52 Games Challenge: 2019 Edition
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    Here it is, the thread for badgers that fancy trying to play 52 games in a year to whatever they decide is some form of completion. Tell us how you're doing and what you are going to play next - either claim a post and update on your progress or keep posting your completions and then do a final count post at the end of the year! Just please don't fill it with pointless conversation as the posts will be quite big. Even if you're not gonna make it to 52 it's a good way to record all your completions/failures/hates.

    Gonna post a similar thread for Movie lists too in the other section so I can keep a record of movies watched!


    How do I take part?

    Claim a post! Write down the game and your thoughts about each one in this format for your post:


    How do I know when I've completed a game?

    Up to you, it could be completing the game or playing 10hrs+ if it no ending or a multiplayer game. Replays count as long as all the games are completed in 2019.

    Do I have to record time?

    No. But you can if you like!! If so you could potentially see how long you’ve spent on games this year and then wonder how you got away with it!

    Do I have to review or comment on the games I complete?

    No but it'd be nice to give a few words or maybe a quick score. Full blown reviews or mini-reviews aren't necessary and will just make it an incredibly big post,though they will be anyway.

    Do episodic games count as a single game or X amount of games?

    That's up to you. It's alright to count something like Life is Strange as one or five games. Your choice.

    Can I finish a game I started in 1992 and count that?


    What should I do once I've completed the challenge?

    Shoot me a PM! If it takes off and people keep me updated I'm more than happy to FINALLY sort out a prize system?

    Is there a deadline?

    End of the current year!!!!

    People who have completed the challenge will be posted here, please send me a PM once you’re done or if I’ve missed you as it’s hard reading through them all as they end up being recorded everywhere!!


    Winners and in what year:

    Muzzy in 18-52!!
    Wario in 18-52!!
    Moot in 18——72!!!!!!

    Others results in past Years:
    Verecocha: 17-38, 18-22 (Pathetic)
    Hylian Elf: 17-25, 18-13
    Muzzy: 17-59, 18-52
    Webbins: 17-27, 18-41
    Andy: 18-12
    Monkey: 18-7
    Wario: 18-52
    Moot: 18-72!!!
    JonB: 18-30
    Nina: 18-13

    GOOD LUCK!! After the last couple of years I’m gonna need it BUT I’M DETERMINED!!
  • 1: Spider-Man PS4 - 9/10
    Absolutely loved this but was happy to see it end. The main story was the perfect length but all the other elements such as the collectibles and challenges just became too much. At the beginning I was sure I was gonna 100% this but I found the last couple of hours I just focused on the campaign as I knew my time with it was coming to an end. Stunning to look at, so much fun to play, though the combat towards the end becomes a little tiresome, and you genuinely feel like the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Awesome game.

    2: Onimusha Warlords Xbox One - 8/10
    Awesome game, so simple and linear but just good early naughties fun! Simple story with some hilarious characters! Was aces going back in time to enjoy a game I first went through 18 years ago. Really enjoyed that.

    3: Resi 6 Xbox One - 5/10
    Finally finished this. Have tried so many times and just fallen away. God awful. Gets a 5 merely because it’s Resi. Unlocked the ADA campaign, tried that and literally could not put any more time in. Cannot wait for Resi 2 to erase this.

    4: Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One - 9/10
    There is little I can say about this, too raw at the moment. Me and the wife absolutely loved this and how we actually loved and hated some characters and we both found it hard to finish knowing what was coming. Was absolutely in love with this game, the only thing stopping it being a clear 10 is the ending. After spending so much time with Arthur though I knew what was going to happen I felt I needed more from then in his ending. Aside from that, almost perfect.

    5: Resi 2 Remake Leon Xbox One - 10/10
    The stuff dreams are made of. Absolutely everything I’ve always wanted in the remake of one of my greatest of all times. Absolutely perfect. Will just play over and over again. Stunning to look at, dripping with atmosphere, Dolby Atmos sound design is amazing, movement, aiming etc just to die for. In terms of Resi its absolute nirvana.

    6: Resi 2 Remake Claire Xbox One - 10/10
    Same as above, but loved the switch and how it actually makes you play a little different with Claire being so soft and minus a shotty. Some great different weapons and characters chucked in. Just wanna go again. Straight on to the B scenarios.

    7: Resi 2 Remake Leon - Scenario B Xbox One - 10/10
    Definitely counts for me, another 5 hours, actually much harder that Scenario A, ammo is scarcer, enemies more frequent, and more dangerous in their types, and the Tyrant goes through Walls...THROUGH FUCKING WALLS. Absolutely shat myself. This game is fucking awesome.

    8: Resident Evil 3 Vita - 7/10
    A decent game, certainly not one of the better Resi’s. Feels very rushed and lacking the charm of the others. Though I do like the multiple options and how they actually affect the story or position you find yourself in. Good little romp on the plane though.

    9: Metal Gear Solid 2 Vita - 7/10
    Actually became a chore to play this to the end. The least enjoyable MGS for me. Kojima at his worst and such irritating sections I gave up reloading the save to go for the perfect scores and just hit continue. Still a good game but nowhere near great.

    10: Crackdown 3 Xbox One - 8/10
    This game rocked. Tight little world with plenty to do in a fun, silly 8 hour campaign. Jumping, thrusting, Running, shooting, smashing and exploding my way through this was just the type of fun and nonsense I wanted, was sad to see it end. May do a little more orb hunting but got so much else to play that I may never come back. If not, you were Rad Crackdown 3, thank you agent!

    11: Anthem Xbox One - 6/10
    First unfinished game, put in a good few hours but it simply didn’t capture me. Some brilliant points such as the flying and gun play, however they are outweighed by awful wooden enemies and a beautiful but barren world. Will hopefully be awesome when I return at some point later in it’s life.

    12: Days Gone PS4 - 9/10
    Loved it. Absolutely loved it. It’s simply Walking Dead the game where Zombies or Freaks as they’re called here aren’t the real enemy but the collapse of humanity is. Making your way around the reasonably big world on your trusty motorbike never gets old and there’s the usual open world options and missions you can take part in if you wish in the form of bounties, clearing out marauder or Ripper camps, hostage saving etc etc. I usually wouldn’t bother but lapped up pretty much everything I was enjoying it that much. Main storyline was predictable but still, loved it and got totes emosh a few times. Absolutely loved this.

    13: The Division 2 Xbox One - 9/10
    Would be a 10 if I’d managed more multiplayer with it so could become a 10. Big world, tons of stuff to do, absolute stunner, aces nonsense story, loads of shit hot guns etc to use, so many variants and options in armour as you’d expect so the grind is just non-stop but never feels like a chore. Will be playing this for an absolute age to come, does exactly what you want a long term grindathon to do but does it better than everything else. Best 3rd person shooter there is.

