Do Boardgames Dream of Cardboard Sheep: REDUX
  • I nearly bought arkham horror today what with all your stories of fun but I couldn't justify in the end due to the eyewatering commitment! 2 hours minimum seems long!
  • I've just read up on Infiltration by Donald X. Vaccarino (of Dominion fame) on Rockpapershotgun's Cardboard Children segment which I believe is written by one of the guys from Video Gaiden.

    The general gist is you go through a 'building' made by randomly laid out room cards, trying to steal data packets and get out with more of them than your cohors/mortal enemies before the inevitable alarm sets of and you are all truly fucked and hang your heads in android shame.

    It sounds like a great game, lots of room for strategy and co-op/backstabbing elements that works really quickly and neatly in a Blade Runner style theme.

    It's also only £25 which is a bonus considering most games are £40 odd these days. Colour me super interested.
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    Did Games Brittannia yesterday, had full game of Walock of Firetop Mountain, which was alright.
  • I played Santiago de Cuba and San Juan the other day. Santiago de Cuba had some interesting elements but was a bit average tbh, it was just a bog standard Euro game.

    Really enjoyed San Juan. Its a simple game to learn how to play but the gameplay leads to interesting interactions between players as you try and deny other players the bonuses that they need without crippling your own strategy. Also turns out that I'm awesome at Economic games.

    Quite keen to try out Peuto Rico now (and maybe Cuba).
  • You'll all be pleased to know that SG bought Dominion on the back of the talk in here and that we played it last night. Solid. Looking forward to diving in a bit more and trying some of the other action combos.

    I smashed him by about 10 in the end. Got in early buying gold and malitias. Got the jump on SG by a couple of hands giving me militia + 2 golds for Provinces. Once I got the majority of them, it was all over.

    I will also +1 Scotland Yard. Great little game.

    I have never played Risk. But I am tempted. Thoughts?
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • Risk can be fun but also depressing if you are on the wrong side of doce rolls. Its a bit tiresome when someone just plonks in Australia at the start and wins. There's metal gear solid risk and also a version call risk legacy. Legacy acts like a campaign type game (the conflict affects the gameboard over several games).
    I got two games recently: infiltration and king of Tokyo. Infiltration seems like it could be good with more people. King of Tokyo is boss. Its like yahtzee with rarghing.
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    2 player Risk is much better than the full game IMO. There's less scope for just plonking all your armies in one place and romping across the map. You also have neutral armies to contend with. I play it loads with my bro in law.
  • Bog standard Risk is very average, there are much better wargames out there.

    If you want to try out Risk give Risk: Factions a go on XBLA.
  • I really fancy Risk Legacy, just need a solid dependable group to play the 15 matches with.

    Good shout on San Juan Nexx, I watched a Dice Tower review of that recently and thought it looked pretty neat.

    I have read several reviews of Infiltration and have not felt inclined to take my interest any further yet, theme sounds great though.

    Got Mrs Surveyor lined up for an evening of Agricola and white wine this evening, she is a lucky lady.
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  • Ok it's got to the point where the girlfriend is suggesting a quick game of Dominion before watching a movie. I win!

    I'm on the way into London today and she's interested in getting involved herself. Loves Cluedo and that whole murder mystery side of things.

    Anything along those lines? Would preferably be decent to play with 2 people
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  • I'm not familiar with many murder mystery games but BGG suggests Letters from Whitechapel and Mr. Jack as being good 2 player games.

    I played Rex: Final Days of an Empire for the first time today which was brilliant, probably one of my favourite games now.  Its a reimagining of Dune which I haven't played but is meant to be a classic.  Its basically a wargame with some political depth and some other really interesting elements thrown in.  

    I was doing a Rob Stark at the start of the game by winning all of my battles but not making much progress.  Then 3 of the 6 players formed an alliance but I couldn't get the guy I wanted to ally with to join me.  Became obvious why in the next turn as he tried to go for the solo victory (which is very difficult for most races) and almost pulled if off too but I managed to beat him in the fight for the last sector that he needed thus ruining his chances for a solo win.  When the next chance to form alliances came up the 3 of us banded together and managed to get the win 2 turns later after one of my allies, who had avoided fights for the entire game up to this point, won his first and only battle to secure us the last sector that we needed.

