52 Games in a year challenge: 2018
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    A thread for badgers that fancy trying to play 52 games in a year to whatever they decide is some form of completion. Tell us how you're doing and what you are going to play next - claim a post and update on your progress. Just please don't fill it with pointless conversation as the posts will be quite big. Even if you're not gonna make it to 52 it's a good way to record all your completions/failures/hates.


    How do I take part?

    Claim a post! Write down the game and your thoughts about each one in this format for your post:


    How do I know when I've completed a game?

    Up to you, it could be completing the game or playing 10hrs+ if it no ending or a multiplayer game. Replays count as long as all the games are completed in 2018.

    Do I have to record time?


    Do I have to review or comment on the games I complete?

    No but it'd be nice to give a few words or maybe a quick score. Full blown reviews or mini-reviews aren't necessary and will just make it an incredibly big post,though they will be anyway.

    Do episodic games count as a single game or X amount of games?

    That's up to you. It's alright to count something like Life is Strange as one or five games. Your choice.

    Can I finish a game I started in 1992 and count that?


    What should I do once I've completed the challenge?

    Shoot me a PM! If it takes off I'm more than happy to sort out a prize system?

    Is there a deadline?

    End of the current year!!!!


    People who have completed the challenge will be posted here, please send me a PM once you’re done!

    Winners and in what year:

    Others results in past Years:
    Verecocha: 17-38
    Hylian Elf: 17-25

    Quick Links to lists:
  • 1: PUBG/Battlegrounds
    - 10 hours - 9/10 - No Achievements Available -
    This is gonna take so much of my time this year. Perfect for a quick hour here and there, perfect for pass the pad, it’s even turned out perfect for pass the pad with the wife and a friends wife whilst they’ve been around as it’s so easy to play, simply difficult to win. Technical issues are put to one side as the addictive and super tense nature of it is awesome.

    2: Dead Rising 4
    - 10 hours - 8/10 - 240/1000 -
    What awesome fun. Pure, simple fun, little batshit story and plenty of fun. The little investigation areas are nice and easy, the cases and safe houses a nice addition, but it all boils down to crazy weapons and vehicles and mowing down tons of zombies. Very easy and straightforward but with all the serious games we play, this is such a nice time sink. Loved it and might play some of the DLC at some point.

    3: Dead Rising 3
    - 10 hours - 6/10 - 510/1000 -
    Thank goodness that’s over. Thought I’d go back to it after loving my time in DR4, almost wish I hadn’t. Shows it’s age visually, the controls are slow and unresponsive, the lead is a bore, the story isn’t even fun, the map is awful to traverse, the vehicles handle awfully etc etc. Just had such little fun with this, I remember why I tried it at launch and gave up. Nothing very positive to say about this game, especially after 4. 1 and 4 are great, 2 and 4 awful.

    4: Resident Revelations 2
    - 8 hours - 5/10 - N/A -
    First began to play this at release on my Xbox but really really didn’t enjoy it so stopped after a couple of hours. Has always irritated me being the only Resi I’ve not completed so with being away for a week bought it for the Switch in the sale, still didn’t enjoy it but got through it. Slow, rather boring, not a very fun or engaging story with the disposable cast of Resi characters. Glad it’s over really. Not a bad game just, no fun for me.

    5: Thumper
    - 8 hours - 6/10 -
    I know it’s got a lot of love here but I was glad to finish this. It wasn’t a bad game by any means I just didn’t really enjoy it. I don’t know how much of that was because I’ve played it on my PSVR and reasonably enjoyed the lengthy demo so playing it portable on the Switch was just a huge step down, but it just felt so routine by the end. It’s merely a rhythm game so how much depth and change unexpected I don’t know but still, just very...meh.

    6: Monster Hunter
    -12 hours - 6/10 -
    Really tried but man I didn’t enjoy it. For me it felt really slow and clunky, the combat really wasn’t satisfying with no real impact from the weapons they just slide over the enemies. Just felt like find them, fight, they run away, chase them to another part of the map where they’ll have a nap then battle again, rinse and repeat. The MP is far too overcomplicated for such a time with odd choices made for MP campaign play. I just really couldn’t get on with it, but again it’s really not my kind of thing just wanted to at least give it a go.

    7: Golf Story
    - 13 hours - 5/10 -
    I really don’t like not completing games but this is another. It started reasonably well but man it just begun to bore me to tears. Didn’t have any charming or redeeming characters/areas. All the quests just blend into one eventually, I just didn’t wanna put any more time in and I don’t think I’ll ever wanna go back.

    8: GTAV
    - 18 hours - 8/10 - 220/1000 -
    Thank god that’s over. Started September 2013, restarted when released on XBox One, then left on the back burner for 4 years until I really thought it was time to finally finish it in the last few weeks. A truly brilliant game marred by myself in taking so long to complete it, but oh man I’m so so glad it’s over.

    9: Rise of the Tomb Raider
    - 10 Hours - 8/10 - 500/1000 -
    Loved this game, nearly finished at release and my save was corrupted by a bug they couldn’t fix so I walked away in a sulk. Decided to go back recently to get it off my list and also enjoy the C upgrade. Absolutely stunning game, one of the best looking of the generation so far. And sublime to play too. Really enjoy the whole experience, the gunfights and combat are enjoyable, weapons are fun and reasonably varied. The Tomb Raidings whilst short are a nice change and offer a little challenge every now and again, but the experience is now similar to many games in it being likened to a long action movie, quick paced with lots of story elements interspersed with action sequences and better than Umcharter adventuring. Looking forward to the next already.

    10: Metal Gear Solid - Vita
    - 6 Hours - 9/10 -
    Man I must’ve finished this game a million times but it just gets better and better. The controls weren’t mapped very well to the Vita and I’d got to the Metal Gear fight without death only to ruin that with the fiddly application. Don’t think I’ve ever died during that fight...but anyway. Loved it as a whole. Half way through 2 now!

    11: God of War -
    - 14 Hours - 10/10 -
    Incredible game, absolutely loved it. Would of been happy with another 10 hours of it. Absolutely stunning, one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen. Every inch of it lovingly crafted as were the stories behind them. Absolutely loved it. The combat left a little to be desired but at the same time it suited the weight and abilities of the character. Couldn’t recommend this more and sad it’s over.

    12: Destiny 2 - Warmind
    - A few Hours? - 7/10 -
    Reasonably short but really enjoyed the tone, visual design, sound design, in fact the whole theme of the Warmind expansion. Simple Bungie brilliance, regardless of what we’d all perhaps want D2 to turn into you cannot deny they make the best FPS games.

    13: State of Decay 2
    - 15 Hours - 6/10 - 640/1000
    Really odd one this as in a number of ways it’s technically awful, I usually hate games with such management needs, and I usually hate games with so many NPQ quests and responsibilities. It this somehow worked ridiculously well. It’s literally like the Walking Dead The Game for me and I love it for that. However it outlives it’s stay rather quickly as there’s no real depth or working with several communities etc, it for a good while it’s a different approach to a Zombie game and with a few changes could be incredible.

    Currently playing : Here They Lie VR,
    Gears 4 Co-Op, LA Noire, South Park, Ass Creed Origins, Shadow of War, Forza 7

    Next up: ?
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    2018 then:


    1 - Valiant Heats - scored [7] - 1/52
    2 - 10 Second Ninja X - scored [7] - 2/52
    3 - Hook - scored [7] - 3/52
    4 - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - scored [7] - 4/52
    5 - Cross Set - scored [6] - 5/52
    6 - Firewatch - scored [6] - 6/52
    7 - klocki - scored [6] - 7/52
    8 - Pink Hour - scored [7] - 8/52
    9 - Cosmic Express - scored [9] - 9/52
    10 - The Last Guardian - scored [8] - 10/52
    11 - DATA WING - scored [7] - 11/52
    12 - Star Battle - scored [7] - 12/52
    13 - Hue - scored [6] - 13/52
    14 - Red - scored [6] - 14/52
    15 - hocus - scored [4] - 15/52
    16 - Yellow - scored [5] - 16/52
    17 - Hollow Knight - scored [10] - 17/52
    18 - Blip Blup - scored [6] - 18/52
    19 - Type:Rider - scored [3] - 19/52
    20 - Florence - scored [8] - 20/52
    21 - KAMI - scored [7] - 21/52
    22 - Sky Force Anniversary - scored [7]
    23 - Lines - scored [5]
    24 - Mario Run - scored [8]
    25 - Refunct - scored [7]
    26 - Monument Valley 2 - scored [6]
    27 - PEG - scored [5]
    28 - God of War - scored [9]
    29 - Line Way - scored [8]
    30 - 140 - scored [8]
    31 - SiNKR - scored [5]
    32 - Super Stardust Ultra - scored [8]
    33 - Last Day of June - scored [7]
    34 - Celeste - scored [9]
    35 - Ninja Senki DX - scored [4]
    36 - TorqueL - scored [4]
    37 - Friday the Thirteenth - scored [7]
    38 - Teslagrad - scored [6]
    39 - SuperHot - scored [7]
    40 - The End is Nigh - scored [9]
    41 - Not a Hero - scored [6]
    42 - Human Resource Machine - scored [8]
    43 - oO - scored [8]
    44 - Between the Lines: Rebus - scored [5]
    45 - Virginia - scored [6]
    46 - Mandagon - scored [5]
    47 - A Normal Lost Phone - scored [8]
    48 - What Became of Edith Finch - scored [8]
    49 - Burly Men at Sea - scored [4]
    50 - Lines X - scored [3]
    51 - Q.U.B.E. (Director's Cut) - scored [7]
    52 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider - scored [6]

