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    Let’s go again!’

    Welcome to the 2022 thread for badgers that fancy trying to play 52 games in a year to whatever they decide is some form of completion. Tell us how you're doing and what you are going to play next - either claim a post and update on your progress or keep posting your completions and then do a final count post at the end of the year! Even if you're not gonna make it to 52 and you’ve made efforts before and got nowhere near, it's a good way to record all your completions/failures/hates and give others your impressions or maybe get some info from them on said game!!


    So simple usual stuff!!

    How do I take part?

    Claim a post! Write down the game and your thoughts about each one in this format for your post:


    How do I know when I've completed a game?

    Up to you, it could be completing the game or playing 10hrs+ if it no ending or a multiplayer game. Replays count as long as all the games are completed in 2022.

    Do I have to record time?

    No. But you can if you like!! If so you could potentially see how long you’ve spent on games this year and then wonder how you got away with it!

    Do I have to review or comment on the games I complete?

    No but it'd be nice to give a few words or maybe a quick score. Full blown reviews or mini-reviews aren't necessary and will just make it an incredibly big post,though they will be anyway.

    Do episodic games count as a single game or X amount of games?

    That's up to you. It's alright to count something like Life is Strange as one or five games. Your choice.

    Can I finish a game I started in 1992 and count that?


    What should I do once I've completed the challenge?

    Shoot me a PM! If it takes off and people keep me updated I'm more than happy to FINALLY sort out a prize system?

    Is there a deadline?

    End of the current year!!!!

    People who have completed the challenge will be posted here, please send me a PM once you’re done or if I’ve missed you as it’s hard reading through them all as they end up being recorded everywhere!!



    Winners and in what year:

    Muzzy in 18-52!!
    Wario in 18-52!!
    Moot in 18-72!!!!!!
    Moot in 20 - 111!!!!
    Retro in 20 - 52!!

    Others results in past Years:
    Verecocha: 17-38, 18-22, 19-29 (STILL Pathetic)
    Hylian Elf: 17-25, 18-13, 19-12, 20-19
    Muzzy: 17-59, 18-52
    Webbins: 17-27, 18-41
    Andy: 18-12
    Monkey: 18-7
    Wario: 18-52
    Moot: 18-72!!!
    JonB: 18-30
    Nina: 18-13


    Had something a little bigger than everything on earth get in the way last year…BUT I’M MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER!!!

    Really though, just a good place to record your games, see what you enjoyed and remember why. Big help in looking at your end of the year Faves.

    ( Will update results and hall of fame ASAP! Just wanted it up and running before I was KILLED for the 4th year in a row…)
  • 1. Halo Infinite - Heroic Run - 6 Hours - 10/10 - Xbox Series X

    Straight to the top of Halo Campaigns for me, giving you both the intense indoor firefights but now a huge version of the second mission from CE, Halo. The Halo Combat Loop/30 seconds over and over never gets old, add in the awesome grapple combat features, just makes Halo combat its finest ever. You can say the ring isn’t hugely populated with a myriad of things but what’s there makes sense and more than makes it worth discovering, and if you don’t want to you can just go from one level to the next and have your normal Halo campaign mixed in with a tiny bit of travel from each starting point.

    The weapons, vehicles, enemies are probably the best mix yet and whilst the AI doesn’t make that jump you’d always wish it would in a Halo game it’s the same as you see anywhere these days and it looks like there’s gonna have to be something out of the blue that drives it forward. Feels like there’s been no significant jump since the time of C.E or Fear.

    Personally I loved the story, it’ll help I read all the books and love the universe but I didn’t think it was tough to follow or too weak to care about which I’ve heard a lot of.

    The extra ‘RPG’ mechanics are a nice addition but really can again be ignored depending on how you wanna play it. I upgraded everything but only really used two of the additions, and now going through it on legendary maybe others will become invaluable but I’m not so sure. I like the additions though, searching for them and finding other secrets and bits and pieces scattered over the ring was aces too.

    I loved the FOB’s, HVT’s and extra missions as they just opened the world too, offered some great weapon customisations which I then used exclusively and they added a little more narrative too.

