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    I'm doing this because everytime I reset my phone I lose my pods. So not only does this become somewhere I can go and resubscribe, but also get me some decent recommendations. Most of mine are pretty frivolous, so all suggestions appreciated, I'll try to tidy up this op every now and again, and make the pods into links that should open the cast and subscribe if you have a catcher running. Will categorise them at some point as well

    Off the tracks, decent low level celebrity interviews, some really good stuff on there
    Football Weekly, the Guardian boys talking about footy, pretty funny, surprisingly informative, don't mention Bournemouth enough
    Football Ramble, more footy talk, less pros, more irreverence
    No such thing as a Fish, QI elves talking gubbins
    Mystery Hour, stupid cockneys talking facts, often wrongly
    Sodajerker, pair of scousers talk about songwriting and meet their heroes, I find really interesting
    Comedians Comedian, much like Sodajerker but with comedy, really interesting conversations with comedians

    Getting bored of typing now and low on battery, but so many good bbc shows and others they deserve a quiet shout, will update again later, throw more stuff at me
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  • Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip (Long-form interviews with interesting peeps  - Alan Moore, DJ Yoda etc)
    Freakonomics Radio ('soft' economic articles)
    Kermode and Mayo (Film reviews)
    The Moth podcast (Story-telling pod)
    Serial (on-going story about a murder)
    Sunday Supplement (4 footy journos talk footy.No Bournemouth, mind)
    This American Life (More story-telling. Can be overly yank-centric at times)
    Welcome to Night Vale (Episodic tale of a comedic Twin Peaks-esque quirksville)
  • Uhh Yeah Dude really hits my spot for comedy, as does Jen Kirkman's I Seem Fun, Desus vs. Mero and The Dana Gould Hour.

    For flicks, Travis Bickle on the Riviera. Their kinda-sorta-sister show for comics - Comic Books Are Burning in Hell - is decent too.

    Idle Thumbs for videogames.

    Partially Examined Life, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and the LSE Public lectures for everything that actually matters.

    Almost all the above are American. Dunno what to conclude about that.
  • Kermode and Mayo is the only one I ever listen to.
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  • Bill Burr. Every week. He's hilarious, but it helps if you like American sports.
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    Monster Talk is good - discussion of myths and monsters with scientists and researchers. Often digs up real history and debunks a lot of silliness without losing sight of the fun of its subject matters.
  • Another 'vote' for Kermode and Mayo.

    Only other one I listen to is The Danny Baker Show, which is his Saturday morning 5Live radio show.
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  • Richard Herring's Leicester Square Podcast
    By the Way with Jeff Garlin (haven't heard any of the new series yet although I noticed they'd downloaded)
    Voices of the First World War from the Imperial War Museum
    The World Service Documentaries
    Also listen to The Anfield Wrap although that's obviously Liverpool-centric and hit and miss

    I've also checked out the Desert Island disc's archives for people I like, but it's mostly very polite and boring (I'd never listened to DID before about a week ago). Good if you've got insomnia I guess. I'd recommend Test Match Special but there's no test matches to talk about at the mo. If anyone knows of a decent cricket podcast let me know.
  • I listen to:


    Bonfireside Chat
    Deep-dive Dark Souls discussions

    Watch Out for Fireballs!
    Retro games by the same guys

    Mark Kermode and Simon

    Chet And Jon's
    2 UK games journos with appealingly honest criticisms

    Sirlin.Net — Game Design
    As it says. Sirlin is a smart, if dry, guy.


    Critical Podcast
    Techy drum n bass lable podcast

    and some others.
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  • I am just getting into podcasts. I listen to Kermode and Mayo, Giantbombcast for games stuffs, and various Kevin Smith ones.
    I'm falling apart to songs about hips and hearts...
  • I listen quite regularly to:
    Kermode and Mayo for my film chatter
    No Such Thing As A Fish for my funny facts
    Angelos Epithemu and Barry From Watford for sheer stupidity that makes me crease up.
    The Explosive Alan Podcast is pretty good for gaming news.
    Iain Abernethy : The Practical Application Of Karate for in depth study of karate kata and martial arts, a great instructor. I've several of his books on my shelf and have been lucky enough to train with him several times including him inviting me to a week long residential.
    Martial Secrets for good martial arts conversation with two of the States best karate instructors.
    PodRunner for music mixes to run and train to
    Not everything is The Best or Shit. Theres many levels between that, lets just enjoy stuff.
  • i wish kermode and mayo would cut out some of the in jokes and regular features. the cruise and priests ones are really fucking lame. also the top ten feelstoo much like rehashed content.
  • Oh see I like the in jokes and features. :)
    Not everything is The Best or Shit. Theres many levels between that, lets just enjoy stuff.
  • Just started listening to http://www.videogamer.com/podcast/ 