    ? - Monkey Island
    ? - FH4
    ? - Sokobond
    ? - Thumper
    ? - LYNE
    ? - Wipeout Omega Collection

    (Running total: [342])

    Coming soon: Stuff from the Fiscal Prudence thread (here), DkS 3 DLC, GoW4, Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Resi 4, Pandora's Tower, Downwell, Monkey Island 1 & 2 Remastered, Grim Fandango Remastered, Day of the Tentacle Remastered,Trine 1-3, Catherine, Rogue Legacy, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Sleeping Dogs, Binding of Isaac, Gravity Rush, Stealth Inc 2, Transistor, Valiant Hearts, Broforce, Magicka 1&2, Kentucky Route Zero, 1001 Spikes, Remember Me, Catherine, MGS V/GZ, Danganronpa, DmC, Dust, From Dust, Gears of War (1-4), God of War, Hitman (early ones), Splinter Cell, I Am Alive, Outlast,  SotC HD, Styx, Thief, The Crew, Ys, Yakuza, XCOM, Suikoden, TWD (s2), The Evil Within, The Banner Saga, Sniper Elite, Richard & Alice, Hydrophobia, Gunpoint, Else Heart.Break(), Door Kickers, Malicious, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Castevania: Lord of Shadows, No Time to Explain, Apotheon, Capsized


    1 - Thieves on the Fen
    2 - Station Elevent
    3 - The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
    4 - Legacy of Spies
    5- Thirteen Problems
    6 - The Algebraist
    7 - In a Cottage In a Wood
    8 - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
    9 - The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
    10 - Dragon Teeth
    11 - The Fourth Monkey 
    12 - Divisadero
    13 - Children through Time
    14 - Forsaken
    15 - Prince of Thorns
    16 - King of Thorns
    17 - Emperor of Thorns
    18 - Pale Fire

    Movies / series

    1 - Line of Duty (s3)
    2 - Bloodlines (s3)
    3 - Atomic Blonde
    4 - Patti Cakes
    5 - Black Mirror (various)
    6 - Godless
    7 - The Good Place (s1)
    8 - McMafia
    9 - Collateral
    10 - Marcella (s2)
    11 - The Good Place (s2)
    12 - SAFE
    13 - The Handmaid's tale (s2)
    14 - A Very English Scandal
    15 - Who Is America
    16 - Unforgotten (S3)
    17  - The Affair (s4)
    18 - Riviera
    19 - The Bodyguard
    20 - Killing Eve
    21 - A Star is Born
    22  - Better Call Saul (s4)
    23 - Line of Duty (S4)
    24 - Ozark (s2)
    25 - Luther (S1)
    26 - Luther (S2)
    ? - The Little Drummer Girl

    My 2017 link: here (73 played, 59 completed, [394]; 25 books; 33 shows/movies)
    My 2019 link: here
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    Martin Bird
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    1. Sky Force Anniversary
    Basic, but in a good way. The upgrade progression is nicely done, which gives it a great 'one more go' feel.  Enjoyed the audio too, the explosions and weapons really hit my nostalgia gland hard. The various goals for each level, as well as a hard mode, give plenty of reasons to keep having the odd go to try and 100% everything. 7

    2. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
    Final boss dead. This has opened up some fantastic post game stuff which I will have a crack at, but I'm calling it done after 80+ hours.

    I've tried at least 3 times to play this, but given up thanks to a couple of early difficulty spikes. I'm glad I stuck it out this time because it has to go above the mighty Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I regret not playing it sooner. I stopped paying attention to the story towards the end which is unusual for me, but I don't think it was anything special. The real joy was the squad management and the actual battles. There are so many options and units that I've not explored, which is great 'cos post game stuff. 9

    3. Exile's End - Vita
    I sort of enjoyed this, probably because I've not played any of the modern Metroidy type games. I had to restart after 20 minutes thanks to an autosave which left me surrounded by enemies with virtually no health. I put it down at one point, told it to fuck off and decided not to touch it again, yet here we are. The best, worst game I've played. 5

    4. YS: Memories of Celceta - Vita
    Solid RPG that wasn't too taxing or long (40 hours).

    The real time combat suited my button mashing style, although there were a few too many bosses for my liking. The story is nothing special but it was enough to stop me glazing over. Characters weren't overly annoying, even if some of their dialogue was cheesy.

    There's an NG+ so I might do that at some point and go for the Platinum. 7

    5. Farming Simulator 14 - Vita
    I enjoyed the original but this was a bit of a step backwards. I still played it for more than 30 hours, not something I'm proud of. 4

    6. Trails of Cold Steel - Vita
    I was wishing this was over after about 60 hours but it ended up dragging on for another 30 or so. Story and dialogue were a bit rubbish, there was just way too much waffle and nonsense. Combat was great, although setting up spells and abilities could be a pain when you were forced to switch characters. Aside from the occasional bout of slowdown, the graphics were excellent, with plenty of attention to detail and some fantastic locations.

    If they'd have cut down the waffle and shortened it by 30 hours, this would have been a solid 8, but it's a okayish 7

    7. Lost Frontier - PC
    As close to Advance Wars as I've been. Completed it on iOS a while ago, but couldn't resist another stab on PC. 8
    PSN/XBox/WiiU/Steam: Birdorf -- 3DS: 4382 3173 0928
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    1. Pacman Championship Edition DX+ - I got the achievement for 'completing' on NYE, but it didn't feel like I was done with it. Unlocked some more courses with Mrs Pea since and aside from improving our scores I feel i can count this as done. We've had loads of fun playing it together and will continue for quite some time. 9/10

    2. Mario Odyssey
    I'm counting this as done because I'll never get all the moons. Will continue to chip away as its just great fun to pop on for a blast for 20 mins. Absolutely loved it, and the first Mario platform game I've enjoyed aside from Maker. 10/10

    3. Golf Story
    Started to drag towards the end if I'm honest, but still incredibly enjoyable and fun. Superb sense of humour throughout, I haven't laughed at a game like that for a good while. 8/10

    4. Oxenfree

    Really enjoyed this. Grabbed on Switch for cheap and played all tucked up in beds bo's with a cuppa. Incredible music and eery story. Not much gameplay as such but a very enjoyable ride all the same. 7/10

    5. Letter Quest Remastered

    Great chill out game. Finished the 'story' but will jump back on at some point to get more stars. Good fun. 7/10

    6. Firewatch

    Wow. I was blown away by this. Beautiful visuals and amazing atmosphere. I'll probably play through this a few more times over the next few years, if only to try and hear some more of the interactions. Loved the dialogue between the characters and was gutted when it ended. Absolutely brilliant. 9/10


    Breath of the Wild (Barely started), Spintires Mudrunner (Nearly done all maps), Assassins Creed Origins (Nearing the end), PUBG, Human Fall Flat (Nearing the end), Snipperclips(One section done), Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Need to get Team Awesome back together as we are really far in).

  • So far in 2018:

    1. Year Walk (iOS)
    2. Battle Garegga (PS4)
    3. Thumper (PS4)
    4. Monument Valley w/DLC (iOS)
    5. Demon’s Souls (PS3)
    6. God of War (PS4)
    7. Into The Breach (Switch)
    8. Dead Cells (Switch) - 10-15 hrs played, unfinished
    9. Return of the Obra Dinn (MacOS)
    10. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)
    11. Hollow Knight (Switch)
    12. GRIS (Switch)
    13. Bayonetta (Switch)
    14. Life is Strange: Before the Storm (XB1)

    Tech bonus, buy less than 10 games in the year. Bought so far:

    1. Secret of Mana (PS4) £26
    2. Monster Hunter World (PS4) £46
    3. Dragonball Fighter Z (PS4) £46
    4. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £26
    5. Skyforce Anniversary (PS4) £3.29
    6. The Swapper (PS4) £3.29
    7. Bayonetta 2 (Switch) £35
    8. Super Hydorah (PS4) £45
    9. God of War (PS4) £48
    10. Hollow Knight (Switch) £18
    "But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!"
  • Why not. Kicking off with SM Odyssey.
  • In. 

    Games Completed 
    2016: 5
    2017: 4
    2018 Target: 52

    1. Super Mario Kart
    Yes Super Mario Kart. I owned this originally, I don't know how many cups I won but I doubt I'd ever got gold in the 150cc Special Cup. Maybe I did but whatever skill I had back then had disappeared when I came to play it again. I had to re-learn how to play. Pretty unforgiving by today's standards and the last cup is what would probably be today called a difficulty spike. Anyway, after lots of trying I got it. Credits rolled. It’s still genius, and having played same room MP with a pod of mates over Xmas, it still holds up in that regard as well.

    Too punishing for me to properly get good at though. Different times back then when playing courses over and over to properly nail it was just a natural part of the thing. Too little time and too many other distractions now.