    14:South Park-The Stick Of Truth Xbox One - 7/10
    Awesome bit of fun this. Big South Park fan but hate Turn-Based Combat so didn’t bother. Picked it up after seeing it in the Deals thread for less than £4. Still hated the combat but it was all ridiculously South Park so completely worth it. Will pick up the sequel again when I find that absurdly cheap too.

    15:Gears 4 - Insane Xbox One - 9/10
    Easily the hardest campaign on Insane. Was the only one I hadn’t done and with 5 getting closer thought I’d better do it, what an absolute nightmare. Great great battles with constant movement gaining a slight advantage then being pushed back, a real war. Tarnished only by so many instafails that felt so very unfair that it bordered on complete frustration at times. Still, amazing game with such awesome gunplay.

    16:Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One - 7/10
    Last of the Trilogy and I’ve gotta say though I didn’t love it at first and thought it a weak end I restarted it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Helped that it’s absolutely beautiful. For long stretches the best looking game I’ve seen. Stunning. Amazing trilogy of games though rather sad they may be the last after not so amazing figures. Great Tombs, side quests and fun if over complicated stories. Great game.

    17:Ghost Recon - Wildlands Xbox One - 7/10
    Great game, great location, great variety, aged a bit now but still great. Spoiled by being just a little bit lengthy, the main storyline took just far too long, of course it’s great to have so much to do and lots of DLC etc but for me too much of a good thing turned bad. Also, the driving model SUCKED!

    18:Uncharted Lost Legacy PS4 Pro - 6/10
    Uncharted Lost Legacy
    Now this is a beautiful game, stunning, and as close to Tomb Raider as I can imagine as a visual spectacle but I think TR still edges it, as it edges it with everything else in my opinion. I had high hopes and they were mostly met, big production values, great characters, great set pieces, but it all felt a bit B-Movie, just not quite there, something missing. The adventuring was limited as with most games it all becomes much more linear and streamlined, and as I think it was originally merely some DLC it was all very small scale and whilst I was expecting it to open up into a bigger adventure it all kinda finished and came to a close. It was good fun whilst it lasted, but unfortunately that wasn’t very long.

    19:Gears Of War 5 Xbox One X - 9.5/10
    Simply put, the best looking, best sounding game of this gen, and quite possibly my favourite Gears. It’s got everything, big, brash, beautiful, good story, great set pieces, nice lite RPG elements to Jack, best collection as well as introduction of new weapons, awesome set of characters, enough open worldly type additions to freshen it up but keep the core gameplay, it’s just a fantastic romp. Gears is fucking awesome and I loved this. Straight back in on insane.

    20:Control Xbox One X - 10/10
    Game of the year. Simple as that. It’s just that good. Looks amazing, sounds amazing, the story is absolutely tremendous, it’s just that good. Pure Remedy, you can feel it within minutes, the movement, storytelling, the direction, if you like remedy you’ll be at home within seconds. I just wanted more and more. Amazing to have an SP campaign without so much crap added, just a great 10 hour campaign built to be please and tell a hell of a story well. Pure awesome.

    21:Smash Bros Ultimate - Switch - 6/10
    Not the best person to play this as not into fighters but just wanted in on the craziness of this...yeah I found out I didn’t really. Looks nice, didn’t really enjoy any of it, but gave it a good go if that counts?

    22:Zelda - Links Awakening - Switch - 8/10
    Still a gem of a game but not quite as...fun...as I remember. So many fetch quests and stupidly crafted quests that leave you without a clue unless you happen to have spoken to the right people. Looked beautiful if somewhat stuttered with the frames and the sound effects were created lovingly. Good game, but no longer a great one.

    23:Mario - Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Switch - 8/10
    This was, awesome. Loved it. Got very samey samey towards the end but it was still charming and good fun. Loved what they were afforded to do with the cast and all the work put into the perfect visuals. The battle system was simple but had a little depth to it and never got too old to enjoy.

    24:DK - Tropical Freeze - Switch - 7/10
    Was a decent game, looked nice, played nice, overstayed it’s welcome a little...and it was a Donkey Kong game. Yeah yeah incredible platformer etc but, still, another DK platforming game. Did what it said on the tin.

    25:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Xbox One X - 8/10
    Really enjoyed this, I do love a CoD campaign to be fair, but this was a particularly good one. Good variation in the levels, decent crappy story, some tense missions, lots of dead bodies, and aces firefights. Still happy to play a CoD campaign every year if of this quality.

    26:Death Stranding - PS4 Pro - 6/10 - 44 hours.
    I get it, I get what he was going for, I get the depth, the angle, the meaning, but he just missed so wide for me. Stretching everything beyond breaking point and ruining any emotional ties to the nonsense. And as a game it really didn’t work for me, the aesthetics were perfect, but the fun wasn’t there, in any way, and the story was such a good idea but then layers and layers added to it until it buried itself in nonsense. Such a disappointment for me. I completed it mainly as I didn’t want it to beat me. But I’m the end it did in a different way.

    27:MGS:V - Xbox One X - 6/10 - No idea
    So after falling out with this game hard for numerous reasons I discovered via help from Tempy how to progress and after completing 2 side ops the last mission unlocked, so I was minutes away from finishing it. Still a massive let down and Kojima’d up the arse like some poor entry level pornstar. The game is such a disappointment for me overall as it was such a change for the series that just left me very empty, as did the ending as it just finishes on a whimper, with no real twist at all you didn’t see a mile off. Which is normal but there wasn’t even an attempt to make it look like it could be a surprise. Glad I’ve finally finished it but again, perfect aesthetically, great management in terms of weapons etc, and a good cast of characters, but let down by adding so so much which just dilutes the whole experience for me. Gutted.

    28:Halo: Reach - Xbox One X - 8/10 - 5 Hours
    Still amazing, such a great campaign, and really emotional too. I hate how it’s non-canon and completely ignores the books Bungie/MS helped create but it’s a great story nonetheless. It’s a great campaign with good variety, and the Space mission in the Sabre is just aces. Sounds odd but I love the weight is everyone dying as it adds an element missing from the other Halo’s in terms of the Spartans. Loved going through it again. Whilst it’s not my favourite Halo it’s up there.

    29:Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - Xbox One X - 6/10 - ?
    Good fun but really just more Destiny...after loving Destiny and giving years to the first iteration and the second for a time i entirely fell out of love with it and whilst this was excellent it was more of the same and it didn’t pull me back in enough to do anything beyond the campaign.
  • In.

    7 is a bad haul but I didn’t play any games at all for about half of last year. Probably aiming for about 30 this time around. One every couple of weeks plus a few shorter ones is realistic.