    The battle mechanics in the game are brilliant.  It uses a battle dial system which means that you can see most of what your opponent could play in the battle (apart from strategy cards) but you don't know what they actually will commit as you lock in privately.  Add traitor cards and race powers to the mix and it results in some interesting game theory as you try and predict how your opponent will play. 

    Anyways, great game.
  • Shinji wrote:
    Ok it's got to the point where the girlfriend is suggesting a quick game of Dominion before watching a movie. I win!

    I'm on the way into London today and she's interested in getting involved herself. Loves Cluedo and that whole murder mystery side of things.

    Anything along those lines? Would preferably be decent to play with 2 people

    I recently boughtMystery Express for the brother-in-law, looks really cool, described as Cluedo on steroids, you have to deduce who, where, how, why and when.

    I use Games Lore for all my board game purchases now, excellent range and quick delivery.

    Letters from Whitechapel and Mr Jack are more about deducing where the murderer is on the map rather than a who-dunnit. Might be worth trying Scotland Yard on the iDevices if poss as very similar.

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  • Mystery Express looks like just the right thing! Cheers

    I also have Mage Knight incoming, really looking forward to that. 

    Do Games Lore charge much for shipping? I picked it up for just under £60 all inclusive
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  • Shinji wrote:
    Mystery Express looks like just the right thing! Cheers I also have Mage Knight incoming, really looking forward to that.  Do Games Lore charge much for shipping? I picked it up for just under £60 all inclusive

    I think they charge £4.95 P+P regardless of how many items you order.
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  • Cool, might use them.

    Mage Knight is proving difficult to break in to but does look incredibly tantalising once you do.
    Took about an hour to unpack, an hour to read through the walkthrough and by that stage myself and the gf realised that it wasn't going to happen tonight.

    Also there's one piece missing! ONE PIECE!!!!! ARGAGRGGGHHHH
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  • That can be the problem with some of the bigger games, if neither of you have played before it can take a while to get up and running. As it is always me introducing other people to new games I want to play, I try and get a good grasp of the rules myself first and then try and think of a concise way to describe it.

    Having a piece missing is unforgivable, I assume it is a US publisher?

    Have been playing a lot of Summoner Wars on the iPad, quite tempted to get one of the cheap starter sets of the card version. This board game habit could get quite addictive, and expensive, and they take up a lot more room that video games!
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  • At least you can play Mage Knight solo, it sounds preferable to do that once or twice to grasp the rules too.
  • I got in contact with the seller through Amazon and, to be fair, they've been top notch so far.  They've already contacted their supplier and are getting them to ship it directly to me.

    I still haven't gotten round to playing it yet, gone a bit insane round here. Today's the day though. I've the table set up and we're go for an early afternoon playthrough. May need a bigger table though
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  • Cor.

    I fancy selling my copy of Pandemic because I never get to play it and it needs people to love it, people who can dedicate time to learning it.

    £20 plus P&P?
  • Right I've gone through two games of Mage Knight and here are a few initial thoughts from someone who's never really played anything like it before:

    1. It's hard work to learn and to teach someone. The walkthrough guide is a really nice addition and is useful but is a bit loose on detail. You can't really beat watching someone else play, thankfully Youtube to the rescue. 
    2. You can play for 2 hours+ and still lose. Although when we realised that winning the scenario might not happen it really kicked us into gear and got some great moments occurring.
    3. It's pretty complicated. None of the actions are that difficult individually it's just that you've got so much to juggle at the one time with levelling up, reputation, skills, units, mana, revealing the map, rules of travel.....but you do get into the groove.
    4. It's a lot of fun. I've played solo and co-op. Solo was enjoyable itself but you can't beat having people to play with. There's a great sense of excitement when you figure out how you can defeat an enemy while taking minimum damage and then getting a level up reward. Very satisfying.