    Anyway, Zelda:LTTP should be finished soon too.

    2. Zelda : Link to the Past
    Another one where I can’t remember how far I got originally. Definitely not completed properly though (I played it with my older brother, he was older, I was shit and would die often so got phased out the longer it went on). Not going to bother writing much. I’ve probably not got much I can add to what everyone already knows and thinks. The dungeons remain top drawer. I don’t have the patience for the overworld secret hunt though and honestly found that a bit of a chore. The game seemed bewilderingly enormous when I was young, now it’s tediously spread out. It’s not even that big really, just dense with secrets and lots of backtracking as each new item unlocks new bits all over the map. I think this post proves I have no soul now. I liked it a lot despite that.

    3. Super Castlevania
    Ok in a word. I used saved states frequently. 'Of its time' is the best way to describe this. Lot of frustrating bits in here, you jump on a ledge, a bat comes out of nowhere, knocks you back into a pit of insta-death, and then you restart at some bit that you were at bloody ages ago. The enemies don't really change much or get more challenging, the difficulty comes from avoiding the bloody bats, not making careless mistakes and a trial and error, death and repeat loop. Made for a different time when that was part of the challenge rather than just being annoying. But even within that there are some cheap deaths to be had. That's the bad. 

    The slowness of whichever Belmont is featured here wasn't too much of a problem. He's got limited moves but you can pull them off quickly when you need to, the special weapons help and he's pretty nimble at jumping around the place. The bosses are good (as long as you're save stating as soon as they show up). Some are on the easy side, some are on the controller-throwing, tantrum-inducing side. And there's moments when it really comes alive and must have been technically impressive at the time as well. The final run towards Dracula was a good bit. There's a few other moments but they can be a bit few and far between. Most of it is whipping bats and skeletons and plodding around a bit. The soundtrack is great. I didn't think much of it at first but it really grew on me and was a proper ear-wormer by the end.

    By save stating it I think I denied myself the best bit. The anxiety of trying to do the whole level with quite precise timing and tricky bits while only taking a few hits and the relief and elation when you finally do it and move onto the next bit. Some of these older games are built around that. But it wasn't entertaining enough for me to play it that way. I'll do it with megaman but those games are fun. This was just fun sometimes. Definitely an easy [8] by early 90s standards, maybe higher. I'd give it a 6 or 7 now.
  • Il be in again but i have such a little attention span im still completing games from many moons ago.

    1. Abzu.
    Really enjoyed this as a relaxation treatment after my release from hospital, may even go back to platinum with a you tube guide.

    2. The last guardian.
    Finally got this on my own account and thoroughly enjoyed it, i absolutely adored trico and pushed thru as i wanted to see what was going to happen.

    3. Street fighter v ae.
    Completed story mode wich was pish.
    Enjoying the arcade modes and survival modes.

    4. Uncharted the lost legacy.
    Really enjoyed a lot if it, puzzles were great but the open world stuff was boring.

    5.Cod ww2 campaign.
    First cod campaign iv played since blops 2 i think, used to really like them and i enjoyed ww2's campaign.
    Multiplayer is the same old shit but zombies is really good.

    6.Shadow of the colossus.
    Classic game, so pretty in 4k.   
    Loved it.

    7.yakuza 0.
    Im in chapter 2 and its funking brilliant, theres so much to do i fear i wont play much else this year.
    Edit: chapter 7 now and decided to slow down and concentrate on a few side quests, namely running my hostesd club for quick easy cash and letting my girlfriend not be too bored by playing dress up and make up.
    Took down Mars club and loving this game so far. (i don't want it to end)
    10/10 so far.

    8. Rise of the tomb raider.
    Started great but was ultimately board by the end, the extra survival stuff is shit too.

    9. Cod modern warfare remasterd.
    Bought this for the co-op missions but i must have mis-rememberd as there are none.
    Bashed thru campaign anyway and was ok but not as great as remembered.

    10. Cod ww2 zombies.
    Completed the storyline to the zombies campaign wich is really hard solo.
    Have since heard theres a harder story line with alternative outcomes but i will need a squad of people who know how to do it to do it with.
    Also its a long learning process as these take over a few hours to get to the parts that actually change etc.
    Really loving it, is so addictive.

    11. A way out.
    Had a great time with this was almost the perfect length and enjoyed the story.
    No spoilers from me, i will play again.

    12. Nier:automata.
    Comnat better than bayo, some nice 2d shmup and twin stick stuff, shame the.maps so shit to navigate.
    Not sure how far thru i am.

    13. Burnout paradise.
    I have one trophy to go to platinum.
    Find all events, i cant find the single event im missing :(
    Really fun online doing challenges too.
  • Nina
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    Games with no real end point that I'll be playing in 2018:
    1 - Splatoon 2 200+ hours and counting, gotta grind that perfect ability gear
    2 - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate switched from 3ds to switch version, gotta grind that awesome looking gear
    3 - Monster Hunter World

    4 - What Remains of Edith Finch
    Just Completed
    5 - NieR Automata 
    6 - Firewatch
    7 - Monument Valley
    8 - A Normal Lost Phone
    9 - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
    10 - Bravely Default
    11 - Ghost Trick
    12 - Mr. Shifty
    13 - Gris

    Currently Playing:
    14 - Fire Emblem Awakening Think I'm at chapter 6
    15 - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

    Played at some point and want to go back to:
    16 - Mario 3D Land I just suck at platformers
    17 - Rhythm Paradise Am actually close to the end but didn't put enough time in to learn the, ehh, timings
    18 - Yoshi's and Poochy's Wooly World I even suck at Yoshi platformers
    19 - Super Mario Odyssey

    Already own these but never played:
    20 - Assassin's Creed 2
    21 - Binary Domain
    22 - Bioshock Infinite
    23 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    24 - Bulletstorm
    25 - Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
    26 - Dear Esther
    27 - Deus EX Human Revolution
    27 - DmC: Devil May Cry
    29 - DOOM
    30 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
    31 - Furi
    32 - Grim Fandango Remastered
    33 - Hollow Knight
    34 - Hyper Light Drifter
    35 - Kentucky Route Zero
    36 - Never Alone
    37 - Night in the Woods
    38 - Ori and the Blind Forest
    39 - Papers, Please
    40 - The Stanley Parable
    41 - Steamworld Heist
    42 - Thumper
    43 - Transistor
    44 - Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    45 - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    46 - The Witcher 3
    47 - Killzone Mercenaries 
    48 - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Vita)
    49 - Tearaway
    50 - Donkey Kong Country Returns
    51 - Dragon Quest IX
    52 - Gunman Clive 1 + 2
    53 - Link's Awakening
    54 - Metroid Samus Returns
    55 - Star Fox 3D
    56 - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    57 - Killzone Shadowfall
    58 - Until Dawn
    59 - Okami HD
    60 - Bloodborne
    61 - Hotline Miami 1 & 2 (Vita)
    62 - Steamworld Dig 
    63 - Persona 4 Dancing All Night Long
  • In!

    1. Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition
    16th December 2017 – 6th January 2018
    If I could go back in time, I probably wouldn't have started this game.  Remember the inspiring, energetic, exciting and humorous 1985 film original?  This game cannot be described the same, and I wonder why this needed the Telltale treatment.  Such an odd fit to take the BttF concept and boil it down into these five meandering, dull episodes of fetch quests and conversations.  Meant as a follow on from the trilogy, the references in the titter free script only serve to remind you of the superiority of the films.  I don't like to wail on games and always like to find some positives but I struggled with most aspects of this. 4

    2. What Remains of Edith Finch
    6th January 2018 – 7th January 2018
    The tragic tale of the Finch family, each member's fate played out in vignettes uncovered as you play as Edith, exploring the old family home after an absence.  Such a wonderfully inventive, imaginative and creative game.  The house has a starring role, the nooks and crannies, the way you work your way through the house itself, the level of detail almost overwhelming at times.  Such is your desire to take it all in, the information you don't want to miss.  Despite the tragedy, I never felt too mournful until the end, each story unfurls but is dealt with so creatively as if to distract you from the impending doom.  I almost wish the game had sought to wring more solemn emotions from me as in Gone Home or Life is Strange, but I couldn't fault the level of imagination on show, in particularly the later stories.  Great storytelling, with maybe a few issues spread across the tales that you could object to, but otherwise excellent. 9

    3. Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
    20th January 2018
    It would seem I have a thing for walking simulators, so when the OG came up for a few quid in a sale, I thought I would see how it all started.  First impressions were positive, this is a refreshed version of a relatively old game, but the look of the Hebridean island has an abandoned beauty to it.  The music was excellent too, its minimal, haunting melody adding to the derelict desolation.  Although the underlying story is not spelt out to the player, there is a visual narrative that I picked up which I invested in emotionally and the whole experience was beautiful yet poignant.  I am playing through a second time with the developer commentary on, having also missed certain 'elements' first time round, I am certainly looking out for them now. 8