    Co-op would have been nice but considering it’ll be played for years there’ll always be reasons fo go back. Forge I’m not interested in anyway. And a level select in an open world? Is there many of those? I can understand peoples disappointment but maybe I’m lucky that I’m not that bothered, especially when the rest is that good.

    Loved it. Absolutely loved it. My game of the year.

    This was my second run to grab all the level collectibles. Still a 10.

    2. The Gunk - 5 Hours - 6.5/10 - Xbox Series X

    Very much enjoyed that. Nice simple and straightforward ‘chill’ kind of game. Very little to it but that’s why being so short and sweet works for it. Loved the beautiful green environment and the opposite Matrix machine City look, and it was all very pretty.

    Characters were charming and their relationship and dialogue added a little to the game also. Decent little play.

    3. RE-Make- 10 Hours - 9/10 - Xbox Series X

    After watching the new movie felt like going through a few of the Resi’s again, so where else would you start. Played it a million times but still such a great game. Got it’s little issues that time makes even worse, but it’s more then forgivable.

    4. RE2 REmake- 10 Hours - 9/10 - Xbox Series X

    Continuing the series play through (of the ones I want to play) it still blows my mind how I got to play such a perfect reimagining of one of the best games ever. It’s pacing is perfect, just non stop action with no drop off AND it keeps giving you more and more to play with as you go through it.

    Onto number 3…

    5. RE3 REmake- 4 Hours - 10/10 - Xbox Series X

    Continuing the series play through (of the ones I want to play). Best Resi currently. Just so f’ing good. Little short but as it’s non-stop mental action that’s fine with me. Tons of weapons, awesome Nemesis, batshit Resi story, perfect.

    Onto number 4…

    6. RE4- 12 Hours - 6/10 - Xbox Series X

    Wow…still one of the best games ever but after playing the REmakes of 2 and 3 it’s such a long, bloated, boring mess. Obviously deep down I’m aware it’s one of the best games ever made but playing it now is simply not fun anymore…All time 10/10 but after those two and right now a 6 is being kind…

    7.Dying Light 2- 6 Hours - 5/10 - Xbox Series X

    Didn’t think this would be to my tastes but had nothing else to play and got it for £16…still wasted…Not that it’s a bad game at all, just feels aimless and like it’s trying to do too many things at once without really succeeding at any of them. Think it’s a pattern with me and first person open world games, unless they’ve got a strong story or are part of a franchise I like they just never really catch me. Binned.

    8.Sifu- 6 Hours - 5/10 - PS5

    Another picked up in the lull. Another quitter. Completed half of it and whilst I enjoyed it somewhat, nowhere near enough to carry on. Just too much work. Never have been one to remember a number of combos etc, thought I’d be able to muddle through but with the age thing it just becomes a farce. Some great set-pieces and a very well made game, nice visual style and the soundtrack/sound is brilliant. But just too much hard work for me to be able to enjoy it.

    9.Horizon Forbidden West - 50 Hours - 9/10 - PS5

    One of those few games you’re actually disappointed when you finish as you just wanted more. Loved this. The story, the characters, the missions, side missions, cauldrons, absolutely loved it and just wanted more and more, despite the fact the combat is still pretty woeful.

    Visually it’s an absolute stunner, easily the prettiest PS5 game and so probably the best looking game I’ve seen. Characters, environments are absolutely beautiful and the details on the machines are incredible. Sound design too is awesome with the tiniest effects coming through perfectly when destroying the beautiful machines with pieces of them raining down on Aloy.

    The story opens up and keeps giving right until the end with loads of interesting characters and twists. I genuinely enjoyed it and that’s what kept me interested as the combat has not got any better since the first.

    The ranged combat with all sorts of bows and throwers is technically perfect, yet even with top tier weapons and ammo types almost all of the enemies can be such huge sponges. Shooting off all the destructible parts of them then still having to shoot arrow after arrow into them is a little tiring and in some of the fights just gets kind of boring. What’s worse though is the melee, without a lock-on, block or parry it’s just not very fun or difficult, to add insult to injury there are times when your enemy will knock you down and Aloy takes so long to get up the next attack will keep you stunned with it taking an eternity and lots of lost health before you can get back up and back in the fight. Some really simple changes would make a huge difference here and make the CQC a good alternative instead of an annoyance.