    It's good. It's what I'd imagine The Player podcast would be now if we'd ever decided to go full steam with the website.
  • For footie fans https://www.newstalk.ie/player/shows/Off_The_Ball - Off the Ball is a very good Irish radio sports show. They cover a wide variety of sports but their football show podcast is quite entertaining.

    One for Wrestling fans and more of a vodcast but give http://oswreview.com/ a go. They review old wrestling ppvs and are damn good at it too. The early shows are a bit rough but they have hit their stride and started to branch into videogame and movies.
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    No Such Thing As A Fish for my funny facts

    Another vote for NSTAaF. Top stuff from the people who dig up the nuggets for QI.

    Receiving the Blue Swirl Seal of Approval™:

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    BBC History Extra Podcast
    Monster Talk
    From your Taiwan correspondent.
  • I love podcasts, they're pretty much all I listen to these days. I listen to

    Answer Me This!
    BBC Focus Magazine
    Cane & Rinse
    Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young (and working through the archives)
    The Film Programme (Radio 4)
    Football Weekly (The Guardian)
    Footballistically Arsenal
    Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
    Geek Chic's Weird Science
    The Guardian Film Show
    Let's Talk About Tech
    Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Reviews
    The Media Podcast
    One Life Left
    Shift Run Stop
    Simon Mayo's Confessions
    Sound of Play
    Sound Women
    Tech Weekly (The Guardian)
    The Tuesday Club
    Weekly Mayo

    I've also just downloaded that Serial thing that was mentioned elsewhere, and I'll look for that Fish one. Despite have so many, I still yearn for old favourites like Adam & Joe, and Dave Gorman. I'm not sure if 7 Day Saturday/Sunday will be back now, either, after the 5 Live rejig.
  • Also like the Regular Features for funnies and I also like the Daft Souls as a videogame one. Both feature Matt lees but he tends to be the weakest link in the Regular features one.
    SFV - reddave360
  • BTW - for anyone like me who needs to tune out noise at work with some nice tunes that don't have too many vocals (I find any human voice too distracting to listen to while trying to concentrate on work) then this place is pretty good for streaming Techno, Deep Tech and the like:


    Also has d'n'b, breaks, big beat etc. for when you want something different.
  • I'm listening to this Serial podcast, and I'm hooked. The narrator annoyed me at first, but now I'm into the story. Three episodes listened to today.

    I'm determined not to google anything for fear of spoilers, but I'd be interested to know, is this the only story that's been told on Serial, or have there been others?
  • It's the first one adkm. 

    Been listening to the Scroobius Pip podcast and Alan Moore is a very interesting guy. Worth a listen if nothing more than his 10 minute soliloquy on gangsters.
  • adkm1979 wrote:
    I'm listening to this Serial podcast, and I'm hooked. The narrator annoyed me at first, but now I'm into the story. Three episodes listened to today.

    I'm determined not to google anything for fear of spoilers, but I'd be interested to know, is this the only story that's been told on Serial, or have there been others?

    Me too man. Hammered the available episodes in a week. It's fantastic.
    I'm falling apart to songs about hips and hearts...
  • New series of serial on the way.
    What's the feeling here guilty or not?
    For me 100% not, I think jay + someone else did it
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  • Also barry glendenning & max rushden have a podcast from their talksport show, the sound quality is terrible but it's faur entertaining if sport / mainly football is your thing
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    PSN: derekg
  • I listen to a lot of podcasts, and here are some of them:
    The Bugle
    The Doug Stanhope Podcast
    Richard Herrings Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (which is always utterly brilliant)
    Fatman on Batman
    Edumacation (the most consistently hilarious and interesting Kevin Smith one - whatever you think of his films, he's a funny guy)

    I'll defo be looking up the Scroobius Pip ones and some of the other recommendations here.
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  • Bill Burr is on Joe Rogan's latest. Pretty funny.
  • Joe Rogan is another one that I'm going to try. His recent double episode smodcast was brilliant.
    Gamertag: gremill
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