    4. Get Even
    17th January 2018 – 4th February 2018

    A first person thriller/horror by The Farm 51. This game starts off straight forward enough, you are Cole Black (that's right), your inner monologue informs you to find the girl.  Upon achieving this the game takes a swerve and you find yourself in an asylum playing out memories at the behest of a mysterious handler called Red.  What follows is a twisting, mysterious story of corporate espionage, infidelity and revenge, played out with gunplay, stealth and investigative elements in the vein of Condemned.  The story attempts to weave a plot that doesn't really come together until the final third, before taking a further swerve towards the end.  I felt there was maybe a twist too many and the plot a little convoluted in places for a game with a 20+ hour run time, especially when you are coming to this over several sessions.  You are encouraged throughout to use little violence, but stealth is not its strongest suit, and the gunplay neither.  However, it was an enjoyable game overall; immersive, great audio, especially through the headphones, and it ambitiously attempted to tell a tale despite its small shortcomings. 7.5

    5. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
    10th February 2018

    I originally played this on the 360, loved it then, and courtesy of MS' Game Pass, I got to love it again on the Bone.  I had forgotten how wrought with tragedy it is, not forgetting the ending, but there really is little to cheer about at the start and there are some dark elements interspersed throughout.  A unique proposition of single player co-op, you guide big brother on the left stick and little brother on the right.  A little confusion sometimes as their paths inevitable cross but an inventive play scheme nonetheless.  Despite the tragedy, there are a few poignant highlights as you interact with others along the way.  I'm torn on the ending, but this game is all about the journey. 8

    6. RiME
    11th February 2018 – 12th February 2018
    What a stunning, beautiful game by Tequila Works.  You are washed up on a beach, a little boy with a red cape.  The gorgeous cel-shaded, almost Ghibli like visuals grab you, the sense of wonder already present as you begin to explore your surroundings.  The wonderfully orchestrated music wraps around you and the lovely animation enchants as you run, leap and roll around.  As you push on you understand more, there are lots of hidden areas and secrets to be found, bundles of charm still to uncover.  Your sense of adventure pushes you on, the puzzles ahead test but never tax.  The journey is fraught, the story told without words is emotional and the ending stays with you after the game has passed, leaving you contemplative and misty eyed.  I understand upon further reading it had a difficult development, so TW deserve extra credit for crafting such a wonderful adventure, just brilliant. 9.5

    7. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
    12th February 2018 – 18th February 2018
    I thought I'd give this a whirl ahead of the sequel, courtesy of Game Pass.  This game, a zombie survival sim of sorts, is a grand concept with some flaws that hold it back.  Firstly; given its 360 XBLA origins, it has some rough edges graphically, which I can look past.  Other glitches do mar the experience somewhat, thin air spawning zombies being one that kills the immersion.  It's second and perhaps biggest issue is, it isn't very hard.  I was able to maintain my main character, Marcus and the few others I used when he tired, quite easily.  There were a couple of dicey moments involving some of the special infected but it never came to anything critical.  Not enough was made of the base building either, so despite researching and building facilities, they were not fully explored.  In terms of resources, everything was plentiful, so by the end I had amassed quite an arsenal of weapons, and plenty of everything else.  However; those first few hours were very good, when you have nothing, trying to loot quietly whilst zeds roam outside, great tension builder.  It promises well for the sequel though, so long as they can get the balancing right.  Despite this being the definitive edition of the game, I would liked to have tried the DLC modes, Breakdown and Lifeline, but they weren't included with Game Pass, which is disappointing. 7

    8. The Swapper
    20th February 2018 – 24th February 2018

    A nifty little Sci-Fi indie puzzler with a cloning as its central mechanic.  Tasked with escaping an abandoned research station, the game adopts a very Metroidvania style of exploration as you collect orbs to unlock areas and your path through the game.  The puzzles themselves make use of your cloning tool and you have a limited number of copies of yourself that can be made to solve these puzzles.  The puzzles start off simple enough before becoming tricky later on.  However, I found the puzzles didn't really hold my interest enough in their conception to make solving them a pleasure so referred to a guide on a few just to progress.  Decent enough little game however, if a little lacking in depth. 6

    9. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter
    24th February 2018 – 26th February 2018

    I don't mind me a Sherlock sleuth 'em up, quite enjoyed the last outing, Crimes and Punishments, when it was on GwG.  They've attempted to sex this one up a bit, whilst retaining the core investigative mechanics to varied success.  Sherlock is now a tall dark brooding forty something where before he was the middle aged dry detective you'd expect, Watson has now gone full on Shoreditch hipster.  There has been an attempt to up the action with some QTE sequences and other such sections, but these sometimes fall into trial and error and suffer as a consequence.  A chase sequence through a forest and a poison gas maze being the lowest points.  The characterisation throughout is good though and the script well written, although a couple of cases do deliberately confuscate before revealing the truth after you've already committed your conviction.  There is an overarching storyline that flows over each episodic case and the reveal towards the end is well executed. 7.5

    10. The Bug Butcher
    27th February 2018 – 28th February 2018

    A simple little schmup this.  You are an exterminator tasked with ridding an infested multi-storey building of its bug inhabitants.  Each floor gets progressively tougher, bugs busy themselves around the screen in waves and you have the means to destroy them, but can only shoot upwards.  Power ups can be activated and upgrades earned, the challenge comes in trying to three star each level and also beat the combo target, although you can finish the game without doing either.  It scratches an itch, I'm not a massive schmup fan so it probably pales next to many others, but I enjoyed the challenge, despite a couple of niggles.  Finished all the arcade mode levels, the main game, three starred most (on easy!) with a couple of the harder ones left to do. 6.5

    11. The Turing Test
    28th February 2018 – 4th March 2018
    A Portalesque puzzler with a heavy sci-fi, 2001 vibe.  You must navigate an increasingly complex maze of rooms set in a research station using an orb gun in a bid to locate your fellow researchers.  Your only companion is an A.I. called T.O.M.  The level of puzzling here is good, enough challenge to avoid breezing through every room, but still achievable enough to enable steady and rewarding progress.  Nothing terribly original story wise but enjoyable all the same, very solid throughout. 8

    12.  Super Lucky's Tale
    5th March 2018 – 10th March 2018
    Great charm and production values run throughout this bright and cheery 3D platformer, playing as Lucky the fox in his quest to save the Book of Ages.  It looks great, bursting with colour, however the platforming itself in the 3D space was a let down and frustrated the overall experience.  I felt the control of Lucky was not as correct as it could have been, leading to many missed leaps and landings, hampered further by the limited camera.  I'm not sure why it was necessary to restrict the camera, but I know it would have made the world of difference to the enjoyment of the game if it had 360 control.  Not terrible in any way but a missed opportunity. 6

    13. Unravel
    19th July 2016 – 18th March 2018

    Came back to this Nordic platformer a third time after a long absence, determined to see it through.  I had dipped a toe twice before but it just couldn't quite pull me in.  Playing as a woolen character called Yarny, you must leap, swing and puzzle your way through many levels, completing a scrapbook of memories that charts the life of a family.  What was clear from playing this was it is clearly a very personal game to the developer, Coldwood, and I appreciated the sentiment.  The look of the game is great, some fabulous texture work, and the physics were very well done.  You are required to swing a lot using yarn and this was satisfyingly done.  What let it down though was my nemesis, trial and error.  I just don't like it and it feels like lazy developing when I encounter it.  It gets marked down for this. 6.5

    14. The Wolf Among Us
    18th March 2018 – 24th March 2018

    I'm not familiar with the graphic novel so went into this blind.  I have a number of Telltale games on the hard drive and the bad taste of Back to the Future still lingered, I was aware this is considered a decent effort and I wasn't disappointed.  A stylish, very well told noir thriller of fairy tale characters inhabiting a New York borough, with you as Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown.  I really enjoyed the premise, the story was interesting and involving, the characters well acted and scripted.  As Bigby I was invested in shaping the story, the dialogue was entertaining and the level of interaction very well done.  So much better than BttF in every way. 8.5

    15. Tales From The Borderlands
    25th March 2018 – 31st March 2018

    Started hot off the heels of the much enjoyed The Wolf Among Us, expectations were high for this graphic tale from the Gearbox franchise.  Snappy dialogue coupled with a tittersome script and some energetic action sequences made this an entertaining Telltale edition.  It felt a little flabby towards the middle but the pace picked up again in the final third.  The characters were all likeable, even the villains and there were some darkly comic moments that bounced off the seemingly juvenile tone and style.  A special mention to the opening credits of each episode which I thought were great, a well worked blend of cinematic camera work and music.  Overall it didn't top Wolfie, but it was still a very good Telltale game. 7.5

    16. Virginia
    31st March 2018

    I was aware of this divisive game, but I found it cheap in the Xbox Spring Sale so for the price of a pint I thought I'd satisfy my curiosity.  I'd seen it billed as a Lynchian blend of Twin Peaks and The X Files, and this was a fairly accurate portrayal of the game.  Set in Virginia in 1992, you take the role of newly graduated FBI Special Agent Anne Tarver, beginning your career with the investigation of a missing local boy.  You are thrown in at the deep end by your superior as you are also tasked with incorporating an internal affairs investigation into your new partner.  This game is a variation on the walking simulator with point and click elements, the plot and events unfold, you have little bearing on the outcomes as such.  The story is one of mystery and intrigue; it begins rather straightforward but soon descends into surrealism and confusion.  There are many motifs and signifiers, many meanings can be assumed.  The final third splinters into plot fragments and it feels at the end you are meant to make your own interpretations.  I kinda liked it, it was weird yet wonderful, brilliantly cinematic, eerily odd with no spoken dialogue but the direction was tight and the runtime concise.  The music is excellent and the score from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra is rousing and perfectly complements the tale.  The game as a whole sits below the likes of Edith Finch if I can make that comparison, and I can see how the ending may not satisfy many as it descends into arthouse territory, but I felt it a highly commendable effort. 7.5