    1. Mario + Rabbids (Switch)
    2. Mario Odyssey (Switch)
    3. Celeste (Switch)
    4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
    5. Asterix (Master System)
    6. Earthworm Jim (Megadrive)
    7. The Terminator (Megadrive)
    8. Bonanza Bros (Megadrive)
    9. Quackshot (Megadrive)
    10. Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch)
    11. Sonic The Hedgehog (Megadrive)
    12. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Megadrive)
    13. & 14. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Megadrive)
    15. Pulseman (Megadrive)
    16. Aladdin (Megadrive)
    17. Sunset Riders (Snes)
    18. Wonderboy in Monster World (Megadrive) 
    19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist (Megadrive)
    20 & 21. Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster (Megadrive)
    22. Gynoug (Megadrive)
    23. Thunder Force 3 (Megadrive)
    24. Gradius (PSP)
    25. The Lucky Dime Caper (Master System)
    26. Dynamite Headdy (Megadrive)
    27. The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Megadrive)
    28 & 29. R-Type Dimensions EX (PC)
    30. Prince of Persia (Snes)
    31-37. Metal Slug Anthology + Metal Slug X X (PSP)
    38.Mega man 1 (part of Megaman legacy on 3DS)
    39. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Gameboy)
    40. The Amazing Spider-man (Gameboy)  
    41. ThunderForce IV (Switch)
    42. Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
    43. Batman (Nes)
    44. Megaman 2 (from Switch Legacy Collection)
    45. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Gameboy)
    46. Link’s Awakening (Switch)
    47. Untitled Goose Game (Switch)
    48. Hollow Knight (Switch)
    49. F-Zero (Snes Switch Emulator Thing)
    50. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U - Cemu Emulator)
    51. Hotline Miami - Switch

  • Completed:

    1. Super Mario Odyssey [9]
    28 Dec-1 Jan
    Played to the credits, and got over 200 moons on the way.

    This is pretty special. Love the open levels and the cap mechanic, and there are loads of clever ideas to put it to good use. Some of the creatures you can capture are wonderfully inventive.

    It does often jump from one thing to the next too quickly, before making enough of them, but that's less of an issue once things get a bit more challenging. The low point of the game (other than those awful rabbit characters) is New Donk City about halfway in, but every stage after that is excellent. And now I've reached the end there's an absolute ton more stuff to get through. It's hard to know where to start, but I hope to come back to it and do more.

    I still struggle with the controls and camera a bit in the trickier platform sections, but it does get slightly easier with practice. Mostly forgivable as well in a game that's trying so many different things and has so much content. Best Mario since 64.

    2. Into the Breach [8]
    3-6 Jan
    Played 7 games in total (on Normal) and emerged victorious twice.
    I always like a good turn-based strategy, so this was always likely to suit me and I immediately got drawn into it. I really like the way it reduces everything down to concentrated bite-sized chunks, and that it mostly ditches any kind of percentage based play for clear rules and outcomes. 

    However, the downside of the small scale is a lack of variety, despite the different squads you can choose to control. I've had good value already, but I don't feel it has the replayability factor of the best in the genre, like Invisible Inc.

    3. Mega Man 11 [7]
    8-13 Jan
    Completed on Normal difficulty. Same old Mega Man really, but with plenty more polish. Visually it's lovely, especially some of the bigger characters (special mention to inflatable frog mini-boss). Gameplay wise there's some tight level design that's mostly testing without being too vicious.

    But there are leftovers of old design sensibilities and a generally odd approach to difficulty that don't quite work. It seems outdated now to make pits and especially spikes instant death hazards when everything else isn't. It makes certain screens difficult to pass at all while the rest are only likely to cause moderate damage if you mess things up. On the other hand you end up carrying a whole range of cheap useable items and equippable parts that can make many challenges insignificant. The big temptation is not to just stockpile a load of energy tanks for a boss encounter and then mindlessly blast through it, especially when a Game Over means repeating the whole stage again.

    The best moments, as ever with MM, are when you do things properly, especially making the breakthrough against the first boss and then working out the weaknesses of the others using the new weapons you get from each victory. In fact, one of the highlights in the end was probably the boss rush, which I made myself do in one life without items.

    Not sure I'm bothered about the extra challenges or difficulty levels now, but I've had a decent enough time with it.

    4. Vane [3]
    15 Jan
    Stylish indie adventure that looks nice and has an interesting scenery morphing mechanic. But it's full of technical issues and feels like most of the content had to be stripped out to make it work at all.

    5. Pikuniku [7]
    22-23 Jan
    Charming, funny, surprising indie game. The simple physics and character movement make some basic platforming puzzles more interesting, although never really challenging, and there's a good quantity of brief side distractions to discover if you explore the small game world. In the end, I was disappointed that some of the themes and ideas weren't developed enough, but by that point I'd had a few good hours of fun.

    6. Wargroove [7]
    01-08 Feb
    I haven't actually finished the campaign yet, because I got bored of it. I've got quite far into it though, and did arcade mode with one character, so that counts.

    In the end I'm not quite as into this as I'd hoped to be. The balance is still just right as in Advance Wars, but a lot of the battles drag on too long. I'm used to turn-based strategy games that pack just as much into smaller spaces and time frames now, and it can get tiresome shuffling units about rather than just getting on with it. It may be that I need to learn some better strategies, but it's hard not to get bogged down sometimes.

    I have played it a lot over the last week though, so it's not like I didn't enjoy it. It can still be great when the missions are a bit smaller. Puzzle mode is also a good change of pace (still want to finish that).

    But whether Advance Wars is just outdated now, or whether they didn't quite do it justice with the level design, it's not as quite as much fun to play as various other alternatives.

    7. Baba Is You [9]
    22 Feb-6 Mar
    I played this for about 30 hours in the last few weeks. It's a great puzzle game, full of clever ideas and endlessly flexible. There's also plenty of it. It gets difficult though. I got stuck a lot and sometimes spent ages on a single puzzle trying all sorts of solutions. Fortunately it's got an open structure, so you can keep switching between different routes until one of them gives way. And so often the solutions end up being simpler than you'd thought. I still haven't finished all of it, and I'm not sure I will, but it's probably a good one to go back to now and again just to see if anything new clicks. The system behind it is ingenious.

    8. The Stillness of the Wind [6]
    11-12 Mar
    A slow indie game about loneliness and a life unlived. Has some interesting ideas but is also dull to play, which is kind of the point, but still.

    9. Zelda: Breath of the Wild [10]
    11 Jan-17 Mar
    Finally decided to make a run for the middle and do the finale. The actual confrontation is a bit of a letdown in the end, but the castle was good fun. There's still tons more stuff I could do, of course. My profile says I've played over 70 hours. I've done 64 shrines, still got a few memories to find, and many many side quests to do.

    Overall, it lived up to very high expectations. It absolutely is one of the greatest games ever made, and the sheer scope and quality of it are incredible. Certainly as long as there was more map to uncover I was happy to keep wandering and jumping into whatever came my way. I lost a bit of impetus towards the end, but it's something I could return to some day to mop up various stuff.

    There's not much point going on about it all, especially as everyone else finished it 2 years ago, so here's 5 things that really made it for me:

    1. Mountains: The combination of my desire to explore and that climbing ability made every mountain and tower irresistible. Get as high as possible, see what I can see, glide down to a point of interest. Repeat. 

