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  • There's been an nss update. Weirdly champs league is done but so far no international games. Wonder if that's because I need to start a new career and select my nationality?!?!
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  • Drifter looks terribly exciting, if it lives up to the hype.

  • If you find yourself addicted to NSS fon't worry. As soon as you find yourself unfairly scored due to a shit passing/shooting system you will be cured.
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  • What's the matter with the passing/shooting?
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  • Wow, people are actually addicted to NSS?! I got bored after around 10 matches. Getting bored of Draw Something now too. 

    I might start Waking Mars.
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  • WorKid wrote:
    Drifter looks terribly exciting, if it lives up to the hype.

    It's a Kickstarter project. I might back it.
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  • Pandemic 2.5 is well worth 69p, and you dont need to be an epidemiology expert to enjoy it. But it helps.
  • NSS is absolutely amazing.
  • Scribblenauts Remix is currently 69p.
  • Beaten loads of my stats on nss. Will post tomorrow.
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  • Ian wrote:
    Scribblenauts Remix is currently 69p.

    Better be good or a I am sending the xylophonic yellow zebras (that I just created in the game) to get you.

    I caved and I bought Ski Safari, I was holding out because it is just another Tiny Wings/Jetpack Joyride/Nuts, get as far you can games but it's great, it does something subtly different to the aforementioned games and that is it takes some of the frustration away and turns the act of travelling into a fun experience instead of a nervy challenge. The closest comparison is with Tiny Wings, but it makes the actual act of jumping and landing a lot more forgiving and less frustrating if you don't land perfectly.
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  • Where have the code buttons gone?
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  • 100 Rogues is 69p atm. Has been for a few days actually, so I'm not sure if that's it's new price or just on sale. I haven't gotten round to playing it yet but it's featured on page 4 of EDGE's 50 Must-Play iOS Games and is supposed to be pretty good.
  • 6000e41f.jpg

    All this says is that I've to play more, and that is GOOD.
  • i've restarted on account that i couldn't get a international game on a prestarted career. At least i got to keep some money so i've spanked that on upgrading my player early on. I'm like messi playing in Division 2 :D My strike rate is through the roof. I think i'm about 1.4 per game!

    Looking forwards to my international debut.
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    Currently playing Death Rally, 'tis quite a good game made even more so by its price...'s FREE!!!

    There are some IAP but you can unlock these by just playing it a bit, it plays along the lines of the old PC-game Ignition.

  • Yep. Got that the last time it was free. Great game.
  • I found an old favourite whilst browsing my gaming folders today.

    Tappi Bear 1 (there is a second version which I don't think is as good) a collection of mini games with the Kung Fu Battle game being a personal favourite. The aim of the game being that you are the Bruce Lee outfitted bear and you have to prevent the ever increasing onslaught of the other bears from stealing your donuts. Tapping the right side of the screen hits right and tapping the left hits left. If you miss time your nunchuck to the oncoming bears face you stumble and run the risk of losing a donut. A really simple game but really nails that one more go factor.

    As in real life, beware the small fast bears.

    Main screen.

    Kung Fu title screen

    Kung Fu game screen
  • I'm stuck on floor 29 of 100 floors. Any help? I spy the light is out but dont seem to be able to anything with the dynamite.
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  • figured it out, by luck more than anything. I like these lateral thinking puzzle games.

    Also, started a new career on NSS so I could play some international matches. The keepers seem harder but otherwise smooth sailing. My stats this time around are crazy. I've scored a long ranger too :) will post up soon.
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  • My longest goal is 50.7 yds

    I doubt I'd be able to kick that far in real life, let alone score!
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  • 53.3 on my new profile. Anyone know the WR?
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  • Fruit Ninja is down to 69p if anyone isn't yet caught that wagon, like me.
  • Is Lost Winds any good? It's up on the app store and looks quite tempting but I wondered if anyone has tried it.
  • not played it but it seems to be high in the rankings.. i'm also interested to know if anyone has played it.
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  • Must be done now but the original was "App of the week" in Starbucks. They were giving away free codes for it..
  • Anyone got/tried Song Pop yet?

    Need some people to play!
    Let's go exploring....
  • MotoHeroz by RedLynx the developers of the excellent DrawRace 2, is free today. It's a trials type game but with monster trucks. Seems pretty good from what I've played of it so far.

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