    17. Late Shift
    31st March 2018
    Not so much a game as an interactive FMV, I had my eye on this in previous sales but never pulled the trigger, so I was pleased to see it drop onto MS' Game Pass.  You decide the fate of Matt, a student working the night shift at a private parking garage used by a fairly high class clientele.  Your quiet night takes a turn when you go to investigate what looks like an attempted car theft.  What follows is a fairly slickly produced hour long FMV ride with branching chapters and multiple endings.  The acting is never BAFTA troubling as it veers from the good to the not so good, and technically it can fall a little short as the game attempts to stitch together your decisions in real time.  Generally though I thought it was quite good, the plot is clichéd and occasionally rough, but it shows that FMV games have come a long way since the likes of Night Trap. 7

    18. Recore: Definitive Edition
    2nd April 2018 – 5th May 2018
    Playing as Joule, a colonist who awakes from cryo-sleep to find that terraforming has failed, this open world game tasks you with finding the fault, with the aid of a robotic dog companion called Mack.  This game uses Metroidvania elements in its progression, with various dungeons forming a large part of the experience.  Initially what starts off as a fairly encouraging experience descends into a frustrating, confused mess of half baked ideas and technical shortcomings.  Combat veers into a broken battle of attrition and will as the enemies get tougher and more numerical, the mechanics failing to allow you keep pace with the onscreen action.  The dungeons are rarely a treat to traverse and become quickly tiresome, a waste of what is a fairly decent moveset of double jumping and dashing.  This game has a distinct feeling of development time running out, or of a team that didn't quite have the technical ability to match the ambition on display.  I'm not sure what compelled me to finish it, stubborness to not let such an awkward bit of code get the better of me probably.  Amongst it all I could see a good game crying to get out, but as it stands, even with the Definitive update it received, a bit of a stinker. 5

    19. Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe
    11th May 2018 - 12th May 2018

    Shite. 2

    20. EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
    12th July 2015 - 15th May 2018
    Prompted by its imminent removal from the EA Vault, I thought I'd batter through and finish this.  I finished the season, won all majors, completed all Night Club challenges.  This never felt like a creditable replacement for Shagger Woods, light on content at launch and further content never really arrived so the franchise feels dead in the water right now.  Technically a competent golf game, just light on soul or character. 6

    21. Final Fight: Double Impact
    19th May 2018 - 30th May 2018
    A double header of arcade classics Final Fight and Magic Sword.  As with Golden Axe, stuff like this evokes rose tinted memories but the reality is it all dates terribly.  Final Fight was always an iconic title for me and whilst it plays better than Golden Axe it still is a clunky old pile of jank.  Magic Sword I'd never played before but its mechanics held a little interest, being able to rescue AI buddies to fight alongside and the ability to skip floors seem to add an extra layer of thinking over other arcade games of that era. 4

    22. State of Decay 2
    22nd May 2018 - 9th June 2018
    I enjoyed this, for me it addressed mostly the issues I had with the first game and added a few new tricks of its own.  I was highly critical of the dismissive Eurogamer review which I felt focused far too much on its rough edges rather than the quality within.  The sense of peril had increased over the first, and having to manage yourself and the community felt better realised, resources still felt plentiful but attaining them was more risky than previously.  Vehicles are now scarcer and nursing them more crucial, with them now requiring fuel too.  The co-op hasn't really taken off as this probably wasn't as well realised as it could be so again its strength is in the solo campaign.  This offers multiple playthroughs as you can elect different leaders which provide a unique set of missions to that leader and with three maps available you are able to resettle a community for another run.  For me a very good, under-rated game, not without its flaws but much to admire. 8

    23. Life is Strange: Before the Storm
    12th June 2018 - 27th June 2018
    The prequel to what is one of my favourite games, this time in the hands of Deck Nine Games.  It was great to be back in Arcadia Bay, this time playing as Chloe Price as you befriend Rachel Amber, the missing friend from the first game.  This was a more conventional, straight forward story compared to LiS, with less fantastical elements and drama.  It was interesting to explore Chloe and Rachel's relationship however so the shift in tone didn't adversely affect the game.  This was very touching in parts and the quality of the storytelling drew me in emotionally so I took care in the conversation choices and actions.  It didn't hit the heights of LiS but this almost felt standalone to the first game so maybe it is unfair to draw too many comparisons.  A very good game overall and I look forward to another chapter in the Life is Strange world. 8.5

    24. ABZÛ
    1st July 2018 - 3rd July 2018
    A walking simulator in the water?  A swimulator?  Whatever you call it, this was a pleasant water based experience with an ecological bent.  Not much to go on storywise, you play a character with flippers with the main aim of restoring marine life to various areas that seem to have succumbed to a form of alien industry.  The swimming is the star here, and the freedom of movement it affords.  The ability to observe and swim with all manner of marine life is another treat; sharks, turtles, whales, and a decent orchestral score all add to the brief experience. 7.5

    25. Unmechanical: Extended
    4th July 2018 - 7th July 2018
    A short little indie puzzler, you play a hovering robot sucked into the underworld.  You must travel through a labyrinth of puzzle lite rooms in the quest to find your freedom.  Not overly taxing in its story or puzzling, this was a fairly basic experience, neither exciting or long enough to become dull, but pleasant enough with just enough charm to carry it through. 6.5

    26. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition
    8th July 2018 - 15th July 2018
    A Unity based minimalist game based on that least liked aspect of car culture, drifting?  OK I'll give it a go then.  Quite a decent little game all told, the graphical look is stark and clean and sits with the Japanese, zen like pitch.  The game has a top down, three quarter view, and offers various drifting disciplines; drift circuits, point to point tracks, driftkhana and free roam.  The drifting is easy to pick up but tricky to master, a multiplier ticks over and rewards you with the bigger scores if managed well.  The satisfaction of nailing a long drift is great as is the frustration of binning a decent run, thankfully the game has an instant restart button that gets you straight back into the action.  I really enjoyed the electronic soundtrack, the drum and bass tracks in particular lent themselves to the theme, overall a very good game to chill to and zone into score chasing. 7.5

    27. Asemblance
    21st July 2018
    Bit of an obtuse one this, and as I later found out, not a standalone title but the short prologue to a future episodic series.  A walking simulator crossed with a psychological thriller, the game begins with you in a lab of sorts, one that seems to act as a portal to unlocking memories which you can then explore.  There follows a mysterious and fractured series of memories that have implications of a wife and child in them but of their whereabouts and well being we are not told.  Nothing is really resolved and there are a number of equally obtuse endings that can be unlocked and secrets uncovered, one can only imagine future titles would embellish the plot further.  For now it is a bit of a curio that may blossom into something more.  6.5

    28. Zombie Army Trilogy
    15th July 2018 - 5th August 2018
    A spin off from Rebellion's Sniper Elite series, this game sees you revisiting maps and locales from the main games, the 'plot' revolving around Hitler's last days in the bunker and his final act of desperation, releasing the Nazi Zombie horde.  Playing as one of eight characters, you battle thousands of the occult Nazi horde over three acts, as you push through Germany to defeat Hitler and his nefarious army of cadavers.  A very long and repetitive title, with many a difficulty spike (on Sniper Elite level), and one probably best experienced in co-op, the game suggests this is the way to play but solo is fine.  It isn't a great game, it isn't bad, but its gameplay loop will see many give it up.  Not me though, I stubbornly battered through and gave old Jerry what for, even if he was already technically dead. 7

    29. Tekken 7
    5th August 2018 - 6th August 2018
    This was free to play over the weekend dated here and it was a good title to give one's gamerscore a massage so I had a dabble.  I am far from the world's biggest beat 'em up fan but I do seem to cross paths with the genre every now and then.  This is incredible polished and quite an easy beat 'em up to get to grips with.  I rinsed the bonkers campaign story mode, which was entertaining nonsense, and also gave the character missions a good go and the Treasure Battle mode.  It wouldn't be something I would probably buy but I could appreciate its slick production values and intense fighting.  7

    30. ONRUSH
    10th August 2018 - 12th August 2018
    Another Xbox free weekend opportunity, and one to finally experience why this game failed to trouble the tills.  It's an objective based arcade racer, and one where the reward isn't from crossing the line first.  The various race types on offer see you racing through gates to add seconds to a decreasing timer, accumulating points from boosting to reach a target score and other such objectives.  The core racing is solid, the first several hours very enjoyable, I really enjoyed the objective nature of it, its flaws present themselves over time though, and begin to grate after a while.  Its biggest issue is the takedown mechanic, and the apparently arbitrary nature of it.  The takedown from above is fine, no issues, but the side on takedown is odd, unreliable and frustrating to pull off consistently without failure, it doesn't seem to award the aggressor.  Coupled with this is an unskippable wreckcam and unnecessary respawn time of three seconds that kills the flow of the game, and given the flimsiness of the vehicles, wrecking is something you see a lot.  A missed opportunity perhaps, maybe it was doomed no matter the result, maybe its flaws were glaringly evident in the beta and kept people away.  It's a great game at £20, ideal for Game Pass even, it is still getting supported despite lay offs so hopefully it may have its flaws addressed. 7.5