    But it says everything about the game that even with such a huge part of it, and my favourite part of any game being such a let down it still scores so highly. It’s just an absolutely beautiful game with great, interesting characters and a story that sucked me in. Loved it. 9/10.

    10. Gears of War Ultimate - 6 Hours - 10/10 - Series X

    Just wanted something simple and awesome to shoot shit up. So one of the best examples of cover shooters ever.

    As awesome as ever if not very, very simple. Which is no bad thing. Always an ace playthrough. Does what it does perfectly. 10/10

    11. TLOU 2 - 22 Hours - 5/10 - PS5

    Not sure why I thought playing this again was a good idea. Yes it’s stunning and technically brilliant in every way. But it’s just grim, depressing, horrid and sad in every other way. What a horrible game. Never will I play either of them again. Such a depressing game from start to finish with characters that you have no positive feelings for and make the wrong decisions over and over. Bloody horrid. So much worse when you’re playing knowing it all just gets worse at every turn.

    Nob head. 5/10.

    12.Godfall Ultimate Edition - 10 Hours - 6/10 - Series X

    Wasn’t too keen on this when I played it through on PS5 but got it dirt cheap and heard they’d fixed a lot of things. They haven’t really. It’s still a simple hack and slash needing little skill but it looks pretty and it’s fairly short…

    Not a terrible game by any means, just a very simple A-B slasher without any real story or real depth. An easy 6 really, grab it for something to play through if you can get it cheap. 6/10.

    13. Guardians of the Galaxy - 20 Hours - 6/10 - Series X

    What a massive shame. Great little story. Captures the GotG vibe perfectly. Looks and sounds great. Plays pretty great. Even the abilities and managing your team and using them is handled well. But…after about an hour, the combat is so unbelievably boring that…it’s unbelievable.

    How they can get so much right, then make the billion combat sessions so unbelievably boring I doing know. And I love shooting and hitting stuff. Another massive gripe is until the last mission I have to tell Groot to build a bridge every-time, Rocket to open a door, Drax to smash a wall or Gamora to cut up some pipes, and every time it’s annoying. Then during the last mission they realise…they can just do it themselves. Way to get so much right, and then such a massive thing so terribly and boringly wrong.

    What a disappointment. Would have loved this to have deserved more. 6/10.

    14. SIFU - 5 Hours - 7/10 - PS5

    This was one of my given up on games but with the introduction of the ‘easy mode’ I went back. I did like it before but simply not enough to get into the flow of it, remembering the moves, counter moves etc, never been a fight man’s and this does kinda need it. But with the new mode it becomes a fun modern scrolling button Mashable beat em-up which was hella fun.

    Just burned through it in a couple of sittings and finished it having only added a couple more years but it was nice just playing it for fun instead of getting irritated knowing progress was pretty much impossible when you’d reached a certain age and still had the boss etc.

    Definitely worth it now as if you don’t get on with the tougher journey you can just switch it up and be a badass.

    15. Trek to Yumi- 7 Hours - 6/10 - Xbox Series-X

    Strange one this, feel almost the exact same as Moot. There’s a score it should be as it’s so very repetitive without ever really expanding on your moves to make it very different or worth switching up combo’s etc. Everything looks the same, and it throws some crap puzzles at you maybe two thirds of the way in which are super simple and just get in the way…but…it’s just always cool being a badass Samurai.

    The samey samey combat does look and feel ace when it all flows and you take out several enemies with finishers and deft strikes, doesn’t happen as often as it should but when it does it’s aces.

    That’s the problem and the best part of this, when it works it’s ace and cool, when it doesn’t it’s just clumsy and so limited. Hopefully they go on to improve their formula. 6/10.

    16. Gears 2 - 8 Hours - 8/10 - Xbox Series X

    What a ride. It’s just a war from beginning to end. No real down points or sections. Just blast after blast in terms of firefights, explosions and vehicles/beasts to ride. And what a ride it and they are. Shame I’m playing through these when there’s talk of The Marcus Fenix Collection. Though I’ll do it all again then as they’re that good AND there’s fuck all else coming out really.

