Arise: A Simple Story - PC, PS4, XBO - December 3rd
  • I mentioned this in general games last week, but thought it could have its own thread, because it's very good.

    It's a new indie game which is kind of in the same area as things like Rime, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or Gris. Light puzzle-platforming, that sort of thing.

    It's very good first off because it the visual design and especially the lighting are really impressive, and the soundtrack is similarly lovely. But also because of its time lapse mechanic, whereby every level takes place over a fixed period of time that you can rewind and fast forward through at will, while your character is unaffected. This is used in different ways in each level so you can change the scenery around you to line up platforms and create ways forward. Aside from that, there's the 'simple story' itself, which tells the tale of your old geezer character through scenes in his past, each one representing a different event and emotion. Without giving anything away, each level really does a good job of creating that feeling through its environment design and play. There are some pretty big highs and lows throughout.

    The only issue really is that it can be more frustrating to get through than it should have been. Mostly this is down to not having much camera control, leading to some perspective problems where you can't judge jumps properly. But it's not a deal breaker and if you can tolerate it, it's well worth the effort.

    Here's a trailer:

    There's also a co-op mode where one person controls the character and the other controls the time lapse. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I reckon it would work really well with the story, especially if you played with a signficant other.
  • Sounds good, will check it out.
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  • Yup, I'll definitely play that at some point.  If the platforming sounded slightly more on point I'd even be tempted at full price.
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  • Jon, how long roughly is it? £16 won’t be so bad if it’s a few hours long.
    "But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!"
  • It's 5-6 hours. Perhaps a little more if you hunt around for all the optional collectibles.

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