    31. Ruiner
    18th August 2018 - 20th August 2018
    A very stylised cyberpunk isometric top down shooter and a jolly good one too.  You play as 'Puppy', a silent, masked man released from captivity by your handler and tasked with finding and releasing your brother.  A thin premise that solely exists to facilitate the mindless violence that ensues as you battle through several areas of a dystopian district, wreaking death with a variety of weapons at your disposal.  A plethora of bosses hinder your path, these can vary in difficulty which is where the frustration can kick in as you learn their attacks and what strategy is required to finish them.  You have a decent moveset though, and you are able to level up and unlock differing perks.  I finished the campaign on normal which was a stern challenge, I started straight on with new game+ which is set to very hard but you keep your level and perks.  I plan to go back and finish NG+ and also try my hand at the speed run.  Highly recommended game. 8.5

    32. Call of Duty: WWII
    15th August 2018 - 25th August 2018
    A very slick and well produced CoD campaign, great looking cut scenes.  A fairly typical outing for the franchise; a bombastic, predictable shooting gallery, throw in a tank section, a plane section, some of WWII's 'greatest hits' scenarios and try and wrap it up in pathos to justify it all.  Not a bad campaign however, just typical of the series.  Multiplayer is again fairly typical, although they've ripped the social hub straight from Destiny and given it a WWII makeover.  War mode is new to the series and is an answer to Battlefield's Operations mode.  As it is objective based it is actually quite fun to play but it lives and dies on the strength of your team you get stuck with so a little luck is required here to be gifted team mates that actually PTFO.  There are a few other quirks to the leveling system this year, netcode can vary wildly and killcams really can highlight this.  I will probably prestige once and play the campaign again on Veteran, maybe squeeze in a few Zombies games and I think that will do. 7

    33. Titanfall 2
    11th September 2017 - 27th August 2018
    As with CoD, another slick, well produced and good looking campaign, although this campaign now differs from the first by not being an online affair.  It suffered from my point of view by my starting of it last year and then not really sticking with it before finishing it recently.  I do plan to go back and do another run through on Master as it deserves this attention.  Probably deserved to sell more than it did although I do believe EA shafted it by releasing it within a congested window, however it improved technically and graphically on the first greatly, albeit with the initial impact of the first now lost.  I dipped into the multiplayer which was again very slick, although I do wonder if the purity of the first game was lost somewhat, the titans also felt a bit more fragile and throwaway than the hulking war machines they were in the first. 8

    34. Halo 4
    13th December 2015 - 29th August 2018
    Nigh on three years it's taken me to go back, it was the level Shutdown that did it for me, zapped all enthusiasm I had for this game.  If memory serves me correctly until this level I was doing OK, the level or two before might have been when the rot started to set in, when battling the Forerunners really does begin to bog you down.  Shutdown just killed it for me, and I turned it off.  Tempted back by the news of MCC hitting Game Pass and of the 4k update, I decided to crush this bug that had crawled up my arse.  Loaded up Shutdown, and after some initial teeth gnashing and some fresh tactics, I beat it and pushed through till the end.  Bad enemies the Forerunners, a real grind to go up against, plus the game just makes you feel so vulnerable (on Heroic), too much sniping, hiding, waiting for shields to recharge to be any fun.  Not horrendous but not a highlight, looks cracking though.  Done.  6.5

    35. InnerSpace
    1st September 2018 - 2nd September 2018
    You play Dennis Quaid, a naval pilot miniaturised and mistakenly (and hilariously) injected into the body of gorky, unassuming store clerk, Martin Short, while a pre annoying Meg Ryan hangs around waiting to turn into a bitch in years to come- oh no wait, that's Innerspace... this is InnerSpace, where you play Dennis Qua-.  Whilst maybe not the game of the film, this does share some similiarities to the film.  You are a small craft, able to fly through the air or submerge under water, your goal to release the demi gods imprisoned within the Inverse, an outside in inside out world.  Part puzzler and part exploration, you explore various regions of the Inverse and must unlock the demi god for each area before assisting with its release.  At several times during this game, I felt like a miniaturised Dennis Quaid, navigating the arteries and cavities of a befuddled Martin Short, the sometimes fiddly controls and camera bouncing me from pillar to post.  Beautiful in parts, confusing in others, this was a game with a message, possibly ecological, but it was pleasant and worth the 12 hours I spent with it. 7.5

    36. Manual Samuel
    3rd September 2018
    A wacky game in which you play as Samuel who dies but then makes a deal with Death that if he can make it through 24 hours by performing functions 'manually', then he will be granted his life back.  Cue several chapters of this adventure where you must control Samuel's limbs with triggers, his breathing with a button, blinking with another button, and so on.  High brow stuff ensues as you battle to get dressed, take a pee, drive a car, etc.  Quite a witty premise and story, not hilarious but some funny touches in parts, and the art style has a certain Ren & Stimpy style to it.  Quite a short game, replayability comes in attempting the speed runs of each level which does stretch your ability to coordinate Samual's functions.  All in all a novel, entertaining game. 7

    37. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
    7th March 2017 - 4th September 2018
    Huge open world tactical shooter.  As a squad of ghost operatives, you are tasked with taking down a complete Bolivian drugs cartel using all the toys at your disposal; guns, gadgets and vehicles.  What follows doesn't exactly fit the TC Ghost template as you barrel around the wonderfully detailed location, bumbling through heist, hijack and shootouts in a haphazard fashion.  You do occasionally complete a mission in a sleek, professional style, and when you do you feel like a god.  The game is a massive collectathon; guns, attachments, XP medals, data files... all filling out the map with icons needing to be cleared.  The missions are not without their repetition, but it is a good game to dip into with friends and cooperatively clean up Bolivia.  Not quite the this gen Operation Flashpoint I hoped it would be but good fun. 7

    38. Tower of Guns
    22nd September 2018
    Described by its creator, Joe Mirabello as a 'lunch break experience', this short roguelike shooter sees you blasting through a series of random areas and boss battles.  Designed to be played over many runs, as you buff your weapon level with each run enabling you to extend your run further.  There are a set of perks that you unlock which can also alter each run to give you differing experiences.  Quite a nifty little shooter, not something that lingers in the mind too long after, but a smooth blast at the time. 6.5

    39. Westerado: Double Barreled
    6th October 2018 - 7th October 2018
    Like an 8 bit Read Dead Redemption, but unfortunately not as good.  A wild west tale of revenge that starts off quite well but was spoiled for me by a frustrating end sequence.  You must track down the murderer of your family by obtaining clues to his appearance, achieved by completing missions, these then reveal details such as hat colour, belt buckle and so on.  The shooting controls are necessarily clunky, asking you to cock your revolver before shooting, but you also can only fire on the horizontal axis, which can make shootouts a frustrating experience at times.  I figure this was a design decision, for better or worse.  The hats for health system is a neat trick however, allowing you to shoot the hats off enemies and then pick them up to refill your health.  Save for that rubbish end sequence, a decent retro inspired adventure, slightly spoiled. 6

    40. The Park
    25th October 2018 - 26th October 2018
    A short first-person psychological horror.  You play as Lorraine, searching for your son, Callum, the little shit who has run off into a theme park closing for the day.  Upon entering the theme park, things quickly turn and the story plays out as you call out to your son and follow his voice, uncovering points of interest and intrigue along the way.  Best played with headphones, the sound design really does work to get the heckles up, offering a few jumps scares along the way.  The story is not award winning by any stretch, but does offer a journey that draws you around the theme park and keeps you invested towards its conclusion. 7

    41. Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops
    6th November 2018 - 10th November 2018
    A port of the two Tiny Trooper mobile games in one package.  This Cannon Fodder clone offers a pretty meaningless blast that neither excels nor offends.  Guide your troopers around the map using twin stick controls, the game a great deal easier now than with the touch method employed on the mobile games.  The missions repeat, pretty much kill and destroy everything, but with cute bobble head characters and odd cartoon cut scenes that clash thematically. 5.5

    To finish:
    Battlefield: Bad Company
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
    Homefront: The Revolution
    Mad Max
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    Monster Hunter World
    Resident Evil
    theHunter: Call of the Wild
    Hand of Fate
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    Layers of Fear
    Sea of Thieves
    Spintires: Mud Runner
    The Evil Within
    The Long Dark
    The Witcher 3

    To play (Pile of Shame):
    Alien: Isolation
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Child of Eden
    Deadly Premonition
    Gears of War 4
    Halo 5
    Mafia III
    Mass Effect 2
    Quantum Break
    Resident Evil 7
    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Shadows of the Damned
    Shadow Warrior
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill: Downpour
    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Slender: The Arrival
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    The Banner Saga
    The Banner Saga 2
    The Walking Dead Season 1
    The Walking Dead Season 2
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X
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    Drew Merson

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    I doubt I’ll make anything like 52. Let’s see.