    2. The camera: I mean the camera in the Sheikah slate. As soon as it was introduced it changed the game for me. Suddenly there's a good reason to wander around observing the wildlife. You're not only an adventurer but also a tourist in the game world.

    3. Breaking weapons: It's a brilliant idea to make everything so disposable. It really encourages you to use whatever you find instead of getting all precious about it and hoarding it for later. Hit an enemy until your weapon breaks. Pick up his weapon. Hit the next one. Liberating.

    4. Leaving me alone: Who knew Nintendo would ever dare do this after forcing Navi, Fi and Boaty McBoatface on us? Someone's been playing Dark Souls, it seems, and then decided to take the idea even further. 

    5. It's still Zelda: And yet despite the fact they've taken such a change of direction and clearly been inspired by other RPGs and open world games, everything in this still feels like Zelda. Most of all it reminded me of A Link to the Past. Just 100 times bigger.

    10. Katana Zero [7]
    9-12 Apr
    Very much inspired by Hotline Miami in style and tone, and with the same brand of sudden, quick violence. The basics of combat work very well, with small groupings of well-timed strikes proving hilariously and brutally effective. The weird story is also decent enough, but it's a shame there's so much of it in comparison to the relatively short missions. It should have made more of its action sequences.

    11. Steamworld Quest [6]
    6-17 Apr
    Card-based RPG that has a smart combat system at its core, but not much else around it to hold the attention. The exploration aspect of the game is very limited and there's not much to the story. No matter how good the battle system is - and it's not really amazing in the end - it can't stop the whole thing becoming very repetitive.

    12. Sekiro [8]
    22 Mar-28 Apr
    I didn't beat the proper final boss, but did manage one of the endings. Overall, there is so much to like about it and it does most things almost perfectly, but a handful of issues can make it horribly frustrating at times. I'd have one session where it felt like the greatest action game ever, but almost always followed by another where it seemed to be tiresomely punishing. The imbalance between the fun of traversing the open areas and killing normal enemies to make quick progress, and then the multi-phase bosses that can take hours of repetition to learn, is ultimately too pronounced. The sword fighting is still wonderful though.

    13. A Plague Tale: Innocence [7]
    1-6 May
    This is a decent narrative-led action/stealth game made quite a bit better by the quality of world and character building. Gameplay is simple enough to keep it moving at a good pace, but the real stars of the show are the kids, the views and the rats. It all lacks a bit of polish, but that's easy to forgive when the characters and situations drive it forward so well.

    14. Heaven's Vault [7]
    7-14 May
    Indie sci-fi archeology joint. You go around looking for ancient stuff and translating inscriptions, in order to discover new sites of interest. There's also an interesting story going on about the peoples from different moons and some themes about how we understand history. The best part of it is exploring new sites and finding new stuff to translate. When you start to put the language together it's fascinating. The main issue with it though is that it all moves just a little too slow, especially sailing between locations, and the interface can be a bit clumsy.

    15. Devil May Cry V [7]
    14-21 May
    The focus and purity of this is very commendable - it's all about the combat - and the systems are clearly refined and deep. What I'm not sure about is whether it assumes too much prior knowledge. I've finished it on Devil Hunter mode (Normal, effectively) and I feel like I've learned 100 different moves but I haven't really been taught how to play it. It's like there's another game running parallel to the OTT button-mashing hack and slash thing I played, but it doesn't want to tell you what it is. Instead it keeps loading on new techniques and controls, until there's too much to remember. Fair enough to an extent, in terms of giving you plenty of approaches and styles, but it makes it all kind of confusing. The other issue is the level design is pretty bland for the most part, so whether it's worth going through all those levels again just to improve skills is questionable. It probably isn't for me, but I did have a laugh with it for the most part. The spectacle, especially with bosses, was strong and the action was frantic and fun. I can understand why some people would love it, but my experience was merely good.

    16. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night [8]
    19-29 Jun
    A near perfect follow up to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night over 20 years later. It captures everything that made that game stand out, including some of the wonkiness, while adding a lot of modern touches. It's happy to let you experiment and play with tons of different set ups, even at the expense of balance, and adds so many nice little call backs to the older game that it's impossible not to appreciate the detail. The only issue really is that the final third drags a bit as you have to figure out what to do.

    17. Judgment [7]
    1 Jun-2 Jul
    Pretty much what I felt about Yakuza 0 in the end, which is a mix of positive and negative. I liked the change of perspective here, in playing an ex-lawyer private detective instead of an actual Yakuza, and all the different detective modes (trailing, chasing, evidence collecting, disguises) add variety. But none of them are substantial or remotely taxing and they don't develop much throughout the game. The only mild challenge comes from the combat, which is as clumsy and hilariously OTT as ever. But then the characters are great. The story is completely daft but also quite addictive. The side missions are often wonderfully silly. And there are all the various distractions (drone racing in particular is good). So it's hard not to like the game even when it's not asking you to do much or sending you running around the city on errands. I doubt I've got another of these games in me, but I'd definitely pay attention if they ever announced a Yagami and Kaito spinoff of some sort. 

    18. Sea of Solitude [6]
    5-6 Jul
    Done in about 4 hours. 5 at most. Which is fine. It's probably most comparable to Rime in terms of what you actually do - ie not much beyond finding your way - and its attempt to represent themes with its various obstacles and sections. The environment design is very good, in the way it keeps changing how you navigate the same locations with the rising and falling water level and other tricks. It's a shame it's so heavy-handed with the story and dialogue, because it could get its point across with more subtlety, and that some sections feel less well thought through than others. But it's still quite effective.

    19. Bayonetta 2 [9]
    22 May-7 Jul
    I'm a big fan of Bayonetta and did almost everything there was to do in the first game. But then I thought it did so much and did everything so well, there wasn't much point in a sequel, because it had nowhere to go. Then a sequel came out, and of course I wanted to play it, and now it's on Switch, I have.

    Just got round to finishing on Normal (started a while back and got sidetracked), and in a way I think I was probably right. There isn't anywhere for it to go. Mostly it's more Bayonetta, with some of the minor annoyances (QTEs) ironed out. On one hand, that means the combat is still *that* good, far better than in any similar game, with the pace and the timing and the style. It's hectic and visually busy, and yet you can be fully aware of what's going on and in complete control doing the craziest of moves. On the other, it's never quite as fresh, and the design is just a notch down from the scale of the first game. Levels aren't as varied, the new monsters are less memorable, the boss fights are pretty much all the same, the weapons less satisfying. Even the torture attacks feel a bit tame.

    Still, I've only finished on Normal, and the first Witch Trial that's unlocked is already a step up from a lot of the main game. And the combat is still *that* good. It's just a question of how much time and effort I want to put into it now. If I try and do almost everything again, I could really get into it. I'm just not sure I've got the inclination this time. I hope Bayonetta 3 tries to move things forward more, if it can find somewhere new to go.

