that it won. Best film ever imo.

    Sober me takes this back although it is top 5ish for sure.
  • Its great fun.
    Far better than the Crowe Robin Hood or the one from a few years back with the Elton John lad in it.
  • It's better than great fun, come ooon.
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