    Solid 8/10

    17. Gears 3 - 8 Hours - 10/10 - Xbox Series X

    ‘What a ride. It’s just a war from beginning to end. No real down points or sections. Just blast after blast in terms of firefights, explosions and vehicles/beasts to ride. And what a ride it and they are. Shame I’m playing through these when there’s talk of The Marcus Fenix Collection. Though I’ll do it all again then as they’re that good AND there’s fuck all else coming out really. ‘

    So that’s what I said about Gears 2…just increase the awesome even more and you’ve got 3. More of everything including sad little times when Dom and Adam die. It’s just literally perfect. Wouldn’t change a damn thing. They don’t make em like they used to.

    She’s the perfect 10.

    18. Turtles Shredders Revenge- 6 Hours - 6/10 - Xbox Series X

    Well that was…ok. Presentation is lovely, great nostalgia vibes and the soundtrack is pretty awesome, but it’s so very samey samey without offering any kind of change to the formula. And the bosses, kinda pointless really. It was still fun and another win for Gamepass as I’d have probably bought it, but I definitely expected more.

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    1) Kena: Bridge of Spirits
    2) Toem
    3) Elden Ring
    Trek to Yomi
    She Remembers Caterpillars
    Nobody Saves The World
    The Pathless
    Bonfire Peaks

    1) Project Hail Mary
    2) I'm thinking of Ending Things
    3) Eight Detectives
    4) Weaveworld
    5) 4:50 From Paddington

    1) The Matrix
    2) Morning Show S2
    3) The Tourist
    4) Mr Inbetween (S1)
    5) Invasion
    6) The Responder
    7) Ozark (s4.1)
    8 ) Stay Close
    9) Rules of the Game
    10) The Curse
    11) Killing Eve (s5)
    12) Mr Inbetween (S2)
    13) Mr Inbetween (s3)
    14) Don't Look Up
    15) The Power of the Dog
    16) Sex Education (s1)
    17) Ozark (s4.2)
    18) Better Call Saul (s6.1)
    19) Everything Everywhere All At Once
    20) Palm Springs
    Love, Death & Robots (s3)
    Always Sunny (s6)
    Uncut Gems

    The Sinner
  • I've grown tired of this. I'll probably play StS and Binding of Isaac all year, plus some sort of competitive mp thing and some mobile games.
  • 1. Ketsui Deathtiny (PS4) - 3/1 - 8hrs so far
    A true masterpiece of the genre, Ketsui is a GoaT shmup. A delicate balance to scoring well without being too complicated and ramps up the difficulty nicely and uniformly through its 5 stages. A tad difficult for me on arcade, but I’m just rubbish despite enjoying shmups so much.
    M2 have once again created a great overall package as they did with Battle Garegga, with a perfect arcade port as well as 3 other versions, including the titular Deathtiny mode which plays quite differently. That, and also a training mode for practising sticking points. Rounding it all up is the attention to detail with all the information available on the sides of the screen, highlighting the nuances of the system.
    One of the best.

    2. Esp RA.DE. Psi (PS4) - 23/1 - 13hrs so far
    Not quite Ketsui-level of greatness, but great nonetheless. Took a little longer to warm to it, but it’s a great shmup with a decent scoring system. Usual care by M2 with the overall package and UI and data/info.
    Dangun Feveron next!

    3. It Takes Two (PS5) - 24/1 - 14hrs
    Thoroughly enjoyable co-op game with some good platforming and co-oping and also a little competitive in places. Main characters were mostly annoying though and it felt a little long, but overall I recommend it to anyone looking for some easygoing fun co-op action.  

    4. Elden Ring (SeX) - 23/4 - 180hrs
    This will be no news to anyone, but this is an incredible game. Average of 3 hours a day over 59 days, this took over my life for a while, and still does as I tackle NG+. No other game released so far or due to be released this year will come close.
    It's basically open-world Dark Souls 4. That is a good thing. But also ever so slightly a bad thing. While I prefer Bloodborne and Sekiro for their tighter and more refined combat and less bloat (see below), this is now my favourote Souls game - despite Demon's having a special place for me for introducing it all.

    I'll just do a list of postives and negatives.