    20. Gunstar Heroes [7]
    12 Jul
    Played through the whole thing on MD Classics in about an hour and a half. It's not a game I actually had on the MD originally, but I have played it before on emulation. Honestly, it's not one of my favourite Treasure games. It's bursting with great ideas and the many many boss designs are pretty clever. But I find the controls a bit sludgy and imprecise (and the jump is irritatingly weedy) and the whole thing just a bit messy and uneven. The difficulty level in particular is all over the place, with some bosses able to destroy you quickly if don't learn patterns and others falling over before they've barely had a chance to do anything. I may have felt differently if I'd played it when it first came out, and it's always difficult to judge an old game like this when you're trying to charge through it in one go. It is still a cut above most games of its time, but a little below the standard of other Treasures like Dynamite Headdy, Astro Boy, or even Mischief Makers.

    21. Futuregrind [8]
    13 Jul
    This was very cheap and turned out to be very good. A simpler version of Trials in a way, but you have to keep matching the colour of your wheels to the rails you land on. It's a clever system that has plenty of flexibility and makes for some challenging courses. Most importantly the control is spot on, so it's always your fault when it goes wrong. It's nowhere near as ambitious or precise as Trials, but it does what it sets out to do without any real flaws. 

    22. Fire Emblem: Three Houses [8]
    16-25 July
    Only finished one character's story so far. I have written a full review here. In summary, it's a very impressively big and detailed game with tons of features that all tie into each other. For the most part that's all good, as it adds loads of customisation options and allows the story and characters to really develop, so you do start to care what happens to them in battles. But then all the relationship building and activities outside battle make the pace very slow, and sometimes there's just too many things to remember to do. It's a weird situation where everything new added seems to both benefit and detract from the core game.

    23. Resident Evil 2 [9]
    15 Jul-3 Aug
    For someone who always preferred the second game of the PS1 series and has been hoping for a remake since they did the first one, this is near perfect. It gets the balance just right between keeping the feel of the source material and its core mechanics and advancing it in loads of interesting little ways. The weird thing is how it feels like this was the game I always felt like I was playing 20 years ago, although it was nowhere near as good. It's clear that they studied the original in great detail and have gone to a lot of effort to create a sense of familiarity while keeping you guessing, and the smaller differences between the two characters' stories are also really smart. Take, for example, the way the 'licker' is introduced in the first story and how that plays with your expectations from the past, and then how it does it in the second story. And with the visuals and monster designs, it feels a bit more grounded in reality (despite still being pretty cheesy and daft), and is thus often genuinely tense. The only issues really are that the item system might have been streamlined more, and it doesn't finish as strongly as it starts (they never do). But I loved almost every minute of it. An amazing remake and just a top class action adventure game.

    24. The Church in the Darkness [4]
    27 Jul-4 Aug
    There's a good premise here, as you enter the compound of a socialist, Christian commune in the South American jungle uninvited to look for your nephew, and each time you start the conditions are different - sometimes it's all going well and peaceful, sometimes it's being run like a brutal dictatorship. The core stealth mechanics are OK too, but it's all too simple and too repetitive for the repeat play throughs required to see the many endings. Plus it has some annoying quirks and control issues that make it frustrating at times. Needed more depth and polish.

    25. Detention [9]
    21-24 Aug
    So I'd read about this horror game that was supposed to be really good earlier in the year, and when I saw Detention on sale in the PS store I thought that was it. Turns out that the game I'd read about was Devotion and had only been released on PC anyway, and had since been removed from sale altogether. It also turns out that Detention was the previous game from the same Taiwanese devs, Red Candle. It also also turns out that it's really good.

    Think something like a 2D side-on Silent Hill, with nightmarish versions of ordinary locations (most of it is set around a school). But there's no combat and it's a bit more puzzle focused, kind of like a simple point 'n' click adventure, but not shit. But then it's set in Taiwan during the 60s during the anti-Communist purges and all the disturbing shit connects to the terrors of the time. And it's really quite scary, or at least very tense for long periods. Genuinely effective horror. For instance, to get past monsters you have to hold your breath and walk really slowly right by them, which never stops being a nervy experience. You're also forced to get your hands dirty to solve some of the puzzles, with one 'solution' being particularly grim. But the inventiveness is admirable and it all fits with the overall themes. If anything, perhaps it drags out the final part a bit much, with a tonal shift that focuses more on the narrative, but it's a powerful enough story to get away with it.

    26. Astral Chain [9]
    3-16 Sept
    This was marvellous. The legion/chain idea has been so comprehensively thought through, not only in combat - where you can bind enemies, catapult them away and hookshot yourself around arenas - but also in the plaftorming sections, the exploration and the various mini games and detective modes. There's a ton of variety, with extreme shifts of pace from the frantic fighting to the more laidback and amusing community policing, but it never feels disjointed. Even when you're doing more mundane stuff it doesn't feel like busywork because it all makes sense as part of the whole, and it keeps moving too quickly for anything to become tiresome. The combat is still the main attraction, though, and it's Platinum at its best. It's not as immediate as Bayonetta, given the complexity of controlling yourself and half-controlling your legions at the same time, but once it starts to come together it's just as thrilling and rewarding. Besides all that, the visual style and soundtrack are also pretty special. Other than some minor issues with the camera and getting used to the controls, it's simply a top class action adventure game from start to finish.

    27. Creature in the Well [6]
    3-18 Sept
    It's a nice idea (sort of action pinball) and some parts did develop into interesting challenges, especially the boss sections. But a lot of other bits were a non-event. Overall it could do with some tighter design, and just do a bit more with the concept.

    28. Sayonara Wild Hearts [8]
    20-25 Sept
    I've found all the diamonds and got gold ranks on most levels, and I think I'm done. And a good time was had. It's all about the switches of pace and perspective in time to the music, sending you running, flying, motorcycling, shooting in quick succession as the world morphs around the track. Yes, it's simple. Yes, you have to repeat and memorise to get a good run/score. But it's meant to be a performance, a one-take high concept 80s pop video, and as such it works. It especially works with the big vocal numbers, and it's a shame there weren't more of those, but there's plenty of variety throughout, and some nice nods to classic games. The overall result is something imaginative, a little different and often simply pleasurable to take part in.

    29. Untitled Goose Game [6]
    28 Sep-2 Oct
    This feels like a good idea still in search of a game. Going around just being a dickhead is a laugh (I should know, etc.) and there are a handful of decent slapstick payoffs, but it's all a bit flimsy and underdone.

    Mostly I think the human characters let it down. The AI is so basic that each one is only fun to torment briefly. It barely feels worth doing anything elaborate off-script when there's no real recognition for it. And even then the behaviour is unreliable and glitchy, as they keep changing their mind about what they're looking for and you end up waiting for them to complete pointless routines. I started the game losing 20 minutes because the first character didn't trigger, meaning I couldn't enter the garden, and after that I never felt I could trust it to behave, which is never good when it's based on puzzles with very specific solutions. On top of that, the models and animation just aren't clear and expressive enough to make the comedy work as well as it might.

