Forever Skies (PC/console) - Skynautica?
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    Releasing early access this year

    You will build and customize a high-tech airship. It will be your home, workshop, laboratory and more while flying above the surface of Earth. Control and steer it towards the ruins of our civilization and mysterious anomalies. Manage your airship hull and its integrity. Extract and gather resources to improve your airship and make it uniquely yours.

    Your scientific know-how will allow you to build and operate different machines. Analyze scanned items and reverse engineer lost technology. Research new ways of obtaining food and resources, discover new tools, and increase the chance of your survival.
    Explore and extract resources from the ruins that were built up high to escape the dust. Surrounded by drifting debris caused by a strange anomaly, harvest it into raw materials to help you survive. Explore and discover the remains of our civilization. Find out what happened and why Earth evolved to a place where we lost control of our previous position at the top. Discover secrets of our past.

    After descending below the dust, you will discover a strange new world, the planet's surface that changed in our absence. Face evolved fauna and flora and hunt for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness threatening your family.

    Forever Skies is an action-survival game taking place on Earth, which was devastated by a global ecological disaster. This event caused the surface of the planet to be covered in a colossal layer of toxic dust. You’re returning to our planet hundreds of years later - will you recognize our world?

    So much yes to all of that.

    Subnautica is one of my all time greatest gaming experiences, early on into it I was already wanting more of that sort of thing, so I'm rather chuffed to chuffed to see this game be announced. It looks to have a very similar vibe with the focus on exploration, gradual discovery of the story, and eventual mastery of the environment, so I'm very hopeful that this will try to match or exceed what Subnautica achieved.

    I'm especially in love with the idea of flying aboot in the big sci-fi dirigible. Subnautica's big
    So I'm thoroughly hyped that the airship will be front and centre in this.

    There's something great in survival type games about having your own personalised place of safety, a respite from the harshness outside where you'll spend most of your solitude. Even better if you can take that place with you. There's been a few games I've played recently where you end up building a strong connection with a vehicle that is your home and transport, a big truck in The Long Drive which is very silly but has some cool stuff, and my beloved sanbuq in the wonderful Sailwind. There's just something really cool about organising supplies, planning a route, and setting out on an epic voyage in a big tactile vehicle that you inhabit.

    Our team absolutely love all things survival Sci-fi and so we’re heavily influenced by movies like The Martian, Annihilation and IO Last on Earth to name just a few. Seeing scientists as grounded protagonists, fighting against the hostile environment to survive and doing what they can to get the job done is what gets our creative minds flowing. We’re hoping to give players that same feeling of when Matt Damon, as a stranded astronaut on Mars, says “I'm left with only one option, I'm gonna have to science the sh*t out of this.”

    It seems that the devs really get what makes the premise interesting and exciting, I definitely got a 'science the shit out it' kind of feeling playing Subnautica, starting off very vulnerable but eventually with some ingenuity and bravery you become a competent pioneer. I'll be curious to see how they deal with the story/lore elements too, I'm always up for some traipsing about picking up bits of incidental info to build up a picture of What The Fuck Happened.

    It's going to have 4 player co-op apparently, which is pretty interesting as I'm not sure what benefit you might get with adding more players to this kind of experience. There hasn't been an indication of combat AFAIK, and building seems limited to the airship, so I wonder if there's going to be some other activities that really make sense with multiple players.

    I'm just really happy that we're getting another three dimensional scanny-buildy-drivy-findy-science kind of game. I'd love it if 'Nautica-likes' became a common thing, it's nice to have more immersive first person games that aren't just about shooting things in the face.
  • Hell of an OP.

    that does look rather cool. And being in the sky doesn't freak me out like the ocean so I might be able to play without shitting myself.
    I'm still great and you still love it.
  • Reading this IGN article - and this sounds really interesting -
    "In Forever Skies falling ill and recovering is an integral part of the survival loop," Blumenfeld says. "On one hand it is unavoidable, resulting with symptoms impacting breath rate, tolerance to foods or causing dehydration. But on the other hand, in some cases it is required to extract pathogens for developing, and later testing of vaccines. We wanted to show how interaction with microbes is an absolutely central part of the human body’s functioning, and how thin a line is between being healthy and sick. In Forever Skies games will have open doors to experimentation, and to deciding whether to use the modified viruses as weapons, or perhaps self-infect to boost life functions and the body’s performance.