    + Aesthetically, and artistically, this is possibly the most beautiful game I have played. I spent many a moment just looking around and gawping at the beauty of it all. Very early on, I found myself thinking that if they did a big artbook for this (and I'm sure they will), I'll be sure to buy it. And I'm hoping Cook & Becker do some art prints for this. Will happily have nice ones on my wall.
    + The world building is, once again, second to none. It seems to be FromSoftware's USP almost as no other developer does it this well. Individual areas with their own look and feel that seamlessly and cohesively joined to make a believable world, dungeons are mazes and a delight to explore and unravel with their hidden paths and shortcuts, beautiful architecture and surroundings that make you ooh and aah and wonder at the history and events.
    + Abundance of characters with their own stories and quests, again helps toward building a more believable world (within the context of the story and setting). But also gives plenty of distraction from the main quest and helps flesh out more of the lore and narrative.
    + Speaking of which, as always it is a great pleasure trying to piece together the story and history and the lore. FromSoftware give you enough to go on to think and hypothesise and discuss, and hold back just enough to leave the intrigue. Masters of the trade. Can possibly see the GRRM influence and contribution.
    + The moment to moment feel of discovering a new cave, tomb, hidden area, new map and lots more besides. I will never forget the first time I saw some of the things that I saw.
    + Combat and mechanics have been improved over previous Souls games.
    + Huge scope, as always, for repeat playthroughs with different builds.
    + Some great music.

    - It's just basically Dark Souls! While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it can sometimes feel a bit too familiar.
    - Suffers from the same bloat, with far too many weapons and items, most of which will never get used. Another reason why I prefer SekiroBorne.
    - Too many bosses and reused ones at that. First time I fought someone, it was amazing. Second time, meh. Third and fourth time? Oh, come on!
    - Some minor UX and UI issues, but not worth getting into here.

    The negatives are minor quibbles. An easy [10].
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • FFS Moot beat me to it, now it’s gonna be a massive long scroll to get to my post on the page come… March or so.
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • 1. Nobody Saves the World [8]
    I like Drinkbox games. This another good one.

    2. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy [7]
    I hadn't played this one before. I preferred it to 4 a bit, mainly because it was shorter.

    3. Please, Touch the Artwork [8]
    Indie curio in which the abstract paintings of modern artist Piet Mondrian are turned into puzzles. There are three exhibitions, each based on one of his styles, involving a different type of puzzle, a different accompanying narrative that links the paintings together, and a mellow jazz soundtrack. Mostly, it's a chilled affair, although it does get a little tricky towards the end of the first two exhibitions. But it's more about the experience of exploring these paintings with a more hands-on approach, and, yeah, it's really quite fascinating. But is it art?

    4. OlliOlli World [8]
    This is exactly what it says it is - a whole world of OlliOlli. It's ridiculously comprehensive in terms of moves, stages, outfits, modes, and it's all wonderfully smooth and gorgeous. The only criticism I can offer apart from the irritating NPCs is that it's all a bit much for me to get my head round. I don't think this is quite my sort of thing anymore, but it should be an easy [9] for nimble-fingered high-score chasers.

    5. Sifu [8]
    The kung-fu fighting really is top notch, but the repetitive structure can be a bit harsh. For a game about refining your moves to perfection, though, it makes a lot of sense.

    6. What Remains of Edith Finch [9]
    I should have played this years ago, but kept putting it off. Silly me. It's as brilliant as everyone said.  The pinnacle of this sort of thing.

    7. Kingdom of the Dead [6]
    Indie FPS with hand-drawn monochrome graphics where you fight the armies of the dead. It's a lot like ye olde Doom, basically, which is fine but not exactly inspired.

    8. FAR: Changing Tides [7]
    Quite similar to the first game, but works as a kind of mirror image companion piece. The big difference is that the parched landscape is replaced by a biblical flood, so now you're sailing, and eventually submarining, from left to right rather than rolling. Keeping the vehicle going is as absorbing as before, and the serene moments between the puzzles make for good pacing.

    9. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins [5]
    Not entirely awful, but alarmingly rough and unrefined. Some OK combat doesn't make up for dull level design and piss poor writing.