    So it's a challenge but one that I reckon will be more than worthwhile after a few more goes. It is a commitment, both in terms of money and time, but if you can take the jump I'd probably recommend it
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  • Tempy wrote:
    Cor. I fancy selling my copy of Pandemic because I never get to play it and it needs people to love it, people who can dedicate time to learning it. £20 plus P&P?

    Ha, I literally ordered myself a copy of Pandemic half hour ago, Games Lore are selling it for £25. Will be our first co-op game, looking forward to trying it. 

    Chucked Pandemic into the basket whilst buying Saboteur for the sister-in-law and Jambo for my best mate, everyone is getting board games for birthdays from now one as I try to convert a few more people.
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  • I am such a happy geek right now.
    These just turned up:
    Foiled cards.

    OK not strictly boardgames but there is card involved?
    Anyway it is a free Magic TG style trading card game that was released for iOS, Android, Mac and PC called Shadow Era.
    I have been playing it on my phone for a while now and I find it slightly less confusing than MTG  as the turns part only involves 2 phases.

    The creator did a kickstarter style (not actually via kickstarter) fund raiser to get the printed cards off the ground, he blew past his $150k initial ceiling in a couple of weeks and in the end raised about $500k, all the while giving out free extras for milestones.
    If I never end up playing it I am just happy to have them and be part of something that has come off and the creator did correctly i.e. looked after his fans.
    I mean, I paid $20 for shipping and it has cost him $60 shipping so far with another $60 to go as the other free stuff is to be shipped later.
    Bonuses included the Foil cards, ingame points to build your online decks, playmat, counters and tokens to keep track off damage inflicted etc... collector card tins, card sleeves, digital versions of the foiled cards. You get all this stuff even if you only paid for a $20 box of cards.
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  • 4 hours of Dominion tonight with SG and mrs face.


    Tried many variants. Last 4 games where the big money variant. Really not sure on the use of cahpel, and even moreso chancellor, particularly in that variant.

    Still, I won 5-6 games in a row, so I'm happy.
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • Pfft, on Vanilla just buy silver + gold. If you have a mine, fuck it, use a mine. YOu'll win in no time if you are ruthless. It is a tough strategy to counter.

    Chancellor is perfect for big money. Buy Silver, buy Chancelor. Every turn yo get a Chancelor in your hand, play it and you get +2 coin to whatever is in your hand so you can easily buy Mines and Golds. Remember that Mine essentially lets you swap up from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold AND it sticks the card in your hand meaning you can spend it straight away. Chancellor also allows you to stick your whole deck in the discard pile meaning you get to shuffle and draw again. If you have a small deck of silver and gold then you can cycle so quickly it's unreal.
  • I don't get the hype around Dominion, I find it to be dull.

    I played Intrigue (not Dominion: Intrigue) the other day and really enjoyed it. If I had to sum the game up in one word it would be vicious. The people I was playing with were still holding grudges later in the night when we were playing completely different games. The game pretty much revolves around negotiation, bribing and swearing after someone screws you over. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Intrigue sounds great, might grab it.

    THRED, I BESEECH THEE: Recommend me a good 2 player game. I'm hovering over Infiltration on Amazon, but need to confirm it. Don't want to spend much.
  • Infiltration is not great for two players. King of Tokyo is good if you want something light and want to have a laugh with.
  • The thing with infiltration is that the two player mode is actually a faux four player game which I think weakens the the push your luck aspect.
  • I see, I might still pick it up for the rare occaisions I get to play it. Kings of Tokyo gets great reviews but a lot of folk say it is incredibly broken. I take it they are just proper anal gamer nerds, yeah?
  • You could argue its as broken as any game that relies 80 percent on dice rolls.

    The fun is had when you get to boast that you're king of Tokyo or your kraken has rarghd the ass off the your friend's Godzilla! I bet its fun playing slightly tipsy!

    Its hard to feel bad at the end of the game coz its fairly luck based so anyone cab win and a game can be only 20 mins.

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