    I think it's telling how little content there is here, in that it suggests it was difficult to get much out of the concept beyond the initial idea. I did still enjoy being a horrible goose, and it's a great central character with its attitude and that honk, but beyond the novelty of twatting about the execution of everything around it isn't quite there. If it had been a fiver I probably would've adjusted my expectations accordingly, but for the actual price I wanted something, well, better.

    30. Zelda: Link's Awakening [8]
    2-8 Oct
    Some classic Zelda-ing with a touch of odd. In some ways you can tell it came from a smaller system originally, because everything's quite compact and simple. I think mostly that's a good thing, knocking out the possibility of too much chatter between progress points or overly indulgent dungeon design. It's a nice straightforward rhythm of over and under-world exploring, with the map expanding in clear and logical ways after each boss fight. It does make enemies and especially bosses disappoiningly easy to deal with, but it all adds to a relaxed pace of near constant advancement. The few times I got stuck it was due to some rather old school puzzle design or poor communication (and I really wasn't keen on the last but one dungeon), but hardly enough to spoil things. And then there's the plot, which is sparse but rests on a neat little paradox where
    that I think has some scope for analysis. Overall, it's a great little counterpart to the far more complex and sophisticated Breath of the Wild.

    31. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom [7]
    24 Aug-9 Oct
    This is a very large Metroidvania, packed with plenty of stuff to find. But it's a mixed bag in terms of the level design and has some irritating issues that take the shine off it a lot of the time. Mean enemy placement, slidey control, and uneven checkpointing (and some checkpoints don't refill your health when you restart, which is annoyingly unnecessary) give it an old school feel, but in other ways it does everything it can to add modern quality of life features. Often it's just a little off, which is a shame because there's clearly a ton of thought and effort gone into it. The haunted mansion level near the end really stands out and shows what might have been if the quality was as high throughout.

    32. Felix the Reaper [5]
    15-18 Oct
    Decent spin on block puzzles which never develops or connects its various ideas in any meaningful way. Despite the light twisting mechanic, the attempts at dark humour and Felix's constant dancing (which adds very little), in the end you're really just shifting around boxes and barrels.  

    33. Slay the Spire [9]
    12-24 Oct

    A couple of the most recent Roguelites I've played (Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells) have fallen short of expectations, and I wondered if card games were my thing after the dull Steamworld Quest. But this proves that it was them, not me. It's simply a much smarter rule set than in those other games, with better balance, cleverer synergies and more room for improvisation. The fact that almost every hand involves an interesting tactical choice says it all, and as with all the best games like this (Spelunky, Invisible Inc.), the more you play the more you can mitigate the element of luck, without ever removing the random aspect. It's also a moderate enough challenge that I could finish it with the 3 characters after a couple of dozen goes rather than hundreds, leaving it fresh enough to return to from time to time in future.

    34. Concrete Genie [7]
    23-27 Oct
    This was pleasant, although a little slight. The painting aspect is the main focus and it's rather lovely. It helps that the visual style of bright 2D genies, flora and fauna on the muted 3D backgrounds of an abandoned town is really striking. You can paint some great looking murals and odd looking genies to populate them. The way the genies interact with you and the other stuff you paint is a nice touch too. What it does best is that old Okami trick of encouraging you to paint lots of little things then panning back once you've completed an area to show you how you've rejuvenated the whole thing.

    Most other aspects are a little underdone though. Platforming, exploring, puzzles, enemies - they're all there but none feel like they've been fully exploited before the end. By the time you start having to think about combining the powers of different genies, you're almost done. It feels like there was enough there conceptually to turn this into something bigger, but what's there is absorbing enough for half-a-dozen hours. 7 rather than 6 is for the visuals - they really are very good.

    35. Ape Out [8]
    5-6 Nov
    I love the style of this, and the structure that unfolds like a classic, high concept arcade game, building on a tight rule set with slight variations throughout. The soundtrack is the highlight, with its jazz drums and cymbals beating out the rhythm of your actions. It's perfect for a style of play that often feels like improv, with its meandering progress routes and moments of panic, that also match the sense of controlling a gorilla run amok. The classic jazz album visual design rounds it off perfectly. The game itself manages to segue between different modes from moment to moment with a very basic control system. Bursts of stealth, twin-stick shooting and maze running blend together. and each enemy type demands its own approach. The only issues really are due to unevenness, in quality of level design and difficulty, with some sections flying by with no new challenges and a few bits proving irritatingly tough (level 3.6, that's you). Otherwise it does exactly what it sets out to do. And the ending is great too.

    36. Sparklite [6]
    7-10 Nov
    This started off very promising and it certainly looks and sounds the part. 16-bit visuals and sounds that reminded me of Secret of Mana as much as anything (although the music isn't that good). The combat and upgrading systems are also solid and there are some decent boss fights. But in the end it's all just a little bland. Exploring isn't that much fun when what you discover is rarely exciting. It works by procedurally shifting around the contents of the levels each time you return to the hub (although it's really not a Roguelike, as you're always progressing and keep stuff when you die), and in each area there's a new piece of equipment to find as well as other caves and grottoes with useful power ups. But once you've found the main stuff it gets repetitive traipsing around looking for minor treasures. It doesn't help that the level design never really requires you to use your Zelda-like inventory to solve puzzles either. Each item is really just a new kind of key to access more of the area. I still finished it and couldn't really dislike it, but it just didn't do enough.

    37. Ori and the Blind Forest [9]
    16-23 Nov
    This is up there with the best modern Metroidvania games. A lot of it is tried and tested stuff (although the 'bash' power is a bit of a game changer), but it's delivered with such polish and imagination it doesn't matter. Level design is where it really shines and it's consistently top class. The way layouts loop around, or the way new powers are introduced, tested, refined and combined over the course of hours is very impressive, and it always feels worth recovering old ground once you've made significant advances. What it really nails that every Metroidvania should aim for is getting more enjoyable with every major new power that unlocks. The make your own checkpoint system is also smart, if a little generous by the end of the game. And it all looks great too. Criticisms are minor - slightly misjudged chase sequences, oversensitive control and some visual detail getting in the way of clarity. It's not quite the precision platformer it wants to be, but I never struggled too much.

    38. Lost Ember [5]
    20-21 Nov
    I almost really liked this. It's let down by a very creaky engine and a lack of focus. It actually ends up being quite Journey-like. You play as a wolf but can also possess any other animals you come across to traverse different terrain. There aren't any puzzles or combat or anything like that, just keep going, explore, enjoy the landscapes and the sensation of flying/running/swimming that controlling each beast provides. There are some good views and some stand out sequences, plus it uses the set up to deliver an interesting story about the end of a human civilisation, viewed through the eyes of the natural world that outlasts it. But it overuses a handful of animal types, especially in the first half, and often doesn't give you enough to do with them. Most of all, the performance is poor and the way your creatures move and struggle to interact convincingly with the world makes it feel dated. There are invisible walls, camera glitches and loading pauses that detract from an experience that should be about visual splendour and smooth flow. Over the course of the game you cover tons of ground and different locations. It's an absorbing journey and quite an achievement to make such a large world. But quantity too often comes at the expense of quality.