    10. Syberia: The World Before [7]
    I don't like a lot of point and click adventures, but I rather liked this one. It tells a good story across two time lines, and the puzzles aren't too obtuse.

    11. Weird West [5]
    It's an ambitious attempt at a indie immersive sim, but the systems don't gel and the AI keeps going wrong.

    12. Chinatown Detective Agency [6]
    A well-written cyberpunk point and click which tests your Googling skills to find the real-world answers to its puzzles. It's a shame it ends up feeling unfinished, with bugs and undeveloped mechanics, after starting strong.

    13. Dorfromantik [7]
    I don't know what counts as finished with this, but I played it quite a lot. A relaxing puzzle game where you place hexagonal tiles, trying to match the environmental features on each edge, and in the process construct an idyllic countryside view. After a while, each game starts to take over an hour, which is a bit much, but it is relaxing, and a good one to plod along with while listening to a podcast.

    14. Hush: Crane
    This barely counts. It's an interactive movie with touchscreen controls that lasts about 10 minutes per run. The touch video tech is quite clever, and makes for a more involved experience than the average FMV job, but not exactly a game changer yet.

    15. Trek to Yomi [6]
    It looks and sounds fantastic, but story, combat and exploration are very ordinary.
    16. Elden Ring [10]
    Finally, after well over 100 hours. I suppose this should be my favourite game ever, since that was previously Dark Souls and Elden Ring is clearly better in so many ways. But I'll hold my cow-horses on that judgement for the time being. It is after all, clearly too big, and inevitably repeats itself too many times because of that. And shouldn't the lock-on and camera systems be more reliable by now? But it is still utterly fantastic and a game-changer in terms of open-world fantasy, and open-world maps for that matter. Given how huge it is, there is still a ton of variety and the world and creature design is second to none. Add to that its commitment to non-linearity and build flexibility, and evolutionary steps like jumping attacks, horse riding and ash summons, and everything else, and you absolutely have an all-timer. Just one I'll never play as many times as I played Dark Souls.

    17. The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story [7]
    A live action game that I actually rather liked. You spend as much time sitting and watching as you do playing, and even then you might not gel with the game's logic, but the murder mysteries are mostly well-plotted, it’s knowingly silly, and the actors are having a good time.

    18. Best Month Ever! [5]
    Story-led trip through the backwaters of America in the late 60s. It’s heart is in the right place, but plot points lack impact and it rarely gives you anything really meaningful to do.

    19. Silt [6]
    A lazy person would describe this as underwater Limbo, and frankly that’s good enough for me. Possess toothy sea creatures with a light from your diver’s mask to have them clear a path forward, then hope they don’t eat you in return. The best thing about it is the black and white art style. Otherwise it’s competent, but underwhelming.

    20. Card Shark [9]
    An ideal indie game in the sense that it’s not like anything else I’ve played. There’s real tension in trying to cheat at cards, and a splendid story to follow while you’re doing it. Top trumps.

    21. A Monster’s Expedition [7]
    I can appreciate the quality of the puzzle design here, and just how much mileage it wrings from a simple concept. Plenty of min-Eureka moments, for sure. But I also thought there was too much of it, so it developed at a glacial pace, and with the laidback vibe, there were moments where I struggled to stay awake. Plus the humour is lame.
  • If my kids and wife didn’t demand stupid things from me like time, attention, love and familial bonding then I reckon this coming year would be great for me.  There’s loads of stonkers due before we’ve even got to the end of March.
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    I'd probably win the fewest new games played in '22. Unless I've competition from Brooks.

    Average 0 to 2, so I'll make 2 my target.
  • I'll try, not gone too swimmingly last year or two.
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X>Xbox Series X>Oculus Quest 2
  • Watch fewer movies!
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • Haha, this is the dilemma.
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X>Xbox Series X>Oculus Quest 2
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    I’ll try so guess I’m in. Though this year I need to admit when I’m done with a game (not complete but enough played) to add it to the list.
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    b0r1s wrote:
    I’ll try so guess I’m in. Though this year I need to admit when I’m done with a game (not complete but enough played) to add it to the list.

    I could realistically add Archer Danger Phone, Dragalia Lost and Homescapes to this list now as they continue to be my dailies.
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    Maybe I can actually play some games this year...