    1. Little InfernoSwitchThoughts.
    2. FIFA 18 | Switch | Thoughts.
    3. Shadow of the Colossus HD | PS3 | Thoughts.
    4. Golf Story | Switch | Thoughts.
    5. Oxenfree | PS4 | Thoughts.
    6. Guacamelee | PS4 | Thoughts.
    7. Uncharted: Lost Legacy | PS4 | Thoughts.
    8. SUPERHOT | PS4 | Thoughts.
    9. Apotheon | PS4 | Thoughts.
    10. Old Man’s Journey | Switch | Thoughts.
    11. Human Resource Machine | Switch | Thoughts.
    12. Stardew Valley | Switch | Thoughts.
  • acemuzzy
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    Acemuzzy (aka murray200)
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    I'm not feeling quite so bullish this year, but i'll give it a go, and may ahem claim my excess of 7 from last year as a starter of 7 this year if i get past 45 but not as high as 52!

    I've updated my post (third in) in anticipation, where you get there, vere
  • Given my abject failure last year and the fact I've moved consoles and I'm back to playing Fifa almost solely, I'll stay out of this.

    Best of luck to all.
    Let's go exploring....
  • I’m in on this.  It may focus my attention.

    1. Hob. PS4.
    Around 10 hours or so to completion. Quite enjoyed it. Crashed a lot. Including on the final cinematic that was gonna explain the entire thing to me. 7/10.

    2. Subsurface Circular.
    About 2 hours to completion. Lovely short game from Blithell. Point and clicker with much to consider. Does struggle from the typical genre problem of sometimes just clicking through all the text options to progress the story though. Doesn’t outstay it’s welcome however and done and dusted within a couple of hours. 7/10.

    3. Black The Fall. PS4.
    A little bit too much trial and error on some of the puzzles. Literally a little bit too black at times too, it was actually quite difficult to see some of the bits I was meant to see. Got a hidden trophy for knocking on a toilet door so that get it another point. Quite liked it but didn’t love it so yup, it’s another 7/10.

    4. Mario.
    It’s Mario so it’s good but, I dunno, not that good really. It defo gets by on the feelings of joy and excitement and nostalgia that all the 3D Mario’s encourage but it just somehow felt too much like a novelty in places. Looks wise it’s all over the place - no cohesion at all. Still good times but I’m done with it at about 450 moons or so. 8.5/10.
  • Enjoyed doing this once, and just about hit the target, but that's enough for me. Think I want to take my time on a smaller number of really good games this year.

    Good luck everyone.
  • I'm in again.

    1. Super Exploding Zoo. (PS4) - As I mentioned, started this in 2015, but finally finished it tonight. Oddly, there isn't a trophy for completion, which is probably a good thing as the game crashed almost immediately as the credits came up. It's a fun puzzle game that's enjoyable without ever getting massively deep. You collect zoo animals, and direct them towards aliens who are trying to eat an egg. Obviously.

    Different animals do different things and are worth a different amount of alien health. There is enough variety to keep it fresh, although some things get introduced quite late and barely used, which feels odd. I'd recommend it as something to fill in a few minutes here and there rather than one to make a session of. It's cross platform with Vita, which I haven't tried it on, but suspect it might make a good pre-bedtime game.

    2. Doom (PS4) - The bulk of the work on this was done last year, but I thought a cheeky run tonight would keep me at the 1/week ratio. If you haven't played Doom, play Doom. It's probably the best FPS released this decade. A relentless lunge forwards through a seemingly never ending bunch of hell demons, it's gleefully throws all the genre's conventions out of the window to let you get to the important stuff. Which is blasting hell demons in the face of course. I cannot recommend this more highly. I suspect that during design, there was a whiteboard with "is it fun?" written on it, and whenever anyone suggested something, they were referred to the board first of all, and possibly fed to a hell demon if the answer wasn't yes.

    3. Eco Clicker (Browser) - As the title says, it's a clicker game, the premise being to stop the earth dying by using trees and capitalism. It has fail states of the earth getting too hot or cold, so more tricky than Universal Paperclips. It also carries on when the window is minimised, so it's possible for the world to end when you're doing something else. I quite liked it, doubt that the educational message will do anything but preach to the choir, but that was nice anyway. The win state was a bit of a downer, I didn't quite realise what it did, but I suppose it makes sense.

    4. Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (PS4) - It's alright. 4 player 2d scrolling beat em up. Not much depth, and can get a bit repetitive, but for an evenings 4 player fun it did fine. I wouldn't bother buying this unless you're really short on 4 player games. It seems to want you to replay it, but I can't see much replay value.

    5. Hidden Agenda (PS4) - An interesting one this. It's sort of like a choose your own adventure, but when you play it with other people, one person will get a "hidden agenda" that they have to complete which changes the story. This is done by using an app on your phone which can display information to you, and is also used to control how you make decisions. This game is a crime thriller where you follow a cop and a prosecutor throughout a serial killer case, but could easily be applied to other situations.

    It's quite short, about 2 hours or so, which is actually a good thing as it means you can get through in one sitting with the same up to six people, little different than watching a film. Due to the branching story, there are a number of ways it can go. I'd be interested to see how it can change - one of my hidden agendas was to ensure a certain person died. If you can find it cheap (think Rave paid £7 for it) it's definitely worth a look.

    6. Gears of War Judgement (X360) - it was tradition for me to play Gears of War every January, but for whatever reason, I never bought Judgement. Armed with the codes from 4 though, I started this on the last day of January, and finished it last night. In a way, that's a reasonable review of the game. I enjoyed it, but it took nearly a month to finish, something the other got nowhere near. I liked the Crimson Omen modifiers, which changed things up a fair bit, and the Horde sections livened things up too, but overall it wasn't as good as 1-3. Not even playing as the Cole Train could quite edge it up there. Still, chainsawing locust in half is as satisfying as ever, and the ping of a Torque Bow followed by the explosion from behind cover is one of the best sounds you can hear.

    7. Gang Beasts (PS4) - So this is a multiplayer only fighting game, so doesn't really have an end, but I played enough to put it on here. It's absolute madness. You have to throw the other players off the stage, or into a hazard depending on the stage (some have both), and most of the stages are destructible. You're very sticky, so you can save yourself by using punch to grab on to something, and might even find yourself climbing up from the pit you've been thrown into having thought all to be lost, or hanging on whilst the others end up throwing themselves off the edge fighting. Excellent same room mayhem.

    8. A Way Out (PS4) - This is very much a story based game, so it's difficult for me to talk about it. The gist is you play one of two prisoners, who are looking to escape the prison and kill the guy responsible for them being there. Suffice to say, I enjoyed it, up until I didn't. I just don't think what it goes for works, but I can't get into that without spoilers. For best results, play with someone next to you on the couch, though there is online for those who can't do that, and you can basically give someone a trial version so they can play through with you if you don't know anyone with it.

    9. Accounting + (PSVR) - Like a lot of other VR games, this is relatively short, so you can do it easily in one sitting. I then went back on it and tried to do something slightly different, so played it through twice in an evening and Platinumed it. If you know what this is, yes, it does it very well. If you don't know what it is, don't look it up, just buy it and play it. It's fantastically funny, and highly recommended.

    10. Crank (Browser) - So this is one of those clicker games, that I've since been informed are now actually called incremental games. Again, it's a great thing to play at work when I'm between calls. I technically finished it about a week ago, but as well as the actual ending, you can collect 20 messages which tell the story, so I've been doing that, whilst also upping all my numbers for no real reason.

    The game works by at the start, turning a crank. You can build stuff to turn the crank better. Eventually you go into space and move around planets, fighting enemy ships, trading and all the time getting higher numbers for all your stuff. I won't go further than that for anyone who wants to play it, but if you like these things, especially if you can play at work, I highly recommend Crank.

    11. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (PS4) - Having done most of this months ago, I only recently finished the raid lair, and just finished the last Heroic Adventure in the last week, because I kept getting distracted by other things. Was meaning to update, but now I've just done the Prestige raid lair, it definitely feels done now.

    I liked what it brought to the table. The story could have been better, but the environments it brought in were really good, and the raid lair is really really good.

    12. Destiny 2: Warmind (PS4)- A big improvement on the last one when it comes to the story, and brought in some mechanical improvements too. Raid lair is great fun, quite different to the others. Top stuff.

    13. Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - oh my God. This isn't just game of the year. It's the game of my life. It features adult Spidey,  and has as much focus on Peter as it does Spidey. It brings it some much more recent characters, Yuri, Mr Negative and Miles god damn Morales! Jamesons recasting as Alex Jones is perfect.

    I can't go into much more story detail without spoilers, but damn it this is a Spider-Fans wet dream. It has, I'm told all the open world stuff, but I dont play those games so I don't know. It all works, bar a couple of the Taskmaster challenges which require stuff the rest of the game doesnt really. The side stuff didnt drag until the third act, but again, would be mean going into story spoilers to explain why. An almost perfect game, play it now if you haven't yet.

    14. Woah Dave! (PS4) - Utter trash. Avoid.

    15. The Order:1886 (PS4) - It's fine. 

    I've no idea how this caused so much fuss. For the record it look me about 7 hours to complete. I can only imagine those clocking 4-5 were absolutely racing through. yeah it's cutscene and QTE heavy, but so what? The story remained interesting, and the QTE's only occasionally grated. Having played games that came out in the aftermath, there are better was to integrate them into your game (hello Spider-Man), but I don't think it's particularly worse than anything of it's time. The guns are varied and fun, and combat is very Gears, which I like.