    39. Arise: A Simple Story [8]
    27 Nov-1 Dec
    This is a simple story told exceptionally well without any words. Look back on the life of an old man in some sort of nomadic tribe by taking him through key events in his life relating to love and loss. Each stage represents a different emotion and does a great job in getting that across with the visual experience, the soundtrack, the environment design and your interaction with it. Mostly it involves simple platforming, with the added twist of a time lapse that you control, rewinding and forwarding the space around you to create ways forward. Every stage uses this in a slightly different way, and it really goes with the theme of reliving and examining your memories. The platforming itself is unfortunately a bit ropey, mainly due to the fixed camera angles that can make judging jumps difficult. But tolerate that and you've got a really magical experience (the lighting and music add so much) that has some big emotional twists along the way. 

    40. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen [7]
    3-16 Dec
    I bought this cheap as something to play for a couple of weeks before going away for Xmas and it did its job. I ran through the last few parts pretty quickly to get it finished and even dropped down to easy for the last battle, after one already rather long failed first attempt. Normally I wouldn't have tried to tackle it so soon and was probably a bit under-leveled.

    Anyway, solid action RPGing, which delivered in the areas I want - exploring, fighting and treasure hunting. The rest of it, like story, characters and the intricacies of item management, I found easy to ignore. It's best when you set out on a long trek into uncharted territory and stumble upon an unexpected location to poke around, eventually coming home with a sack full of loot after some close encounters. A few more enemy types would've been nice, but the group combat with AI pawns works well most of the time, even if everything's a bit rough around the edges.

    There's clearly tons more to do and plenty more depth if I want it, but I'm happy with seeing the credits and moving on.

    41. Blazing Chrome [7]
    22-30 Dec
    A very effective homage to 16-bit Contra games that gets everything right except perhaps the most important thing. It looks and sounds the part, controls pretty fluidly and sets a solid but fair challenge. Levels are reasonably varied and the bosses are big and require some learning. I enjoyed playing through it and may return to give other characters a try. But it just lacks the spark of imagination of its source material, and even when it gets a little experimental there are no real wow moments. It's one thing invoking the classics, but the real standout quality of the older games was how they pushed the boundaries of the genre. And that's not something you can recreate through mimicry, no matter how respectfully it's done.


    Virtua Racing
    29 Jun-

    Daemon X Machina
    4 Sept-

    Outer Wilds

    Waiting list:

    Death Stranding
    River City Girls

    Wish list:

    Return of the Obra Dinn
    The Ninja Saviors
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    2019 then...


    1 - Kami 2
    2 - Steamworld Dig 2
    3 - Guacamelee 2 - scored 8
    4 - Samorost
    5 - Samorost 2
    6 - Gorogoa - scored [9]
    7 - In The Box
    8 - Black
    9 - Blue
    10 - The Gardens Between
    11 - Framed
    12 - Ping Pong King
    13 - Old Man's Journey
    14 - Minit
    15 - A Way Out
    Framed 2
    Quantum Break
    Cube 2
    Supermarket Squeak
    Dead Cells
    Hollow Knight (again)

    Coming soon: Stuff from the Fiscal Prudence thread (here), DQXI, FC5, Sundered, Minit, Mosaic Maze, Light Fall, Induction, Four Sided Fantasy, Tetrobot, DLC Quest, Gorogoa, Shuggy, Sokobond, Old Man's Journey, Jazzpunk, Hellblade, Ashen, Below, Gunpoint, The Shivah, Rive, Quantum Break, Slay the Spire, Into the Breach, Spiderman, Hitman, AC Origins, Dying Light, FFXV, Diablo III, The Surge, Rayman Legends, COD IW, Nier, Nier Automata, A Way Out, Little Nightmares, Rime, DkS 3 DLC, GoW4, Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Resi 4, Pandora's Tower, Downwell, Monkey Island 1 & 2 Remastered, Grim Fandango Remastered, Day of the Tentacle Remastered,Trine 1-3, Catherine, Rogue Legacy, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Sleeping Dogs, Binding of Isaac, Gravity Rush, Stealth Inc 2, Transistor, Broforce, Magicka 1&2, Kentucky Route Zero, 1001 Spikes, Remember Me, Catherine, MGS V/GZ, Danganronpa, DmC, Dust, From Dust, Gears of War (1-4), God of War, Hitman (early ones), Splinter Cell, I Am Alive, Outlast,  SotC HD, Styx, Thief, The Crew, Ys, Yakuza, XCOM, Suikoden, TWD (s2), The Evil Within, The Banner Saga, Sniper Elite, Richard & Alice, Hydrophobia, Gunpoint, Else Heart.Break(), Door Kickers, Malicious, Castevania: Lord of Shadows, No Time to Explain, Apotheon, Capsized


    1 - What I Talk About When I'm Running
    2 - Runaway
    3 - The girl before
    4 - The Prince of Fools
    5 - The Liar's Key
    6 - The Wheel of Osheim
    The Testaments
    Death at the vicarage

    Movies / series:

    1 - Luther (s3)
    2 - Luther (s4)
    3 - Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri
    4 - Catastrophe (s4)
    5 - The Big Lebowski
    6 - Arrival
    7 - Line of Duty (s5)
    8 - Disobedience
    9 - The Victim
    10 - Fleabag (s1)
    11 - Fleabag (s2)
    12 - The Amazing Mrs. Maisel (s1)
    13 - Love, Death & Robots
    14 - Roma
    15 - The Vietnam War
    16 - The Sinner (s1)
    17 - The Sinner (s2)
    18 - Expanse (s1)
    19 - Never Let me Go
    20 - Expanse (s2)
    21 - Dead to me
    22 - The Virtues
    23 - Crisis in Six Scenes
    24 - Deadwood (s1)
    25 - Big Little Lies (s2)
    26 - Alita, Battle Angel
    27 - Expanse (s3)
    28 - Twin Peaks
    29 - Modern Family (s8)
    30 - Handmaid's Tale (s3)
    31 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    32 - The Terminator
    33 - Killing Eve (s2)
    34 - Affair (s5)
    35 - Peaky Blinders (s4)
    36 - Terminator 2
    37 - Terminator 6
    38 - The Joker
    39 - His dark materials (s1)
    40 - Star Wars Episode III
    41 - IV
    42 - V
    43 - VI
    44 - VII
    45 - VIII
    46 - IX
    47 - Captain America: First Avenger
    48 - Captain Marvel 
    49 - Iron Man

    My 2017 link: here (59 completed, [394], average [6.68]; 25 books; 33 shows/movies)
    My 2018 link: here (52 completed, [342], average [6.58]; 18 books; 26 shows/movies)
    My 2020 link: here

    Other links:
     - Edinburgh advice: http://thebearandbadger.co.uk/discussion/comment/1563999#Comment_1563999
     - NowTV suggestions: http://thebearandbadger.co.uk/discussion/comment/1597595#Comment_1597595
    - US fd. http://thebearandbadger.co.uk/discussion/comment/1633417#Comment_1633417
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    Hi. Can I count boardgames?
  • Completed:
    Florence ****
    Short but very engaging mobile game that does some really novel things with the mobile platform to tell it's story.