    Can't think of other games that have had illness be such a core part of the game quite like that, going to be fascinating to see how it works out in context of the rest of the experience. And I guess it will make co-op more interesting, "Infect your friends with experimental viruses and harvest their antibodies!".
  • I'm here with you gurt. It looks and sounds cool.

    My laptop will run it in low settings, and 4fps.

    I'm still great and you still love it.
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    Another interesting addition to the PS5, think I may have a punt at that.
  • I'm guessing PS5 doesn't have an early access thing for games at the moment? So you might be waiting until next year I think.
  • This is on Xbox also I see.

    I get the Subnautica references, but apparently this is actually from a bunch of Devs who used to work on Dying Light so it's quite the departure for them.

    When I saw Skyships I thought ruh-roh this will be one of those Japanese anime things with wide-saucer-eyed girls flying in steel Zeppelin's. But thankfully this appears to be far more grounded sci-fi.

    Whilst I agree it's nice to have a more cerebral game, I also quite like shooting things -wouldn't it be nice to have a 'thinking man's shooting game'. Can't we have the best of both worlds?

    As much as I like these type of survival games like NMS, they'd be even better if there was some really good combat mechanics as well under the bonnet?
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    I'm guessing PS5 doesn't have an early access thing for games at the moment? So you might be waiting until next year I think.

    Happy to wait tbh. The backlog doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.
  • Blocks100 wrote:
    Whilst I agree it's nice to have a more cerebral game, I also quite like shooting things -wouldn't it be nice to have a 'thinking man's shooting game'. Can't we have the best of both worlds? As much as I like these type of survival games like NMS, they'd be even better if there was some really good combat mechanics as well under the bonnet?

    There is going to be some shooty stuff -
    It’s up to you to now uncover the story of humanity’s fall and witness the birth of a new world that has been evolving below the dust without us. We are no longer at the top of the food chain and surviving here is going to take a lot of skill, technology and ingenuity.
    And there is some kind of assault rifle in some shots too. Basically it sounds like there will be some mutated or evolved critters down there, probably going to be some giant alligators or something weirder.

    Personally I'm actually a little concerned about the inclusion of guns, as one of my favourite things about Subnautica was the player's vulnerabilty. As soon as you introduce a weapon into a survival/horror situation it tends to weaken it somewhat, I'd prefer it if the default interaction with wildlife wasn't just immediate murder. I think some combat could be interesting though, but preferably as a backup if everything else has gone wrong.

    I've been thinking about this game has some similarities to Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, perhaps if you start shooting your weapon all the dusty denizens down there will get pissed off and start coming for you. I think that would be far more tense and interesting than just "oh look a big ornery predator" BANG ... "Problem solved :) "
  • Yeah maybe your assault gun only tickles the bad guys, then it's a case of RUN!

    Or some sort of wrist activated flamer that sends the critters back into the shadows temporarily scaring them off.

    Or they could just really limit available ammo, making it less of a shooter and more of a survival game

    Either way I'm a sucker for a post-apocalyptic stuff so this is firmly on my radar now!
  • A bit about the combat -
    DM: We will sometimes meet hostile beings in some locations. What is the combat system like? Will the player have a standard FPP arsenal, or will the elimination of enemies look a bit different?

    AB: In Forever Skies, we play the role of a scientist, so hand-to-hand combat and shooting are not necessarily the basic activities that we will have to deal with. We want the player to first try and understand what kind of threat they will be facing, analyze how they can deal with it, and only then act.

    We will fight not only with creatures from inside the cloud of dust, but also diseases and viruses. The latter will be able to be processed in the lab in order to use them to strengthen our body or produce weapons and special ammunition. The combat system in the game offers both ranged and melee combat.
  • 'If only we could talk to the monsters'.
  • No Man's Sky 2.0 based on that so no.

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