    There are a bunch of weird decisions that are very "new console cycle", like picking up items and being able to move them in your hand. This does something precisely twice in the whole game, and reeks of showing off new tech and throwing things in because you can, rather than because it makes the game better.

    What it does have is a stunning world. There are plenty of incidental details, and though it's a linear experience, it makes you want to explore this beautiful alternate 19th century London. Even 3 years on it looks great, and I feel it's a shame they never made any more.

    16. Burly Men at Sea (PS4) - Ok, so this is short! I have to say, I didn't really get this one. I'd advise people not go go in blind like I did, or you'll come away disappointed I think. It's not much of a game in terms of you actually doing anything. It's essentially a choose your own adventure. here is choice, what choice do you want to make, thing happens as a result. Which as I say, would have been fine were I expecting that. I went in thinking there would be puzzles, puzzles there are not.

    The controls aren't greatly optimised for PS4. You move the screen rather than the characters, which you can do with the the right stick for some reason, or the triggers as I did. The left stick controls an unwieldy cursor. This would have been much better on PC, or I imagine Vita, with a touch screen to select.

    It's very charming, it looks lovely, and the background music is very jaunty, whilst still relaxing. I liked the dialogue, which is fortunate, and am planning to replay to see the other adventures, which hopefully now I know what I'm in for will be more enjoyable. My playthrough was about half an hour, Although I suppose other choices might be longer. So yeah, play it, just know what it is.

    17. Ballz (Android) - This is the worst game in the world. However, I am now officially the best Ballz handler on the forum, and in the top 1% in the world. Don't play it.
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    I'm in.
    "ERE's like Mr. Muscle, he loves the things he hates"
  • acemuzzy
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    So I'm one down already!  

    (But only cos I happened to have already got to the right place over the last couple of nights...)
  • In.

    This is my post, all you dirty fucks keep your hands off it. Except Vere, he can touch whatever he wants.
  • Trying to get 52 last year sapped my will on occasions but I did try out stuff that people had recommended/PS Plus & Gold games that I may not have tried. 

    This year, I'm not interested in whether I hit 52 games by the end of the year, but I'm going to use it to complete the backlog I've accumulated over the last few years. Not going to commit to refraining from purchasing new releases, but going to be much more reticent to splash the cash until a lot of this backlog is annihilated. 

    With that in mind, these titles will be attempted this year (bold are completed):-

    1. Edith Finch. Completed on New Year's Day and absolutely adored. If I manage to enjoy a game as much as this in the rest of the year I'll be really pleased. Adored it. 10/10.
    2. Wolfenstein II. The New Colossus. 8/10
    3. Nier: Automata
    4. Resident Evil 7. First time in ages that I’ve downed tools on a game. Stupid glitching and annoying chainsaw boss did for me. First couple of hours were great, mind. Will be watching a play through of the rest. Start 8/10. Boss/glitchworld 3/10.
    5. Darksiders 2
    6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent  Bored so knocked these 3 on the head.
    7. Amnesia: Justine
    8. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
    9. Doom - about 80% of the way through and my save is corrupted. Neither the patience or love for the game to restart. 
    10. Enter the Gungeon
    11. Final Fantasy XV
    12. Hitman
    13. Hotline Miami Annoyingly addictive and so much better than the sum of its meagre parts. 7/10
    14. Salt and Sanctuary
    15. Steamworld Heist
    16. The Evil Within. Diet Resident Evil 4. War of attrition at times so I just popped it down to easy and became much more enjoyable. 6.5/10
    17. The Talos Principle
    18. Zombi
    19. Mario Odyssey. No doubt revise this after more time on the post-game Moonathon but 8/10 so far.
    20. Pyre. 8/10
    21. Norwood Suite
    22. Night in the Woods
    23. Everything
    24. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 6/10. Lovely to look at, but more of the same.
    25. Shrouded Isle - 8/10
    26. Hellblade
    27. Life is Strange 2. 8/10
    28. Blackwood Crossing - 7/10
    29. Hidden Folks 9/10
    30. Last Days of June. 8.5/10
    31. Nex Machina. Absolutely loved it, although my colour blindness made bits quite hard. 8/10
    32. Echo
    33. Another Lost Phone. 7/10
    34. Knee Deep. 6/10
    35. Let Them Come
    36. The Sexy Brutale
    37. Tacoma
    38. Observer
    39. Gorogoa - Loved it. Short game but backs a heck of an experience into so little time. Rather wonderful. A definite 9/10. 
    40. Emily is Away Too
    41. West of Loathing. Stickmen graphics, genuinely amusing throughout, rpg/rts-lite, western which involves punching clowns, ghostly cows, jellybean theft and much more. Unlike anything I've ever played before. A gentle romp. 8/10.
    42. Butterfly Soup
    43. Back to the Future 
    44. Tokyo 42
    45. Cuphead
    46. Halo 4
    47. Grow Up
    48. Grow Home
    49. Kentucky Route Zero
    50. Rise of the Tomb Raider
    51. Dishonored 2. A game of really peaks and occasional troughs. No idea why I put it off for so long but some real stand out level design at times. 8/10
    52. Steamworld Dig. A brief but enjoyable digathon 8/10.
    53. The Stanley Parable. 7/10
    54. Florence. 8/10.Interactive graphic novel with real minor gaming elements but huge heart. Made by some of the folks behind Monument Valley. £2.99 on the App Store, came out today. Only an hour or so but packs a fair bit in, in that short time.
    55. Rime. 7/10
    56. Batman: Telltale. 7/10
    57. The Silent Age 7/10
    58. Call of Duty WW2 6/10
    59. A Normal Lost Phone. 7/10
    60. Starman. 6/10. Only picked up as Yoss said it was going free on IOS and was similar to Monument Valley. Perfectly adequate commuting diversion.
    61. Ratchet and Clank Perfect holiday fodder to play through with the youngest. Really enjoyed something light and fluffy after starting Amnesia.7/10
    62. Late Shift 3/10
    63. God of War. 9/10
    64. Shadow of the Colossus 8/10
    65. Detroit 8/10
    66. Homefront Revolution 7/10
    67. Monument Valley 2. 6/10
    68. Burly Men at Sea. 7/10
    69. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Fantastic. 7/10
    70. Journey 8/10
    71. Q.U.B.E - a PSN freebie and only put it on whilst I waiting for something else to dl. Portalesque puzzler. 3 hours tops but was enjoyable although nowhere near as tasking as Portal, Talos etc. Yescombe wrote it. Anyway, 7/10.
    72. Spiderman. Had zero interest in buying then did so as my game sharing partner couldn't afford it and was having a tough time. Really enjoyed playing through it with my youngest and we had an absolute blast. Not perfect at all, with some rather blatant issues but hugely enjoyable. 9/10.
  • Paul the sparky
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    Are you playing them in order Stoph? I'd recommend a gap between Grow Up and Home if so.

    Good mix of games there though.
  • Are you playing them in order Stoph? I'd recommend a gap between Grow Up and Home if so. Good mix of games there though.

    They were in the order that came to mind and were then on my PS4/XB1. Definitely will have a gap between those two then, cheers. Think I tried both but neither grasped my interest, although a fair few rave about them on here so will revisit.
  • I think I knew early doors that I wouldn't reach 52, and I don't think I will this year.  But it is interesting to document your completions and it has helped me focus.  Don't put pressure on yourselves to hit the target if it's going to affect your enjoyment, just see how you go.
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X
  • I never thought I would get near 52 in 2017 and definitely won’t in 2018, but I’m using this thread to keep track and see how many I can do. Gonna try and keep track of purchases here too.
    "But enough talk. HAVE AT YOU!"
  • Webbins wrote:
    I think I knew early doors that I wouldn't reach 52, and I don't think I will this year.  But it is interesting to document your completions and it has helped me focus.  Don't put pressure on yourselves to hit the target if it's going to affect your enjoyment, just see how you go.

    That’s the real win, keeping a record and documenting each game, if you hit 52 then great, but really it’s interesting seeing what you’ve played and where you’ve got year on year. If everyone pm’s me how man you’ve completed I’ll keep a tally year on year in the hall of Fame?
  • Nice list @stopharage. I look forward to hearing how you get on.
    Let's go exploring....
  • Stoph, that’s just about the dreamiest list of games I’ve seen.  I’ve done a lot of them on there and you’re gonna have a wonderful time.  Last days of June and Blackwood Crossing are standouts for me.
  • I've just made a list of 'to finish' and 'to play'.  Bone only, not even considered my 360 and I know there are many games on there I want to play.  Also just bought Get Even and Edith Finch from the sale so they are straight in.
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X
  • I've got no chance.
    GT: WEBBIN5 - A life in formats: Sinclair ZX81>Amstrad CPC 6128>Amiga 500>Sega Megadrive>PC>PlayStation 2>Xbox>DS Lite>Xbox 360>Xbox One>Xbox One X
  • Post it anyway. Nice to know what you are planning.
    Let's go exploring....
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