    My Brother Ate My Pudding
    Short, dumb, fun mobile puzzle game.

    Pokémon Let's Go Eevee *****
    Its Pokémon.

    Gunman Clive
    Fairly enjoyable platformer with some interesting ideas that doesn't out stay it's welcome or become too frustrating.

    Night In The Woods


    Yakuza 0


    Yakuza Kiwami

    MvC Infinite

    Mortal Kombat X

    Super Mario Maker

    Apex Legends

    Hollow Knight

    Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Untitled Goose Game

    Zelda: Links Awakening


    Remnant from the ashes?

    pixel puzzle

    Alto's Adventure


    Doom (2016)

    Resident Evil VII
    Final Fantasy IX
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    Frosty can do what he likes.
  • Can they be proper games this year?

    Let's go exploring....
  • In!

    1. Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
    6th January 2019 – 6th January 2019
    Iñupiaq flavoured puzzle platformer tale. Educational rather than entertaining. 6

    2. The Gardens Between
    7th January 2019 – 9th January 2019
    Short, whimsical, time bending puzzler entertains. Love your friends. 7

    3. >observer_
    27th January 2019 – 2nd February 2019
    Rutger barely elevates mildly diverting, talk heavy thriller. Average. 6

    4. Thomas Was Alone
    9th March 2019 – 11th March 2019
    Witty, simplistic but entertaining block puzzler. Wallace narration good. 7.5

    5. Strange Brigade
    17th December 2018 – 9th April 2019
    Fun and tricky Egyptian flavoured zombie co-op shooter, tally ho. 8

    6. The Walking Dead
    28th May 2019 – 31st May 2019

    7. The Walking Dead: Season Two
    31st May 2019 – 8th June 2019

    8. Tacoma
    8th June 2019 – 9th June 2019

    9. Resident Evil Revelations
    22nd June 2019 – 24th June 2019

    10. ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug X
    20th July 2019 – 20th July 2019

    11. Resident Evil 4
    29th July 2019 – 14th August 2019

    12. Gears of War 4
    18th August 2019 – 8th September 2019

    13. Old Man's Journey
    22nd September 2019 – 22nd September 2019

    14. World War Z
    12th October 2019 – 20th October 2019

    15. Afterparty
    29th October 2019 – 9th November 2019

    16. Blair Witch
    26th October 2019 – 17th November 2019

    17. Resident Evil
    29th December 2015 – 24th November 2019
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  • Up and running with Mario Odyssey and Into the Breach.
  • I'll probably manage 4 this year.
    Let's go exploring....
  • acemuzzy
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    I think I may struggle this year, given I'm staring down the barrel of DQXI, FC5, Spiderman, AC Origins, Into the Breach & Slay the Spire amongst others, each of which will take me like a month.

    But we'll see.  I'm sure I can find some fluff to fill the gaps with after all ;p

    Anyway, my post above is now up and running, albeit sparsely populated...
  • I'll list the stuff I finish, doubt I'll hit 52 as the Vita well has run dry (even for someone who's happy to lick a muddy puddle), there's nothing left on 3DS I want to play and I've worked through most of my GBA shoebox. Chances are I'll still hit 40ish playing indie games at home though, we'll see.
  • I want to get rid of my pile of shame and play / replay / properly finish a few major omissions from the past. I’ve recently set up my old PS2 as there’s a few I never got round to properly. R-Type Final, Viewtiful Joe, Batman - Vengeance and Outrun 2006. These have been hanging around for ten years or more. I got about halfway through Outrun on the PSP before getting distracted or something.

    A couple of PS3 ones, quite a few on the 3DS, hundreds on the PC but I’ve whittled that down to about 10-15 essentials. Then the more interesting ones from the past couple of years that I’ve missed out on due to restricted play time and motivation. 5 or 6 I still want to get through from the SNES classic. Then any new releases that catch my eye. So that’s at least 30 there without much outlay.
  • JonB wrote:
    Wish list:Bayonetta 2

    You wanna borrow it? I’m halfway through at the mo and can send to you when I’m done? Cos I’m prob gonna do hard run on 1 before returning to 2.
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
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    monkey wrote:
    R-Type Final, Viewtiful Joe

    You're gonna have a fun year, those two are cracking
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • In, obv, but hey Cocha I did 14 last year not 13!
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • Good luck finishing Viewtiful Joe. That was a pad-hurler for me.
  • cockbeard
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    I only played it on GC, think it might be easier with that pad, though I didn't finish it either
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • cockbeard wrote:
    monkey wrote:
    R-Type Final, Viewtiful Joe

    You're gonna have a fun year, those two are cracking
    WorKid wrote:
    Good luck finishing Viewtiful Joe. That was a pad-hurler for me.
    Yeah those two especially have been put off for a reason. I’ve got a gaming skill ceiling, it’s not high, and when I reach it, that’s it. Still going to count them though.
  • cockbeard
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    It's to a completion that you're comfortable with. I'm gonna be playing a lot of 16Bit and lower era game this year, and I reckon many of them will push me close but hell I'll count if I reach my finish even if it's not the games ending
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • Viewtiful Joe is one of my most wanted for a remake/remaster. Felt almost perfect to me except for annoying stupid boss gauntlet level.
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • cockbeard
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    My other forum has a like option, I don't want it here but I keep reaching for it
    "I spent years thinking Yorke was legit Downs-ish disabled and could only achieve lucidity through song" - Mr B
  • hylian_elf wrote:
    Wish list:Bayonetta 2
    You wanna borrow it? I’m halfway through at the mo and can send to you when I’m done? Cos I’m prob gonna do hard run on 1 before returning to 2.
    That would be nice. Thanks. I'm going to start Zelda next though, so no rush.
    hylian_elf wrote:
    Viewtiful Joe is one of my most wanted for a remake/remaster. Felt almost perfect to me except for annoying stupid boss gauntlet level.
    That's where I gave up.
  • Yeah boss rush is poor design and can see people give up at that point. You missed the amazing final level though. Lots of Star Wars.
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
  • I probably gave it a good go actually, but just couldn't do it. I'm not sure the game ever really clicked with me anyway.
  • Hopefully this is a page turn so I can do my list here for ease...
    I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER.
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