    1. Cyberpunk 2077 (94 Hours)
  • I saw end credits on Ketsui earlier today. But won’t count it until I’ve played all modes and got a handle on scoring and doing ok etc.
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • 1. Just Shapes & Beats - Switch (3hrs)

    Absolutely magnificent electro chiptune avoid 'em up.  Think pacifist achievement Asteroids meets Hyper Dot in a crystal castle, then add a huge injection of genuinely world class indie charm.  The dust hasn't quite settled on my playthrough of the story mode but if I'm right - and I usually am - this rubs shoulders with the S tier.  If Shovel Knight hosted a soirée and invited Meat Boy, Gomez, Madeline, Edith Finch, Isaac and the rest of the worldies (you do yours!), everyone would cheer if this unexpectedly arrived at 11pm with a half a bottle of WKD.    

    I'd heard it was good (Metacritic 83 taken from a fair few sources), but the same can be said about multiple dozens of games per year these days.  I definitely wasn't expecting one of the most pleasant surprises on Switch.  Almost everything about it is pure class.  The way each stage felt like distilled imagination run wild ensured the story mode maintained an ultra high average throughout.  There's one section that didn't feel right in the entire game, and it only lasted a few minutes (plus I may have been brain farting at the time, will have to revisit).  Standard stages are punctuated by checkpoints and bosses must be defeated with a single life.  Replaying a four minute level can be annoying (the good kind of annoying), but the guardians are purposefully not pushovers and learning patterns won't take long on standard difficulty.

    Party play has the potential to push this even further into extra special territory, will confirm when I successfully rope Mrs & Mini Moot into an mp session. It definitely feels like it'd be a perfect fit for extra players.  Then there's the challenge mode and hardcore difficulty options.  It even has online multiplayer.  It's not cheap cheap, but there's a ton of value here.

    Indie goodness of the very highest caibre, easily one of the best games of 2018/2019. [9]

  • Bought! Mainly for the gif.
  • acemuzzy
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    Acemuzzy (aka murray200)
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    But it's over a tenner on psn/steam
  • I spent £30odd on GotG so, right here, right now, this is value to me.
  • Will I play more games this year than last or will I just log into FFXIV with any free time I have...

    We shall see! Definitely have some known bangers in my recent sales purchase history so that should help get me going.
  • Bought! Mainly for the gif.

    Stick some headphones on to get the most out of tunes with names like SUBSTEP DUBWOOFER.

    Disc Room and this are probably the Muzziest games I've seen in years yet they're the only ones he doesn't own.
  • acemuzzy
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    Acemuzzy (aka murray200)
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    I literally bought disc room two days ago so go me
  • Meatboy Forever first though, right?
  • 1. Unpacking (PC) aka Putting Socks Away: The Game
    I'm not made to play things like this. Pretty good at what it does but what it does is pretty tedious. There's some nice touches of subtle, mature storytelling (eg the cramped boyfriend's apartment where no room has been made for your stuff inevitably leading into the next level). From that point on I knew exactly where the rest of it was heading. Probably intended as a zen-like, light puzzler and I'm not entirely immune to what it's doing but the grind of the gameplay pulls me out of any that. The big splash this made last year convinces me there's a community of gamers out there that will play any old shite if it's twee enough. 

    My problems are not liking intentional design choices the devs have made, rather than any faults as such. So just putting this down to a mismatch between the sort of game this is and the sort of games I like (good ones). Actually there were a few items that I couldn't identify so got into a trial-and-error loop of sticking a few things anywhere the game didn't complain about. Could do with a hint thing telling you the name of the object if you're stuck. I spent ten minutes arranging a magnetic white board in an office thinking it was a graphics tablet. 
  • Paul the sparky
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    Paul the sparky

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    Yeah, that whiteboard threw me too.

    The storytelling was a bit too on the nose for me, painted very fucking thick. Here I am moving into a straight man's apartment but he's so self centered that he won't take down a fucking poster to make space for my degree. Men are so bad. Now I'm living with a lesbian and everything just falls into place, it's a living nirvana fairytale land of female righteousness. Yay for womans!

    Give me a fucking break
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